MK Yadav, CMD, AI Testified (Incubated at IIT Kanpur)

While the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the dire need for the education sector to embrace the use of Artificial Intelligence, the advent of the latest technology with online platforms has not only helped the students with a better education module but also assisted the educators in providing the best opportunities for the students’ learning.

AI Testified, a startup incubated at IIT Kanpur is a unique platform that blends Artificial Intelligence into the school education system and UPSC exam preparation. Being India’s pioneering AI-driven test platform, it is highly beneficial in understanding and filling the “learning deficit” among the school going students and UPSC aspirants.

This platform has assumed more importance, as CBSE has recently announced the commencement of a term-based examination policy (MCQs driven) in line with New Education Policy 2020.

While the human interface (teacher) has the potential to tap into their own social intelligence and adapt to various dynamic circumstances, there is a dire need for the education sector to work out, to hitchhike the best attributes of both. Such synergy of teachers and technology is most likely to ensure better student engagement and improve their interest in learning, thereby creating a “win-win-win” situation for students, educators and the Nation.

In this “era of information explosion”, students need to have conceptual clarity, an exploratory mindset and should be able to do a critical analysis of the information, but unfortunately, the focus of most of the schools currently is on cramming the syllabus and passing the examination. Thus, the focus should be on analytical education, which will help them to survive and flourish in today’s competitive world.

Where many students have fallen behind in their learning levels amidst the lockdown, AI Testified has delved deeper through extensive research, showcasing how the newly gained technology trust can be applied to learning. AI Testified has recently implemented this AI-based solution in 10 Delhi Government schools (as a part of CSR activity) to “bridge the learning gap” of govt. school children through artificial intelligence-driven objective tests.

AI Testified uses Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to identify the conceptual strength and weaknesses of each student, with the belief that “each student is unique and own different learning curve”. The tests are customised according to the improvement areas of each student. Video lectures are also provided to fill in the identified knowledge gap. Also, students are given the choice to use elimination and the 50-50 technique to choose the most suitable option. This helps the students to know the accuracy of their concepts and develop their critical thinking ability.

Since the current Term Assessment policy enables the students to think about the future perspectives and seek calculated decisions based on learning, literacy and various other life skills, the current assessment policy when clubbed with AI will definitely reduce the burden and stress of the students.

Earlier where students used to be afraid of examinations, this paradigm transition to AI learning will make them enjoy exams. The focus of education would shift to analytical learning for primary school and develop critical thinking ability from the tender age and give India a better future!

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