Narinder Mahajan, CEO and Co-Founder, ODN Digital Services

Narinder Mahajan co-founded ODN Digital Services in 2015 and is currently serving the organisation as its CEO. Looking at the opportunity to simplify the digital conversion process, Narinder came up with the idea of ODN Digital Services.
At ODN, Narinder is consistently striving to deliver superior quality services to the customers and keep ODN at the forefront of the industry. He is actively involved in designing service roadmaps and identifying ways to improve client experiences. A retail specialist for over 18 years, Narinder has worked with game-changing organisations across different industries and formats of consumer retail before starting his entrepreneurial journey with ODN.


Phrases like ‘content is the king’ or ‘content is the backbone of every business’ have become a part of daily organizational conversations. But seldom do we realize that the power of high-quality content is indeed boundless and its potential is yet to be utilized optimally. 

Top-notch content acts as a driving force for the organization’s growth and comes with various benefits ranging from tapping the target audience, consumer conversion, to enhanced consumer experience and their retention. 

Businesses today realize that it’s compelling content that does all the talking and takes over the entire brand communication. high-quality content just not helps businesses target the right audience but also helps them boost their marketing activities to drive desired business objectives! 

Helps show that you understand the consumers

It is clear that a business can be successful only when it caters to the needs and desires of its consumers. In an already over cluttered market, customers today prefer those brands that understand their requirements and preferences and deliver accordingly. Their brand loyalty is driven by the bond that they share with the brand and unlike the popular myth, that’s because of its popularity and this bond is developed only when consumers have had a good experience. 

It is the unrivalled content that helps businesses cover their journey from that of an organization to a brand. Not only does it plays a major role in converting the target audience to consumers but it also has the potency to develop and maintain the organization’s relationship with its customers. 

One of the basic yet easy ways to do so is by producing and publishing content that would strike a chord with the customers. Anything that is of their interest or is their need would of course grab their attention. It is here where we should utilize the power of content and deliver the consumers what they want so as to build a relationship with them. 

Enhanced consumer experience and consumer retention

Extending an enhanced consumer experience has now become the major focus of various businesses. Companies today have realized that doing this helps in developing and maintaining good relationships with their customers. Once the consumer experience is taken care of, their retention won’t be tough.  

And this is the stage where quality content steps as the ideal solution. As a brand, one needs to dig deep into the customers’ persona, and psyche to have a better understanding of their preferences. Once they do this religiously and offer customers what they want, their brand loyalty becomes unbreakable.

It is Your ‘consumer-centric’ and ‘consumer first’ approach will give you a competitive edge over the other players in the market. 

Resolve customer’s queries

As per KPMG’s report titled, ‘Customer experience is the new reality’, 90% of customers regard resolution as their most important customer service issue. 

Resolving their queries promptly and gathering their instant feedback helps businesses earn brownie points and form good relations with them. It shows their pro-activity and that they value their customers and make efforts to immediately provide solutions to their challenges. This contributes majorly in extending an enhanced brand experience to the customers and further leads to their long-term associations. 

In the present times when the online space is booming, blogs and articles are the best ways to promote our products and showcase their features amongst the consumers. These elements also offer a platform to instantly resolve customer’s queries and to cater to their grievances promptly. 

All you need to do is create the list of plausible questions from the consumer’s end and post the solutions to the same. Doing so enhances your bond with the consumers and also leads to better engagements. 

Creates trust

The primary objective of any business is not to sell but to create trust with the customers. When the latter is taken care of, the former will automatically happen at the right time. With trust, good consumer experience and customer retention come simultaneously.  

Of course, developing trust needs time but it also requires efforts and content. Creating organic, creative, and innovative content will help in humanizing your brand. When your brand communication takes an aesthetic turn, every marketing activity you eventually undertake and the content you post will contribute in the development of the ‘trustworthy’ factor of your brand. And once your consumer trusts you, this relationship will be strong and will be for long!

The vicious circle of content, consumer experience and their retention

To ensure that you optimally utilize the power of content, it should be original, relevant, of remarkable quality, and innovative so that it can effectively spread the brand messaging amongst the existing and prospective consumers. Focusing on the above-mentioned points will help you achieve this aim of developing stellar content. While this isn’t a fixed guide and there is always a scope for trials and errors, the permutations and combinations to experiment with content are limitless. 

The idea is to understand and deliver as per the consumers’ wish list and make them feel valued. This will extend a good consumer experience and the more enhanced this experience is, the more will they like your brand. And the higher the likeability factor is, the higher will be consumer retention as well. It’s indeed a vicious circle but all of this is doable by the assistance and capability of high-quality content. 

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