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In the present times when social interactions rule our lives, the rise in online communications has paved the way for increasing negativity in the social spaces. Social media and online communities have been experiencing negativity in the form of fake accounts, trolling, bullying, etc. The inappropriate behavior has reached a point that people are starting to leave the social spaces as these negative experiences affect them deeply. Hence, it is becoming increasingly important for platforms to prioritize the safety and security of their members. This becomes even more important when the community works with an aim to establish a supportive, collaborative, and positive environment. 

One of the effective ways for social platforms to control the negativity and its associated damages is by content moderation. Amidst the ever-evolving dynamics of social media, content moderation is quickly becoming a necessity to change the narrative of the social space and make it a positive, joyful and fruitful zone. 

Artificial Intelligence based Content moderation

We are living in a technology-driven era and utilizing the power of technology to monitor and manage the social media communities and convert them into safe spaces is pretty obvious and relevant! Via Artificial Intelligence based content moderation, we can create uplifting and supportive communities that spread positivity and happiness. 

AI has emerged as a feasible solution to regulate the growing negativity as well as tackle the increasing challenges faced by content moderators. These hurdles range from the immense scale of data, community guidelines violation, to the dire need for human judgments based on emotions and sentiments without involving humans to do so. 

The rising demand for automated content screening

The requirement for automated moderation usually arises from the enormous amount of data floating on social media and networking platforms. Additionally, the continuous back and forth while the exchange of data and information also pushes the demand for automated and efficient strategies for content moderation that works without any bias and error. 

It is indeed an undeniable fact that the adverse impact of online negativity and cynical interactions extend beyond the social networking platform as well. In the social age, where algorithms and statistics connect members instead of organic connections, automated content screening becomes all the more relevant. It becomes a necessity especially for those online networking communities that work with an aim to ensure the quality of the interactions in their platform are positive and meaningful and that aim at offering a safe and secure space to their members. 

Using AI as a content moderator

Adopting Artificial Intelligence as a moderator will quicken the process of content moderation and will make it all the more efficient, neutral, and glitch-free. Using AI helps in monitoring the data quickly and accurately. 

AI converts the bulk data into simple calculations and then moderates the content as was trained to do.  It screens the information and scans through texts, usernames, images, videos, or any other kind of content that promotes negativity in the form of fake news, trolling, bullying, or invokes emotions of hatred, violence, anger, etc. This new-age solution then removes such malicious data from the community that does not adhere to the platform’s guidelines and framework. 

While this trend of using the technology of Artificial Intelligence as a content moderator is slowly picking up pace, this collaboration between social networking communities, content screening, and AI is quickly becoming self-sufficient. It is anticipated that soon we will reach a stage wherein AI will boost the growth of the platforms and will be the go-to solution for efficiently and effectively moderating the immense scale of data in the social spaces. 

The Bottom Line!

Amidst the ever-changing landscape of social media, online negativity is soaring at a significant pace. However, if and when social media platforms adopt a holistic approach, they can easily resolve the issue of content moderation wherein both human-centric mediation and new-age technology solutions work collaboratively and regulate the content floating in the social spaces. Doing so will ensure that content is screened with the appropriate balance of logical thinking, analytics, and humanness. This human-tech team will work with a common vision- to ensure the platform is positive, safe, and secure for the members and that helps build genuine connections so that members can engage in fruitful conversations openly and safely!

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