Teachers Training Expert, Writer, Author, Speaker & Social Worker

Assistant Professor Dr. Suramya Mathai, Ph.D, M.Ed, MA, BA, has got more than a decade of teaching and research experience in the domain of Teachers Training and Social Science. Currently, she is a full-time faculty member of the Titus II Teachers College, Tiruvalla, Kerala. Dr. Suramya has earlier worked as Lecturer in Social Science.

She did her Ph. D. in Education from Mahatma Gandhi University. Dr. Suramya got over 21 publications in International & National journals in her credits. She has contributed chapters in many academic books. She is a regular presenter in academic conference related teachers training in India. Dr. Suramya is a member many prestigious Academic Associations in India including CTE, AKTCTA, CCEAM, KFUNAI, SIRA.

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