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A Computer Science Graduate and an MBA, he is the Founder and Managing Director of XIPHIAS Immigration. He is a Certified Investment Migration Consultant and an IMC Member. His single pursuit has been to best serve his customers, and he has been able to do so by adhering to the best legal practices in immigration law. He holds a certificate in Talent Management from XLRI and in Leadership Management from IIM, Bangalore, and has always been a vanguard in leading his team to practice immigration consulting with the highest values and principles. XIPHIAS Immigration strives and makes all earnest efforts in helping the customers achieve their migration dreams.100 plus XIPHIAS Immigration professionals seek and toil round-the-clock to serve our customers.


Through uncertain times and unpredictability, affluent individuals all over the world are exploring alternative investment options overseas. The COVID-19 outbreak not only changed the lifestyle of most people but also grounded their freedom and mobility. The outcomes of all the clashes, inflation, strict border control procedures and new grievances that left many stranded overseas, or with limited mobility within their own country, have left many citizens questioning if life is greener on the other side.

However, India, the world’s largest origin for international migrants and with a rich history of immigration and emigration, and its national’s eagerness to invest and migrate abroad is much bigger than such disruptions. The allowance of traveling again after the pandemic, re-sparked the demands in residency and citizenship-by-investment trend and led Indian families to move again. According to the Henry Global Citizen Report, Indians have shown the greatest appetite for investment migration in the world. The nationals have topped the charts for inquiries received by the firm in 2021, with a growth of 54 per cent compared to 2020, a year which itself saw a 63 per cent rise in the interest shown by Indian investors.

Investment Migration

Also known as Residency & Citizenship-by-investment, are government-approved programs to attract High-net-worth individuals (HNWI), entrepreneurs and business executives to invest in real estate, existing business, new business, investment funds, government bonds or donate directly to the government and in exchange, they are granted residency status or citizenship of the respective country. Presently, there are over a hundred programs currently available in the world, out of which 30 are operating successfully.

Its state and benefits

According to the statistics compiled by Investment Migration Insider in 2019, the global residence and citizenship-by-investment industry was valued at $21.4 billion annually, and by 2025, the market is likely to generate $100bn in revenue, the same report predicts. In some portion of the total evaluation, India will be notching the numbers which is getting highly benefited from embracing investment migration due to increased demand among Indian investors. In FY 2020, India accounted for 17% of the total EB-5 visas issued worldwide, an increase of 9% from the previous year as per reports.

When it comes to investment marketing, India is emerging as the top nation participating in it followed by the US and the UK. The nation also ranks 4th top with privately-held wealth after the US, China, and Japan and is expected to overtake Japan by 2040. That’s why contrary to what many believe, residence and citizenship through investment programs are becoming the exclusive domain for many developing countries. Credit goes to both supply, because of their attractive and successful programs, and demand, due to their significant and growing populations of investors.

Designed to diversify global investment portfolios and potentially increase individuals personal and economic freedom, investment migration has made many families rethink their future situations. Investment migration is a win-win for states and investors, as it results in resilience-boosting for both. For instance, for the state, it helps in increasing tax revenues, better fiscal performance, and reduce dependence on debt and aid. For the investor, it has potential multiplier effects as well, it enhances global mobility, residence and citizenship and offers a proven diversification strategy in terms of wealth and legacy management and includes the option to invest in real estate, which itself results in multiple yields.

It is pretty evident now that the investment migration movement is unstoppable. It’ll keep on yielding wealth figures and positive opportunities across the full spectrum. That’s why nations who are still not exploring the investment migration programs arena will soon face the draught of investment and talent and lag behind in global competition.

Also, when it comes to securing investment migration, it is important to know all of your investment migration options, that’s where immigration consultants like Xiphias Immigration step in and help you in understanding every aspect of your choice.

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