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Amitek Sinha is the COO at ET Medialabs , leading Digital Marketing & Analytics Company in India specializing in delivering business growth using Digital Marketing, Data & AI. Founded in 2013 and with 7+ years of existence, trusted by around 100+ companies including Digital First brands like Grofers, Urbanclap, Innerchef, goodearth, Jaypore, Ketto, Shuttl, Amity, NIIT, Celkon Mobiles, Edureka etc. It is both Google’s premier partner & FB Marketing partner. The leadership at ET Medialabs consists of seasoned professionals from the IITs and IIMs with 10 plus years of experience. They have a unique set of skills knit together by a client focused approach and sharpened by years of experience in the industry.


The festival season brings along with it the much-awaited holidays, family reunions and immense joy. The celebratory mood and the chirpiness in the air gives people enough reasons to indulge in their favorite food delicacies and exciting shopping sprees. In fact, amidst the festivities, people are willing to spend much more than they would usually do. This directly leads to bigger sales opportunities for companies, pushing them to design their marketing strategies around these special occasions.

Especially the marketers in India, which is a land of colorful and vivacious cultures, have a greater scope in playing with the themes of each festival. These are those times of the year that people most eagerly wait for. With Durga Puja, Diwali, Dussehra, Holi etc. all lined up one after the other, a rush of special offers and discounts await to multiply the sales in different industries and sectors.  While consumers have their eye on the massive discounts on offer during the festive seasons, marketers are required to work hard for attracting consumer’s attention, way before the seasons commence.

Here are a few tips brands can incorporate in their marketing strategies:

–          Be Creative with Social Media

In today’s time, it a well-known fact that people are incessantly glued to their smartphones for a good part of the day, as they do everything from shopping to socializing online. And social media is where they first find and get to know about a brand. Thus, brands can harness this popularity of social media and increase their visibility by posting engaging posts/messages/visuals on their pages. By announcing lucrative festival offers or new product launches, brands can instantly draw customers to their page. This in turn can help capture consumer interest and increase sales.

–          Omnichannel Approach for Augmenting Customer Experience

Though customers thoroughly enjoy the online shopping trends, brick and mortar stores have their own undying charm. No doubt, online retailers deliver a delightful and convenient shopping experience to the customers, the offline experience can enable them to experience the brand’s offerings. Using its website, offline store, and social media handle, a brand can create a seamless and smooth omnichannel experience to grow customer engagement.

–          SEO for the Season

A proper and in-depth research of the particular festival-related keywords can help in understanding the demands of the consumers. To attract shoppers during the festive season, the SEO tactics of a brand should rank well for the festive-themed queries as well as to make the website rank high to generate more sales. Also, to drive more traffic to a business website during the festive times, the focus should be on the specific occasion such as Diwali or Dussehra, as that will enable the website to rank better in the search results for any queries related to that specific festival.

–          Leverage Pay-Per-Click

Brands and businesses must also consider employing seasonal PPC tricks through Google AdWords in order to ensure their offerings are visible to a large group of relevant people.

For this, businesses will first need to ensure the following:

  1. Research the necessary seasonal keywords.
  2. Design seasonal campaigns.
  3. Write copies for seasonal ads.
  4. Closely monitor the performance of the campaigns.

By using PPC and SEO together, brands will be able to have their ads displayed for seasonal search terms looked up. PPC campaigns are required to be relevant to the season as much as possible as these ads will have to direct the user to the relevant landing pages.

Summing Up

Competition is neck-to-neck as multiple businesses offer similar products with increased price, better feature of qualities. In such a scenario, festivals tend to be the hot season for advertisers to promote their products more. As a result, in this crowded economy, these marketing strategies can prove to be subtle but will leave behind a huge impact on the audiences. So, gorge on these tips and tricks to improve your marketing efforts and sales in this festive season!

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