Mr. Masaya Takeda, General Manager - CNC Systems, Mitsubishi Electric India Pvt. Ltd.

Mr Takeda has a degree in Customer-Focused Innovation from Stanford Graduate School of Business Executive Education and a Master of Business Administration with a specialization in Competitive Strategy from Tokyo Metropolitan University Minami-Osawa Campus, Japan. 

In 2000, Mr Takeda joined Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Japan, and handled domestic sales of Electrical Discharge Machines. In 2005, he received an opportunity to work at the Mitsubishi Electric Nagoya works, where he managed the Electrical Discharge Machine product marketing and production transfer project. Moving forward, in 2007, he was transferred to Mitsubishi Electric Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan to contribute to the Overseas Sales of Electrical Discharge machines. 

In 2010, he became the Business Unit Head for Electrical Discharge Machines. In the year 2013, he was accountable for strategic planning for all Factory Automation Products. Furthermore, he was made Deputy Leader in CNC Business Department-Marketing and captured business from South Korean major Machine Tool Builder – Doosan.

Adding on to another milestone, he is currently General Manager for CNC Systems in Mitsubishi Electric India Pvt. Ltd. his responsibilities include taking care of CNC Sales, Service, and Technical Support, etc. in India. 

In his leisure time, Mr Takeda enjoys travelling, trail walking, watching movies & Sports, etc.


Among the many advancements in technology that have fostered development in the manufacturing industry, the introduction of the Computer Numeric Control (CNC) machine is one of the most prominent one. From using the “punched tape” technology when they were introduced in the 1940s-50s and now shifting to CAD (computer-aided design) files for prototype creation, CNC machines have come a long way. Today, CNC machines are computer-controlled, highly automated equipment that has eliminated the requirement for manual interventions in the manufacturing process which helps scale manufacturing that will ultimately result in saving time and money, without compromising on accuracy or quality.

Mitsubishi Electric CNC

Offering a wide range of high-quality products that meet the needs of the Indian market, Mitsubishi Electric CNC started its journey towards revolutionising the Indian machine tool market in 2013, with its first CNC manufacturing facility to ensure robust production in the country.

Mitsubishi Electric CNC offers cutting-edge solutions that promise smoother and faster operations as well as better finish, enhancing overall productivity and profitability. Designed to support the needs of the rapidly evolving manufacturing industry, Mitsubishi Electric CNCs perfectly embody the epitome of innovation.

“CNC on Wheels”: Taking the Technology to the Masses

Consistently working towards building a better and more sustainable future through innovation, Mitsubishi Electric CNC recently launched a unique initiative to help enhance India’s manufacturing ecosystem. “CNC on Wheels” is a simple caravan equipped with two most prominent CNC controls by Mitsubishi Electric– the flagship product M80, and E80, which is a product with limited features, aimed at MSMEs and SMEs. The caravan flagged off from the Peenya Mitsubishi Electric CNC Technical Centre on 18th January 2022 and hit the roads of Bangalore, touring industrial areas to explain the products and their features, share knowledge about their operations and applications, troubleshoot, and even provide training for the CNC systems.

The caravan always has a qualified Mitsubishi Electric engineer present to assist those who are interested, and all proper COVID-19 precautions are being observed to ensure safety for all.

Driving Towards a Better Future

Aimed at building a strong manufacturing ecosystem, the “CNC on Wheels” initiative involves providing training and enhancing the skills of young machine operators, getting feedback directly from end-users, and connecting directly with CNC operators and key decision-makers in the metal cutting industry. Mitsubishi Electric CNC does not wish to limit technology and knowledge to the four walls of a classroom and is taking their innovations and state-of-the-art training methods directly to the skilled and semi-skilled manpower, so they can get hands-on experience and get comfortable with using these products.

“CNC on Wheels” can help enhance the skills of the youth employed in the manufacturing industry, nurturing their technical capabilities, and assisting them in learning and adopting the work environment with the latest and evolved CNC technologies.

Supporting the Growth of India

Mitsubishi Electric CNC has always supported and nurtured innovation and development in the manufacturing industry of India and CNC on Wheels is yet another step in the same direction. The deployment of the new training and demonstration vehicle supports the enhancement of the overall skillset of CNC operators in the country. The initiative is also in line with the government’s “Make in India” and “Skill India” missions.

Employing innovation to facilitate the creation of a brighter, sustainable future, empowering the Indian market with revolutionary technologies, Mitsubishi Electric India is dedicated to ensuring consistent progress in the industry.

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