Yuvraj Krishan Sharma, Co-Founder, Edverse

Mr Yuvraj Krishan Sharma, Co-Founder, Edverse. He is a spirited and creative person at heart fuelled with a flair for innovation and technology, who is continuously excited about the creation of ‘NEW Technologies’. As an entrepreneur, he firmly believes that given today’s volatile status-quo and rapidly changing scenario, students need an advanced technological skill-set to sustain growth to meet the demands of the knowledge-based economy, concepts and businesses.


Children today have grown up in a technologically advanced world. As a result, every learner is unique, and each has its style of recapitulating new information. However, in the current digital age, the teaching and learning methodology has evolved toward interactive communication and exchanging knowledge among learners and educators via an interactive approach to learning.

Bringing your learning more insightful and interactive, Edverse, an education metaverse, shows the benefits of interactive learning.

Forms of Learning 

To make education interactive and insightful, multiple forms of learning have proven to be beneficial in improvising teaching and learning methodology. The traditional form of learning evolved and shifted towards passive learning. Further, the industry trends and consumer requirements evolved learning into an interactive learning model. A more active, real-world method of conveying information. However, in interactive learning, students are invited to join in the dialogue through technology, for example, online mathematics and English courses or role-playing group activities in class. It energises both students and faculty in the classroom. 

Benefits of Interactive Learning

Easy Accessibility

Decentralised and interactive learning platforms provide an inclusive and accessible educational environment for various students, including those with disabilities. Today the interactive model has been a boon to the entire education ecosystem and benefits democratising education while relieving the strain on overloaded faculty. For instance, children with learning difficulties may require additional time on tests. The easy availability of assessment tools makes it simple for instructors to determine such unique parameters. Furthermore, they provide higher volume and efficiency in test performance and assessment.

Learn From Various Subject Matter Experts

In E-learning, the Subject Matter Experts are critical in teaching and developing high-quality online courses because they focus on learning quality and making the module more effective. SMEs can assist learners in defining their learning objectives, crafting material, and providing valuable feedback. Another method to empower learners is to have them contribute their knowledge by creating materials along with the guidance of subject matter experts from across the globe while interactive learning by holding online group study sessions. Task-based education can provide learners with a relevant outcome.

Engaging Content

Children are inherently inquisitive. This inherent curiosity prepares kids to be excellent students, but even the most curious students might become bored or disengaged from studying content if it is overly repetitious or monotonous. When children engage in interactive learning, they engage in numerous senses at the same time. For example, they are watching, interacting, experiencing, and engaging in addition to reading and listening. This degree of participation engages different sections of their developing brains, making it easier for children to retain information.

Affordable and Time-effective

Education must be affordable for students from all economic backgrounds to gain access to learning. One of the most noticeable initial changes parents see when using digital learning is that it saves them a lot of time. Students do not need to travel to multiple locations to receive tuition using digital learning; they may learn from anywhere with an internet connection. Even if the family has to take an unexpected trip, learning through a decentralised interactive ed-tech learning platform will offer the child to learn at his own pace and at their chosen time. As a result, a child’s educational needs will not be compromised.

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