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Sahil Chopra is the Founder & CEO of iCubesWire, a digital marketing solutions company, which helps brands, acquire and retain clients through web, mobile, email, video, rich media and more. He is a young entrepreneur with a vision to create a digital marketing ecosystem with performance marketing operations, providing a robust platform to advertisers and publishers where they mutually grow and maintain long-term relationships.


We have adapted relatively well to all the changes brought by the pandemic. The new normal has led us to a radical shift in doing even the simplest of our tasks. From the way we live to the way we work, consumer behavior has witnessed unprecedented trends worldwide. Advertisers are on their toes to rise above the clutter and create opportunities from the depths of challenges hurled at them by the pandemic. The situation demands the advertisers understand how the pandemic has hit the advertising economy.

Some of the essential marketing channels that brands and advertisers heavily rely on are the IPL season and theatres. Theatres and IPL seasons play a vital role in engaging viewers and enhancing viewership. With its tight safety precautions, the pandemic resulted in the shutting down of theatres everywhere, and the advertising fraternity lost one of its crucial legs. Advertisers also need to take into consideration the unparalleled viewership of television to date. Moreover, it amplifies further during the IPL season, making it an unmatched marketing channel. India is a country of cricket lovers and IPL, where their favorite players come together as a team, unites families to enjoy the show together. Brands wait for IPL season to advertise off the bat and take their brand recall out of the stadium.

IPL and theatres have been phenomenal in driving audiences, and IPL has been titled the best platform for advertisers, owing to its unrivaled penetration into deeper markets. Last year, IPL engaged more than 400 million people live. The positioning of IPL 2020 during the festive season creates a wide window for brands across sectors, from mobile handsets to FMCG, to benefit from. The new normal has finally given way to theatres opening up in most parts of the country. Advertisers are beginning to rethink and focus on winning back audiences and reinstate normalcy. However, the situation is still far from normal as many people are staying far from crowded places. Advertisers need to remain wary of the problem and consider all these factors while reviving advertising through theatres.

The cricket season is the most favored period for brands and advertisers, paving the way for lucrative opportunities. This season of IPL saw many brands making use of the platform to garner more eyes. According to reports, IPL was expected to see a 20% increase in digital ad spending. Therefore, advertisers need to come up with a comprehensive approach to propagate the messaging for brands. This year, we saw how IPL set the ball rolling for the marketers, with brands actively launching ads. According to the industry trends, advertising has made its comeback to the ground and may soon bounce back to its normal growth rate. Theatres and IPL are at the forefront of enhancing audience engagement in the improving scenario and restoring advertising activities as usual. As we slowly and steadily move towards normalcy, advertisers must utilize the full potential of engaging media channels out there to revive advertising and come back even stronger.

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