Ms. Minal Anand, Co – Founder & CEO, GuruQ

Minal Anand is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer at GuruQ, a unique and integrated digital tutoring platform that promises to bring high quality standards and new age methodologies to the way education is imparted in India. A graduate in Business Administration from the School of Management at Boston University, Minal had worked at companies like Franklin Templeton, Citigroup to gain relevant experience in business planning, fund raising, enterprise design and structuring, and talent management.


Over the last one decade, family structures have changed drastically in India. While during the earlier times, only father was the bread-earner and mothers were restricted to homes nurturing children. Today, many urban mothers have joined the corporate treadmill and are supporting the family financially. With both parents working, taking care of the child, especially education has become a daunting task for parents. 

This change in the structure has called upon the need of ‘quality educators.’ Finding a good tutor can be a daunting task for parents. Good tutors are already engaged with prior commitments and it is difficult for them to align their schedule according to the convenience of a child. In addition to this, there may be a mismatch in expectation related to qualifications or the tutor may be charging an exorbitant fee. Hence, accessibility and affordability of quality educators becomes a major hindrance. 

Working parents not only have official responsibilities at hand, but are required to engage in various household chores at the same time. Parents do not have the liberty to rest after coming back home from a stressful day at work. Once at home, they have to engage in a variety of household chores such as cooking, cleaning and groceries. Under such circumstances, private tuition services help parents to be carefree about their kids’ homework and studies. Private tutors ensure that your kids get the best of knowledge and unleash their true potential. With the constant support and guidance from private tutors, your kids receive regular encouragement to do well academically and complete their homework, assignments, and projects in time.

What is the role of a good tutor to ensure the child is nurtured well and parents can be stress free?

  • A good tutor makes understands what motivates your child and supports them to reach their full potential

With children, consistency is the key. A tutor who can constantly monitor and encourage a child to finish home tasks, prepare for assignments and study for examinations allows the child to feel confident. This also makes the parents feel that their child is in good hands and can excel in their life with the support and direction provided by the tutor. 

  • A good tutor provides personalized attention 

Schools have a high student ratio where one class of 40 students may have just one teacher addressing them. This doesn’t allow a child to receive personalized attention. However, a tutor doesn’t have the same problem. She can provide your child with undivided attention. The child has the scope to ask questions, solve doubts. Additionally, the tutor also understands the child’s preferred learning style and conduct classes accordingly. 

  • Efficacious Learning Outcomes

Studies have proven that children who receive good instructions learn more efficiently and feel inspired to do well. Every child is unique. Many of them find it difficult to learn effectively at school since there is always an underlying competition at school. Children may feel they will be laughed at for asking questions. This is addressed well with personal tutors since they are relatively more comfortable and feel comfortable asking questions and expressing their thoughts in the calm environment provided by a good tutor. It makes them more confident for their classroom participation. 

  • Learning more than the syllabus

What a child needs today is ‘holistic development.’ Most often working parents don’t have enough time for their kids and struggle to teach things or life lessons, apart from their syllabus. Moreover, at the school the kids are taught only what is there in the curriculum. A private tutor not only completes the curriculum of the school but also teaches them various life skills, works on their time management skills, and other skills. A kid learns more from the private tutors that can also be used in their everyday lives. This eventually helps to build a strong personality.

  • Handling obstacles confidently 

Education is not the one-size-fits-all. However, schools are not in a position to cater to every child individually. A skilled instructor understands the difficulties faced by a child. It could be the inability to apply a mathematical formula or the inability to express in a language. A good tutor takes cognizance of these challenges and prepares the students in overcoming other obstacles in their academic life. This allows the student to feel confident of one self and take on anything that comes their way. 

  • Parent’s Understanding of Their Child’s Education Increases

Through the individual feedback provided at a regular interval, rather than waiting for a parent meeting, parents can understand their child’s progress minutely. This will help them to further encourage their child or understand his learning needs. 

While getting a good tutor might be stressful, once you have found one, you can be rest assured of your child’s development. Private tuitions are very helpful and not only help kids in their academic life but also reduce the stress of working parents. It greatly helps kids to improve their results and develop holistically. 

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