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Stonebrook Risk Solutions announced today that it has selected Mphasis to build a disruptive architecture enabling it to partner with regional health plans to transform healthcare across the United States. The digital platform will connect regional health plans, insurance companies, pharmacy benefits, consumer-directed health programs, and medical management companies into a nationwide network of providers that will compete with national health plans for mid-tier employers.

Based in Encino, CA, Stonebrook is led by insurance and healthcare industry veterans and funded by well-known strategic partners including Confidio/Rx Benefits (offering pharmacy benefits consulting and management), RenaLogic (providing dialysis and ancillary services), and Woodruff Sawyer (an innovative brokerage), Starline (offering employer stop-loss and managed care stop-loss) to offer multi-state companies a compelling alternative to the big national insurance companies.

Mphasis is a global information technology (IT) solutions provider specializing in cloud and cognitive services that leads with design and architecture to deliver a portfolio of next-generation offerings and services. The company excels in creating hyper-personalized experiences that drive customer-centric transformation.

“Mphasis brings Stonebrook the ability to scale state-of-the-art, cloud-based technology, and highly-configurable market solutions that will bring our clients and partners cost-effective coverage that will exceed expectations,” said Mark Angard, CEO, Stonebrook. “We conducted due diligence on a wide range of technology providers and Mphasis was the obvious choice.”

“We are honored to partner with Stonebrook Risk Solutions in their transformational approach with Regional Health Plans,” said Nitin Rakesh, CEO, Mphasis. “We recognize the disruptive nature of their program and are excited to work with them to turn the vision into reality.”

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