Raunaq Kakkar, Founder- Director, Lawpreneurz

As a law graduate from the OP Jindal Global University, Raunaq Kakkar had always been passionate about working as a criminal lawyer. However, destiny had other plans for him when he failed his law school exams, with over 25 papers to appear for the day his batch graduated. Over the course of the next year and a half, Raunaq took every avenue available in order to clear these tests – from reference books to notes, and even various channels on YouTube – but the absence of awareness on the subject and lack of a structured study pattern resulted in him failing to clear his exams once more. It was during this time that the idea of creating a platform like Lawpreneurz was born. Despite having attended a highly reputed law school, clearing his exams became an immense task due to the unavailability of proper guidance and professors who could clearly explain complex topics. When considering the plight of other students who didn’t have the opportunity to go to a premium law school and faced similar struggles, Raunaq was inspired to create a unique solution to help his fellow students at large – all at the click of a button.

As the world’s largest democracy, India has always relied on the rule of law to uphold its foundational beliefs and principles. The law, as enshrined in our nation’s Constitution, has steered the development of the country since our independence. It has shaped our politics, guided our national consciousness, and extended its protection to every citizen.

Under the aegis of the constitution, every citizen of our republic is guaranteed six fundamental rights: the right to Equality, the right to Freedom, the right against Exploitation, the right to Freedom of Religion, Cultural and Educational rights, and the right to Constitutional Remedies. These words, as set down by our founding fathers, are amongst the most liberal and progressive in the world. They provide us with freedoms that many other countries lack, and for that, we are forever grateful to them.

The law, and its stated purpose of upholding these fundamental rights, is a noble profession. Despite this, the common man still fears the man in the black coat. They hesitate to approach lawyers unless absolutely necessary, preferring to try every other avenue of resolution first. This unfortunate state of affairs can be attributed to several factors. Key among them is a systemic lack of understanding of our individual rights as citizens. This lack of knowledge on what they are entitled to under the protection of the law causes many people to hesitate approaching lawyers or the courts, due to the fear of prosecution or punishment.

These issues are further compounded by the preconceived notions of exorbitant charges, trials that extend for years, and corruption within the system. Unfortunately, popular entertainment has done nothing to dispel these misapprehensions. Television shows and movies about the legal profession constantly highlight the worst aspects of the legal system, painting lawyers as hungry for money and fame and court cases as gruelling, time-consuming, and financially ruinous affairs. This has only reaffirmed the commonly held image of law as a black-and-white entity when the truth is that it’s a grey subject that ultimately comes down to interpretation.

That is where Lawpreneurz comes in. Although Lawpreneurz was started to help law students better understand their subjects, at its heart, it will always be to educate anyone interested in the subject of law and to promote the law as an essential aspect of our lives, just like food and shelter. In order to fulfil these ambitions, Lawpreneurz has adopted a multi-pronged approach – the first component of this approach relies on educating the common man and informing him of his rights, while the second involves changing the approach lawyers adopt with their clients.

Let us begin with the latter point. While starting Lawpreneurz, we realised that a key issue many people have with lawyers is the tone and attitude they adopt while dealing with their clients. Due to the hectic schedules and heavy workloads the legal profession necessitates, lawyers frequently appear brusque and unapproachable. These encounters are then used to stereotype the entire legal fraternity and contributes to negative misconceptions about lawyers. At this point, it’s important to note that not all lawyers are perfect people pleasers. They simply adopt an attitude that is most likely to lead to success in the courtroom.

Despite these factors, Lawpreneurz recognises that it remains an area of concern for many people. In order to change this unfortunate perception, our platform helps lawyers-in-training understand how better to deal with clients through special courses and training regimens. By going beyond the academic and helping our students master vital soft skills, we prepare them to take the next step, make braver decisions, and excel not just in the field of law but in life. This results in a mutually advantageous situation – while lawyers flourishes due to a better relationship with clients, the general public is presented with a positive image of the legal profession.

Coming back to the first component, Lawpreneurz is equally committed to informing and educating the masses of their legal rights. Through a wide array of classes and instructional videos, we help inform the average citizen understand what makes our judicial system run. Central to this strategy are our Masterclasses – a special series of videos where we educate the masses at large about recent amendments and possible changes in the field of law. By providing tangible examples of the ways in which changes in the law can impact on people’s lives, we motivate them to take more of interest and actively involve themselves in this process. After all, every citizen has a right to make their voice heard on a law that impacts their lives.

It’s an immutable fact of life that we fear what we don’t know. Nowhere is this truer than with the law. Although the law has always existed to protect us, a lack of understanding has transformed it from a protector into a threatening force. By providing individuals from outside the legal field with a grounding in the law, Lawpreneurz aims to bridge this divide and empower the citizenry with the knowledge and insight they require to once again trust in the sanctity of the law.

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