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Karmatex Apparels Private Limited’s Managing Director, Manoj Jain, is a successful entrepreneur with more than 35 years of experience in the clothing industry. Moreover, scram offers Indian customers international styles and quality. Having graduated from the Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad, he lives in Mumbai today with his wife, mom, and two kids. Manoj spends the majority of his free time writing fiction literature. An author of seven fiction books, Manoj’s books are inspired by real-life experiences. He loves meeting new people and listening to their stories.


Every parent wants to dress their kids in the best clothing. In today’s time, there are various patterns, styles, colours, and materials of clothing available. When you purchase your child’s clothing online, you need to consider their style. Children’s clothing needs to be comfortable and fuss-free. Sometimes shopping can be overwhelming as you have to consider numerous factors. As a first-time parent, there’s no need to panic as we’ve got you covered by listing the mistakes to avoid when shopping for kids clothes online.

  1. Shopping for kid’s clothing online in India from unreliable stores: When you search for the best kids clothes online, you’ll come across several sites offering a variety of clothing. Here, be wise and choose clothes from a known brand to ensure you are purchasing kids-friendly clothes. There might be some online stores that offer kids clothes at an extremely low price. But, more often than not, these sites provide poor quality clothes that could cause allergic reactions. Before purchasing any clothing items for kids online, do a background check to ensure the site is authentic. Also, check for customer reviews and customer service before making any purchases.
  2. Not picking the correct size: While buying kids outfits, it is vital to check if you have selected the correct Different kids fashion wear websites offer varying size charts. So read through and select the right one for your child. Reading product descriptions can also help ensure you receive baby clothes as per expectations. Checking for the correct size also applies to kids shoes and other accessories.
  3. Quantity over quality: The quality of clothes matters, especially when buying the best kids clothes online. Though most parents ensure they select and purchase good quality clothes, sometimes both offline (shops & mall) and online shopping can tempt them to purchase several kids clothing items that don’t pass the quality test. Also, the problem with these low-quality clothes is that it allures people into thinking they are spending their money wisely buying worthy clothes. But this is not true! Plus, eventually, these clothes would end up in a landfill after a couple of washes. Thus, avoid this mistake and always be cautious while buying clothes for kids.
  4. Disregarding the return policy: As mentioned above, different websites online in India offer kids clothing in varying sizes. A common mistake that people make is not checking the clothes size and just assuming it will fit their child. Here, if a website doesn’t have a return policy, you’d have an issue. Also, if you get a damaged or defective product, or wrong delivery with no option to return the product, you’ll be stuck with it. Thus, before making any purchases online, always check the site’s return policy. The return policy varies from site to site, so read through carefully before ordering. Also, check the refund policy and terms & conditions to avoid hassles.
  5. Ignoring reviews before purchasing: This is another common mistake that people do when purchasing kids dresses online. Traditional methods of shopping include seeing the product and feeling the material, the softness, checking the stitches and fit of the outfit. Unfortunately, when it comes to purchasing children’s clothing online, there is no such option. Hence, it is better to read reviews and feedback from people who have already purchased clothing items from the website. This will give you a better understanding of the quality of the material. And will help you discern how efficient the customer service is.
  6. Shopping in a rush: As a parent, you may have tons of things to worry about, so you might rush through the online shopping process. But, it is important to take time and make the right choices when shopping for kids clothes online. Make sure you check the outfit, read through the product description, select the right colour, style and size to avoid disappointment later. Also, make the most of the sales and discount offers available during the festive season. In short, it is advisable to plan what clothes your child would require shortly and shop accordingly. It will help you save money. Plus, it would ensure you pick trendy clothes for kids that will make your child’s personality and style shine.
  7. Shopping for kids clothes randomly: With numerous shopping sites available at the tips of our fingers, it is impossible not to browse through a kids website. This is not a healthy habit, as impulsive shopping can affect your monthly budget. Thus, to avoid this, it is vital to make a list of necessary items that your child requires. This will prevent you from splurging on unnecessary items. Clothes available for babies and kids online can sure be beautiful and enticing, and as a parent, all you could think about is grabbing those cute tiny outfits for your baby. But, keep in mind that kids outgrow clothes faster than you can blink. So, avoid random purchases and stick to the list of essential items that your child requires when shopping online.
  8. Choosing style over comfort: With crazy styles & patterns popping up now and then, every parent wants to keep up with the latest trends. Dressing the child in cute trendy clothes and sharing pictures of them with family members or on social platforms is also widespread. But, don’t forget that not all cute outfits are comfortable. Some of them could make your kid’s skin itch and cause allergies if you are not careful. While dressing your kid for an occasion, think about your child’s comfort first. Whether or not a piece of clothing is appropriate for the occasion or function could be secondary. Always shop from a site that is reliable and provides comfy kids clothing, like Scram. The materials utilized are kid-friendly, thus ensuring your child will be comfortable and have plenty of movement space. On another note, while purchasing clothes for kids, keep in mind their activities so you can buy appropriate clothing. If you are a bit lost on how to style your child’s outfit for various functions, read this blog on kids styling that list down the dos and don’ts that every parent should know.
  9. Not pre-planning: When you have a kid, you are always pre-planning – be it school or investment. So why not apply the same technique when shopping for kids clothes online? Pre-planning will save you time and money. Also, since you have ample time before an event or function, you could pick the right outfits to suit your child’s personality.


The above-mentioned tips will make your shopping experience fun. But, keep in mind that your child’s comfort should be given top priority when shopping for kids clothes online. Other factors such as aesthetics, style, design, pattern, and colour should be secondary. With the right kind of clothes, your child will stand out from the crowd. Plus, they will be comfortable in their skin. Also, while shopping, take into consideration your child’s likes and dislikes. This will ensure everyone is happy and you are stress-free.

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