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RECOM Technologies, α leading renewable energy company and the only European Bloomberg Tier 1 PV module manufacturer, expands the the LION Heterojunction series and introduces the Lion 720Wp Bifacial HJT Mono Crystalline Double Glass Module, setting a new standard in the solar industry. With leading power output 720Wp and exceptional 23.2% module efficiency, this innovative module is a game-changer for clean energy adopters.

Boasting the industry’s highest output, the Lion 720Wp module ensures unparalleled energy consistency and longevity ensuring a lasting return on solar investments. Due to its enhanced bifaciality, this module maximizes energy harvesting even during low-light conditions and cloudy days. 

Built to last, with life expectancy over 30years, RECOM modules are not only reliable but also resilient against common solar challenges like Potential-Induced Degradation (PID) and Light-Induced Degradation (LID). This ensures continuous energy supply in all conditions, making it a dependable source of clean energy.

Product Specifications

Bifacial HJT Mono Crystalline Double Glass Module

30 Years Product Warranty 

Low Pmax at -0,24%/Celsius

>91,25% performance output after 30 years

10-35% Power Generation Gain

Module efficiency over 23,2%

High Bifaciality / High Energy Yield / Low Degradation


RECOM’s power plants are certified to ISO 9001 and 14001 standards and Lion series is fully certified to IEC61215 & 61730 standards. Lion series is also certified to withstand extreme wind Testing [2400 Pascal], snow loads [5400 Pascal) and Fire safety Class C according to UL790.

RECOM supports fast and reliable deliveries ensuring product availability at European warehouses. 

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