Prasanth Yerrapragada, VP - Technology, Telebu

Prasanth Yerrapragada, is spearheading Telebu communications towards its organisational goal as its VP Technology. He leads the product strategy and development teams which together focus on building enterprise/customer communication products that are intuitive, customer centric, scalable, secure, compatible, iterable, constantly evolving, and businesses can build around with them.

A B.Tech in Computer Science, Prasanth has grown from starting his journey as a Software Engineer, Team Lead, System Architect, and VP Technical Operations to VP Product during a career spanning 14+ years.

Emerging as a leading trend in technology, artificial intelligence (AI) continues to be popular for providing hyper-personalized, outstanding customer experiences. Several companies have been investing in it mainly to improve efficiency as they are able to reduce the call processing time and complaint resolution duration. Organisations which are leaders in the customer experience domain have also been leveraging AI to increase humaneness in their services – to achieve a deeper level of customer understanding, create personalized journeys and provide them customization.  

AI-empowered customer experiences are being enabled acrossdifferent areas, such as improving customer support and customer service interactions, troubleshooting problems and issues faced by customers, enabling returns, improving website experience, messaging and customizing offerings. 

AI: Re-Humanizing Digital Customer Experiences 

AI endeavors to replicate human intelligence in machines. Moving forward, machines need to rationally think and act like humans. As of now, AI is being used to perform menial tasks, for basic problem-solving, learning, planning, speech recognition, and face recognition. 

However, AI will enable brands to behave more like humans if employed well – and the brands that behave humanely are the ones that will thrive. Today, enterprises exist because of the experiences that they are able to provide as that is how they can differentiate themselves from their competitors and interact with their customers. AI technology allows an exceptionally humanized experience, one which the customers trust and would wish to come back to. Hence, AI is expected to become a vital weapon to reach out to consumers and increase their level of engagement. 

AI-enabled technologies are much capable of understanding consumer sentiments and express empathy, make it humorous or show understanding and respect. Likewise, AI can reproduce digital human experiences which a consumer may experience in-store such as customer support, customized recommendations, and purchases. The entire customer journey can be easily handled by a chatbot, making it more conversational. Therefore, a user interacts with brands many times before they finally engage with it in any manner whatsoever – query, purchase, etc. 

Enabling Seamless First Touch Experience 

To ensure that the user keeps on engaging with the brand in any manner after their first engagement with their business, it is essential that the user has an impeccable& delightful customer experience. Therefore, hyper-personalization combines AI and real-time data for delivering content that is specifically relevant for a customer. 

AI, machine learning and algorithmically targeting technologies are advancing with time and they’re enabling intelligent opportunities meant to personalize e-commerce and other experiences for customers. Brands and consumers are also proactively investing in conversational AI technologies as these can provide personalized experiences which are quicker and more convenient compared to the traditional ways. 

Another pain point in customer journey is repeating the information that they’ve shared previously, such as re-confirming a phone number or re-explaining a particular issue, that they are facing, to multiple agents. AI-based conversational tools enable brands to tap into conversation histories, customers’ previously recorded intentions and other relevant data to lend that personal touch to the brand-consumer conversations. 

AI-powered personalization facilitates a highly personalized seamless first touch experience that leaves the customer coming back for more. With these technologies, vendors can analyze huge clusters of data faster and present the most worthwhile offers to their consumers. The seamless experience which customers get enables organizations to stay ahead of the curve. 

Personalized emails, personalized landing pages, personalized greetings, personalized suggestions, instant query resolution, smart assist, and tailored offers for customers based on their location are all examples of how AI technology enables the perfect hyper-personalized customer experience. 

AI and Live Support 

Live support technology provides companies with different ways to interact and communicate with users when they visit a company’s website and other media properties. Live Support is used by their sales, marketing and customer service staff to answer and resolve the queries of customers and prospects.  Based on the nature of support required, companies can select from different live support options including on-call support, live chat, chatbots, video-call support, on-site support, self-help via KMS and ticket-based support. 

Chatbots are deployed by organizations on their websites for offering 24/7 customer service all 365 days a year. These chatbots eliminate slow, clunky activities and provide quick, real-time responses to our questions, and the service is getting better with time at the kind of help which they can extend. 

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