Anupam Gupta, Co-Founder, Celebal Technologies

Anupam Gupta is the Co-founder and Head of US Operations at Celebal Technologies. A graduate from IIT Bombay, India, Anupam began his career as a developer at SAP Labs where he worked on strategic customer solutions for ramp-up customers. He began his consulting career with Deloitte Consulting and continued working on a number of Fortune 500 SAP implementations. He has an extensive enterprise solutions background that informs the company’s unique expertise in transforming traditional enterprises using modern cloud innovations. Celebal Technologies builds innovative solutions using Microsoft services to empower businesses across the globe to become Intelligent Enterprises.


The pandemic has been a game-changer in the adoption of digital platforms and has drastically changed the face of the modern workplace. Collaboration software has taken the centre stage in the remote and hybrid way of working. Usage of communications platforms has continued to increase with Microsoft Teams getting around 145 million daily active users.

While we all use such platforms for connecting and video-conferencing, their potential is not limited to just these applications. 

Integrating your enterprise systems with collaborative software can completely transform your employee experience. With a Chatbot interface, it can become as easy as interacting with your colleague to gain vital information at the right time. Chatbots can become your go-to digital assistant to seamlessly navigate the modern work landscape. Collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams can then become the central hub of activity for your normal workday. 

Let us take a look at how you can revolutionize your employee experience with Enterprise Chatbots.

One-stop platform for all ERP interaction

The mention of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems conjures up images of complex and cumbersome user interfaces. Users of ERP systems are typically forced to spend a huge amount of time navigating these systems, switching to multiple windows and dashboards to access vital information that is needed to complete their tasks. In a fast-moving world, what sets an organization apart is the ability to make rapid decisions based on meaningful insights. The traditional framework is time-consuming and makes it harder to gather data and retain your competitive edge with timely decision-making. 

Enter Enterprise Chatbots.

Enterprise Chatbots make this process smoother and more efficient by integrating ERP, CRM, HRMS, and other third-party software into a one-stop solution with a conversational interface. These Chatbots help you make the most of your ERP investments and resolve your challenges of dealing with complex enterprise systems. With a single window into your enterprise, it becomes easier to quickly access data in any form, be it figures, excel reports, graphs, charts, etc. which simplify data consumption for decision-makers. With this improved accessibility to data and insights, you can make business decisions faster, accelerating agility for your organization and staying ahead of your competition. Moreover, removing the need to log into multiple applications at a time enhances operational efficiency and employee productivity. 

Intuitive Interface and Personalized Experience

Enterprise Chatbots provide a natural language interface and possess self-learning AI capabilities to personalize your experience. You require minimal training to start using these chatbots. They come with a familiar interface with pre-built business content and business persona-based access to get started immediately. The Sales Manager persona will allow users to query sales opportunities, invoices, team performance, etc. without needing to open multiple other applications. The Human Resources Manager persona would have options specific to HR activities like leave management, learning, and development, performance management, etc. in a single place. Chief Financial Officer persona would have options to view financial growth statistics, spend reports and graphs, 360-degree view of the company, etc. With such tailored personas, you can thoroughly transform user experience and engagement for your employees.

Enterprise Chatbots can help you with not just accessing the data, but also inputting the data into enterprise systems. This will replace the exhausting manual data input process. Your employees can save time on such monotonous tasks and instead focus on activities that propel business growth.

Mobile Access to ERP data

Employees who work remotely or on-the-field like salespeople and warehouse managers need immediate, on-demand insights. Enterprise Chatbots with their 24×7 availability and applications on mobile devices allow you to connect with ERP systems wherever you are. With features like speech-to-text, you can have intuitive conversations and access business data on the go. You can receive personalized alerts enabling you to immediately address the notification and take action whether it is a request for more information or approving a transaction or handling many other tasks instantly. 

Enterprise Chatbots on mobile applications address the time and location challenge for businesses. Business professionals can view ERP data in the shortest time possible with quick answers to natural language queries. Without needing to navigate through multiple reports, Chatbots help in accelerating the decision-making process. The Chatbot on the mobile and desktop are synced so you can switch to either device without losing any information and the flow of your conversation.

As our workforce becomes more digital and distributed, investing in the right modern workplace engagement tools becomes critical. Enterprise Chatbots represent the next evolution in advancing traditional enterprise experiences. These Chatbots will not only augment user experience but also help you drive better business outcomes. Requiring minimal investment as they are built on top of your existing communication software, Enterprise Chatbots increase business agility by bringing together business processes at a single, unified hub. Enterprise Chatbots are a big step forward in adapting to the future workplace and achieving the goal of becoming an Intelligent Enterprise of the future.

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