Leena Lobo, Founder & CEO, Angelina Consultancy Services

Leena Lobo is an independent financial planner based out of Bangalore, India. Passionate and dedicated to her line of work, she has spent the last decade meeting people and building long-lasting relationships with the sole purpose of changing people’s lives; Helping them make their financial goals achievable. Her organization, Angelina Consultancy Services is a Bangalore-based firm with over 12+ years in the industry. At Angelina, the offerings include a full range of personalized goal-based financial planning and investment services that are primarily focused on an individual’s needs & aspirations. This includes Financial Planning, Tax Planning, Insurance, Investments & Mutual Funds. Through sound and unbiased financial advice, and the design of exclusive investment solutions based on in-depth research, the team at Angelina seeks to create and nurture relationships with their clients.

As we head towards the end of what seems like the strangest year yet, it is crucial that we ask ourselves – ‘Was I financially prepared for a situation such as a global pandemic?’ and ‘Am I prepared for future situations that we know, not of today?’.

Most people are struck with the harsh reality that managing finances, unfortunately, isn’t as simple as it may seem! This leads people to question – ‘Should I hire myself a Financial Advisor?’ and ‘Is it really worth it?’

To put an end to these apprehensions and doubts, in this article, we are going to be walking through the top three reasons as to why you may need to hire a financial advisor.


Time is money! Time is our most precious commodity! Putting aside the immense amount of skill and effort required, if there’s one thing managing finances and investments demands the most, it is your TIME!

Yes, one would say ‘Why not do it myself?’; But like many other things in life, like learning a new language, for instance, you certainly can, but it does not mean you’re going to do it!

Entrepreneurs, executives, businessmen, working parents; all of these individuals already have a lot going on in their lives. Adding on additional dedicated time to research financial queries, evaluating options, and executing decisions take time.

So ask yourself, will you really be able to do it yourself? Not really. Well then, you may need to hire a financial advisor.

Organization & Disorganization

If there’s one thing hiring a financial advisor will guarantee you, it is structure.

It is crucial that one takes the first step to fixing a problem at hand. However, an advisor helps an individual realize what the problem is, before anything.

If your accounts and finances are scattered across multiple institutions, that adds to the struggle of knowing where you stand financially. An advisor, for starters, will ensure that all accounts and investments, etc will be consolidated in one spot.

Each and every aspect is clearly executed with a defined investment and saving strategy, understanding your future goal, and how you can track towards them.

Peace of Mind

People choose to work with financial planners/advisors for many different reasons. However, the biggest of all is the fact that it takes a huge weight off their shoulders and gives them a sense of peace. As a busy working executive or entrepreneur, not being able to oversee investments and funds can be extremely stressful, just as the consequences for inaction are.

Finally being able to keep your finances in check, can be extremely empowering and liberating. Reducing or removing this source of anxiety will certainly make working with a financial advisor worth the investment.

Overall, if you find that your life savings and investments demand more attention than you can provide, it becomes clear that to you, it certainly is worth it to get a financial advisor. Also, one must realize, financial advisors love helping people! So if you think you could use the help, be sure to start the conversation to see how one can benefit you and your family this new year, and the years to come!

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