Nikhil Mahadeshwar, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Skynet Softtech Pvt. Ltd.

The pandemic has adversely affected the industries such as small-medium enterprises and big corporates. However, it has unleashed a new era of change for businesses as well. Few industries were not ready to accept Work from Home because they would have to share the data with their employees at their home premises. Some industries didn’t have the required setups, which is where the challenge began. They weren’t aware of the parameters and the access level that had to be given to the employees. Data leakage was a huge threat to them.

The security of the reporting mechanism, attendance mechanism, and data mechanism was being questioned on whether the data was going through a secured tunnel or not. Things eventually began to change, and people who were unaware of remote connections were taken care of, and policies had to be revised. However, they have not adopted it and are sharing the data through it. Another challenge was that several cyber-crime cases took place during the pandemic.

Offering a wide range of unique features, Skynet Softtech provides its users with Anti-Spying and Anti-Hacking solutions, making them stand out from the rest of their competitors in the cybersecurity domain. While the others are majorly focusing on antivirus feature that detects malware and malicious attacks, Skynet Softtech is a complete security suite and a one-stop solution to secure all the user’s cybersecurity needs. HackShield, Skynet’s product, covers all the needs of the user. Its features are listed by categories that take care of all the cybersecurity needs and protect the user by providing Wi-Fi Security, VPN, Password Manager, Spying, Hidden Applications, protecting the user from juice Jacking Attacks, Spying attacks and Phishing attacks, etc. “HackShield has been developed by analyzing the problems faced by the layman in today’s world. It is a solution for all types of personas. The user does not have to download a bundle of applications for securing their device as HackShield is the solution to all the problems”, adds Nikhil S Mahadeshwar, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Skynet Softtech Pvt. Ltd.

How a Researcher turned into an Entrepreneur

Having done his certifications in EC Council as a Certified Security Analyst, Computer Hacking Forensic Investigation, and Threat Intelligence Analyst, Nikhil’s journey as an entrepreneur started as a researcher. He learned about writing virus codes and would visit interesting places where he would solve cases related to cyber-crime and cybersecurity, regardless of people paying him. “I was keen to gain experience and learn new things. So the intention was learning rather than earning. I discovered many cyber-crime security issues faced by people. I helped the people affected by ransom attacks, phishing attacks, network attacks, online reputation attacks, data breaches by giving appropriate solutions and raising awareness about VAPT services, pre-incident, and post-incident services. We also came up with a self-protector product wherein the people could install it and protect themselves from cyber-attacks”, reminisces Nikhil.

While investigating and working on a case study, Nikhil trained many organizations and law enforcement agencies and started a Cyber Secure India initiative. They trained students through internship programs. That’s when Nikhil came up with a unique idea of analyzing layman’s issues by providing a one-stop to all the problems, i.e. Skynet Softtech Pvt. Ltd. “The whole idea behind it was to make the user-independent. With its constant research process, Skynet-Softtech Pvt Ltd focuses on finding solutions to multiple problems that are beneficial for the users using the app”, points out Nikhil.

Making Internet Secure for all!

The role played by the cybersecurity experts team was the most important one in developing the company. The company was co-founded by entrepreneurs Mr Nitish Desai and Mr Amey Amre and Nikhil in 2019 with a vision to make digital platforms a threat-free place. Helping many law enforcement agencies, NGOs, corporates, and small businesses solve several cases. It has been observed that every case that they worked with was either pre-incident or a post-incident case.

Be it a government entity case or teenager selfie leakage case, every case comes with a problem statement. After noting the problem statement, there are many tasks and subtasks, and we allocate it to a team that doesn’t have experience related to the case so that we encourage them to learn something new. “We keep swapping the team on different Modules and Projects so that each and every team learns new things related to the cybersecurity domain. For instance, a malware analyst will learn a VAPT when he’s allowed to work on VAPT, and the person who knows VAPT will learn malware analyzing case or digital forensic investigator case. Thus, we make sure that we give everybody opportunities in the team to grow and explore their knowledge in the sector, and that’s what keeps them motivated”, says Nikhil.

IoT security, AI Security, and machine learning are trending, and people are really looking at a product that emphasizes ransomware attacks or phishing attacks. It is very helpful for organizations because the pandemic has affected everybody; be it a person working from home or a student learning from home using a device. A device also needs to have security, and that’s why people are exploring products that can secure their systems. End-user products and endpoint security are the products that are currently in demand. Having a range of end-user security and expanding to enterprise-level, Nikhil concludes, “we can look at computer solutions, end-user, and enterprise solutions in the future. We will soon be launching MDM Solutions, mobile device management that protects end-users to enterprise-level mobile security. Furthermore, we are also launching cyber security-oriented services and are planning to target the UK and UAE, and the rest of the globe post that”.

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