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Imagine you are in a meeting where key matters are being discussed, and important decisions are being made. Your phone pings. It is an important piece of information, but your priority is the meeting at hand. You swipe and make a mental note to get back to it later. After the meeting, you take your phone and scroll through to access the information you had received earlier. To your horror, you are unable to retrieve it from the deluge of data that your mobile device holds. Yes, you could have handled it better, but to err is human. When Rajat Singhania was faced with such a dilemma—he swiped and lost a key byte of information—he was perplexed, to say the least. Although he did worry about it, it is the thought that nothing had ever been done to remedy such situation that took the front seat.

So, he asked around if anyone knew of a solution that could help manage information in such a situation, and he realized there was no such solution, yet. The exceptional technopreneur that he is, Rajat’s next question was ‘If there existed a solution, would they avail it?”  The answer was unanimous—there were quite a lot of people who had faced such data losses before. And that is how he got the brainwave to come up with a simple, easy and unified way for people to manage information from multiple channels and sources of information. Thus, was born HyLyt.

The App to Manage All Other Apps

HyLyt, a patent-pending unified information management and business collaboration platform empower individuals and teams to make better business decisions and work effectively in the face of information overload, by pulling the information that matters, from whatever source, into a single robust repository that is secure, searchable and shareable. HyLyt is the only product that offers a complete 360-degree solution for information management. It operates on top of the client’s current apps to help them manage important information, converse and collaborate in a controlled environment, thus giving enhanced productivity, data leakage prevention and a bird’s eye view of information that matters at one place.

Simply put – the client can get different types of data from any source at one place easily and instantly, interconnect them on multiple parameters, retrieve information instantly when needed, access anytime across multiple devices, share seamlessly with various stakeholders internally and externally, control how recipients can use it and pull it back when they want. “With HyLyt, we integrate and have unified information management with innovative ways to manage the information from the unlimited app and data silos and control how this is used by the various stakeholders. The biggest challenge has been to create awareness about our product, its usefulness and benefits.

Being a unique startup solving a common everyday problem, making people aware we have a product to solve their problems was difficult. But now they are seeking us out because of the service that HyLyt offers.  Collaboration, content management, video conference, file storage, reminder, calendar—all your productivity tools at one place with additional innovations on top of it. They now realize that with HyLyt they can have peace of mind while the information from their apps is being managed to make them powerful, productive and profitable!” says Rajat Singhania, Founder, HyLyt.

Boosting the World’s Workforce

With over 35+ years of experience in the business and tech domains, Rajat was there when the world used BASIC, COBOL & DBase3 for coding. He explains that managing time and information are the 2 biggest challenges plaguing humankind today. They transcend all boundaries of ethnicity, economic status, country, profession, business vertical, vocation etc. Time lost can never be regained, and information is said to be the new gold. Efficient and meticulous management of these can bring exponential growth to any business. “Today’s information workers wage a losing battle against information overload. Not only is most of the information they receive uselessly, but managing the useful part is inefficient. In fact, research shows that they spend 25% of their entire work time searching, saving and managing the information they own. Accessing information held by co-workers is even harder. Did you know over 70% of departing employees admit to taking the company’s data? HyLyt, a single point integrated solution has the simplicity, power and ability to help you do this. Complete control over all your information that matters! Needless to say, this would save you a huge amount of time and result in better decisions—revenue too! A more organized, efficient and productive world is a much better world on multiple counts, is it not?” he asks.

With the pandemic creating havoc, everyone around the world is going digital. With the deluge of information and an app for everything, Rajat perceives an environment where too much data becomes counter-productive eating up precious time, creating pressure and triggering decisions based on incomplete information. He forecasts that 2021 is the year of the consumer and their experience. For HyLyt, success is making people powerful, productive and profitable, helping them do better in all they do. “We help people find information when they need it, saving time, and lets them make better decisions. We are here to make a difference and help people. We aim to be the go-to product for people when they think about information management. While most products work vertically, we are working horizontally, which is our USP and gives us a unique place in the minds of the consumer,” he iterates. It is no wonder that the HyLyt team is a formidable group of individuals as they strongly believe in Rajat and his mission; they all connect to the problem and the need for a solution. They have helped HyLyt evolve, pivot and set milestones; especially Chirayu, the tech head and CTO. “Once your team is aligned with your vision and objective, then the support comes automatically. Interesting and innovative ideas and solutions to problems then become a by-product,” Rajat adds.

With a vision to generate 2.5 billion man-hours of productive time by the year 2025, HyLyt considers their biggest challenge today is people spending as much as 25% of their productive time on managing information. HyLyt is on a mission to help reduce this number significantly and help generate productive man-hours. Under Rajat’s expert guidance, the team is treading purposefully to leverage technology and offer solutions that help people gain a holistic view of what to do and excel in whatever it is they intend to do.

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