Amol Roy, Founder, Shutter Cast

Amol Roy is the founder of Shutter Cast, a leading digital marketing agency. At the company, he manages the core team, cultivates relationships with clients, generates new business, ideates, and develops crucial technologies. Amol has worked on several start-up ideas since 2014. He has considerable expertise in augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, filming, digital marketing, and video editing. Amol’s familiarity with such a wide range of technologies led him to start a venture where he could capitalise on his talents.


Modern-day marketing is fast evolving, and every business needs to continually update its strategies to keep up with the requirements of digital space and tech-savvy consumers. Incorporating animation in the marketing strategy can give a competitive edge to a company and help it stand out from the rest. Animated videos have the potential to elevate a business to the next level and help create a better online presence. 

Videos are much more effective than words when used as marketing strategies. Employing explainer animation and video styles, businesses can easily achieve better results from their marketing campaigns. Animation involves drawing, designing, creating layouts, and integrating different photographic sequences which lend special multimedia effects to the video. As images and photos are given the illusion of movement along with special effects, the presentation is taken a notch higher. 

Importance of Animation Videos in Business

Animation videos can be used to bring out a company’s style, convey its values and ethics, and manifest as well as showcase the brand’s uniqueness. Animation is creative and more valuable by default as it’s art with a purpose. The eyeball-grabbing and vivacious animation can significantly boost brand awareness, thus leaving a lasting impression on the minds of the audience. 

Despite its rising popularity, not many companies are investing in animation. Here are the major benefits that businesses can unlock for themselves by using graphics and animated videos in their marketing strategies:

  • Helps Boost the SEO of Company Website

The attention spans of web users have been shortening over the years and it has become even more challenging to keep them on a website for a long time so that they learn more about the company.  In such a scenario, a video can make visitors stay on a site for a longer duration due to its power of engagement and entertainment. This consequently boosts SEO for the website and helps it rank better on various search engines. Google and other search engines are able to recognize that the content is quite valuable as more number of people are spending time on a web page longer than usual. This in turn makes search engines consider the business website as an authoritative and credible resource, thus ranking it higher in the search results. Also, pages of a website that use suitable animated videos tend to receive better backlinks.  

  • Boosts Conversion Rates 

Animated videos not only engage the audience but even encourage them to take desirable actions. These videos can be used to describe the services of a company or showcase the full potential of the company product creatively. Placing an inviting CTA button towards the end of the video is an actionable marketing tip that is sure to get more customers interested in purchasing the company products or services. Also, the CTA can redirect viewers to a landing page where they can gain an in-depth overview of what the business offers to its customers. As videos aren’t salesy by nature, they sell much better. Informative and attractive videos work best to convey product message to the target audience groups. 

  • Builds Customer Loyalty and Trust

Customers tend to trust those brands who associate themselves with positive emotions and make investments in entertaining their consumers. This is another highly important benefit of animated videos for businesses. It goes a step further and builds effective and more enjoyable communication between companies and their target audience, which in turn drives customer loyalty. People are more loyal to brands when they feel that the latter care about their customers. While investing time, efforts and money in producing animated videos, companies need to keep in mind that they also have to invest in audience engagement and entertainment. And customers will automatically perceive this gesture as brand’s efforts to care for them. 

  • Helps in Brand Recognition

To build business identity, animated videos work perfectly. Companies need to know how to present their product in the market so as to earn a suitable brand recognition for them. Different animated videos make it possible and easier for the target audience to engage with the product more effectively so that they can relate with the brand. Attractive, vivid and eye-catching visuals tend to evoke strong emotions, thus forming sticky associations. Animated videos are impactful as they connect with us at a visual and audio level. The sounds and bright memorable images in the video enhance the customer experience. The brand associations formed help improve the company’s image and can, in turn, increase the number of leads and drive more sales. 

  • Increases Customer Engagement 

Animation, undoubtedly, is a powerful tool for creative storytelling and customer engagement. It holds viewer attention for a longer span as against any other form of content. When animated videos are visually captivating, sharp and carry the essential information that customers are looking for, they help a business gain significant advantage over its competitors in the market. Animation can also transfer and evoke customer’s emotions. As video creators spice up information to be presented with visually exaggerated emotions, the animated videos become a perfect means to invoke audience’s emotional reactions and start an intimate conversation with them, turning them into loyal customers for the brand. 

  • Expands Business Reach

Business owners look to reach out to as many customers as possible to present them with their products or services. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are popular sites that allow users to interact with millions of people from all across the world. Hence, with the help of animated videos, businesses can easily disseminate information about their products or services, in a much more fun and interesting manner. 

Animated videos, thus, have proven to be quite useful for marketing storytelling, audience engagement and entertainment. By evoking the right emotions in the consumers, animations can help shape a positive brand image and build associations. Moreover, companies can also use videos to convey their original and unique style to their target audience. Animated storytelling can even bring in higher returns on business investment. Therefore, in today’s world, animated videos can easily help businesses leave their mark on consumer minds and stay ahead of the competitive curve. 

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