Jesintha Louis, Director, G7 CR Technologies India Pvt Ltd.

Jesintha Louis is one of the Directors at G7 CR Technologies leading the Customer-facing teams and strategic partnerships; aligning the organization’s focus on embracing Emerging Cloud technologies trends, insights and packaging Cloud technology solutions that are easily consumable further driving quick adoption. Wearing a hat of Technology Evangelist, she has consulted and worked with over 300 businesses, understanding their business needs & curating technology solutions that improve productivity, sustain growth & increase efficiency for business operation. She specializes in Cloud technology & business applications.


The COVID-19 pandemic that the whole world is battling has put the world’s healthcare infrastructure under immense stress and has been stretched to the maximum. Especially, in a country like India with over 1.4 billion population the first challenge was awareness, then containing the spread, ensuring the infected received care in time, and vaccinating the entire population. The scale of operation is just massive and our one-day vaccine count may very well be a population of other countries.

Technology is playing a big role in fighting against COVID and Cloud is definitely the enabler in delivering the speed and scale that the current situation calls for. Some of the large Cloud providers set up war rooms to support the healthcare infrastructure. One of the top 3 providers, pulled out most of their capacity and dedicated it for healthcare application and the second one quickly hired a special operations team to procure and set up additional capacity in 6 months which would in a normal situation take up to 2 years.

Cloud delivers the ease of deployment and scale required to support the current situation, which has helped build apps to help fight COVID. The first step begins by providing the necessary infrastructure to be able to work, learn & stay safe at home. Every app that has made this possible from grocery delivery to modern VDI desktops is all hosted on Cloud. In fact, a national platform for school education by NCERT is currently hosted on Cloud to support the learning needs of teachers & students across 35 states.

Here is how the modern Cloud environment is helping and accelerating the healthcare infrastructure and industry amidst COVID.

Contact tracing – The top contact tracing applications are hosted on Cloud with modern deployment architecture to handle the magnitude of tracing required for India to effective trace the spread of COVID

Work from home – Modern desktop offering on Cloud has helped tons of businesses who relayed on Desktops physically located at the office to facilitate safe work from home options for all their employees.

Bed allocation – While it is a great relief that the situation has gotten better as rationing beds was something none of us had thought of, but technologies on Cloud were able to scale and do their best to ensure the ones in need of critical care were prioritized.

Vaccination – The only way to protect ourselves and the world is by getting vaccinated and with the scale of vaccine drive required for Countries like India technology powered by Cloud again comes to the rescue and the largest app used in India to track vaccination is also hosted and powered by Cloud.

Cloud has definitely enabled the speed of development, scale & availability required to fight the current situation. In addition, Cloud has also powered some innovations to get by the new normal like Video analytics, AI-based object detection to ensure people working in kitchens & offices wear masks and adhere to safety protocols. More solutions are underway to help airports with facial recognition and automating the entire travel experience.

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