Bhaskar Ganguli, Director, Mass Software Solutions Pvt Ltd

Bhaskar Ganguli, is one of the co-founders of Mass Software Solutions Pvt Ltd. Mr. Bhaskar Ganguli has always been connected with diverse technical and technological backgrounds. Operating as the Director of Marketing and Sales, his current role in the company comprises duties such as exploring contracting opportunities and connecting with other emerging IT solutions providers. In addition, he also manages the company’s communications aspect to enhance brand awareness and positioning while accessing arising opportunities in the international markets. Mr. Bhaskar completed BSc. in economics from Calcutta University. Later on, he pursued a PGD in Information Technology from the Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE). Starting his career as a web designer, he hopped on to undertake management roles specifically in the field of marketing and sales in later stages of his professional career. Bolstered with expertise in Mobile application development, Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing, Web Development and E-commerce solutions among other domains, he emphasizes leaving an indelible mark on the employees and customers he is working with in the industry.


India is in the midst of digital transformation with government campaigns such as “Digital India” worth Rs. 113,000 crores to change the Indian society into a digitally empowered landscape with a knowledge economy. A large nation like India with lots of diversification in industrial domains comes with the diverse needs of the markets. The most prone to digital transformation are MSMEs (Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises), which are in abundance in India. As of 2022, there are 7.9 million MSMEs operating in the nation, according to the Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises. In addition, they are now implementing new technologies to facilitate ecosystem integration within the enterprise which is responsible to connect the stakeholders with all the processes going on in an organization. The nation’s economy is flourishing with the support of these organizations, and they are constantly thriving to keep a competitive edge along with the global markets. 

Digital transformation and integration ecosystem

For succeeding and sustaining in the markets, a company needs to be agile and digital transformation supports this agility. Ecosystem integration includes connecting suppliers, data providers, vendors, financial institutions, etc. at one place to orchestrate end-to-end integrations. It utilizes existing technologies to enable digital transformation while extending values for the companies. This refers to the fact that the more a company matures in terms of technology implementation, the more value it holds. Currently, several tech giants and MSMEs have been following this approach with the help of iPaaS (Integrated platform-as-a-Service), due to its benefits such as cost efficiency, easy deployment of integration runtime engine, and low-code development with increased productivity. 

MSMEs are taking digital presence seriously

Enterprises now know that having a digital presence is necessary for a broader reach to the prospects and to create a healthy relationship leading to creating LTV (Lifetime value) with customer loyalty. Everything is moving online, and data is gaining prominence due to its ability to provide insights into the prospect’s needs and improve customer experience (CX). In addition, they are considering the latest digital marketing techniques and analytics to transform into tech-enabled organizations while accepting data-driven decision-making. As the topographies and customer sections widen, companies need to reinvent their goals and create products that are in demand in the markets. 

Ecosystems are playing their part

The paradigm of ecosystems is changing with the advancements of digital transformation. For a business to be well connected with each other, it requires components like data, mobile applications, web applications and vendor integration along with the implementation of business management systems. Communication between enterprise partners and stakeholders is necessary within the enterprise, and technology like the cloud is the enabler of its success. Lots of companies relying on the cloud are able to transfer, edit and retrieve data in a hassle-free manner with top-notch security. The hardware costs and maintenance costs are reduced due to the server being present in a remote location. Integration of the on-premise applications and SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) applications are becoming the need of the industry now. 

Enterprises are partnering up

Several companies lag in the transformation era due to the late adoption of technologies. In addition, organizations are unable to track down their operations, making them lose control over necessary areas. Therefore, these areas require a digital transformation of the processes with the latest technology. For this purpose, enterprises are partnering up with other companies, which have expertise in understanding the business processes and forming strategies for customized IT solutions to save costs, time, and hassle. As-a-Service model is gaining traction among the enterprises to become a defacto method, and there are experts out there to cater to their needs and enhance business performance. These companies can build digital infrastructures and creation of applications with the management of servers to deliver seamless data while saving tons of costs for their client enterprises. 

India is transforming at a faster pace

Statista states that the spending on digital transformation is going to reach $1.8 trillion by the end of 2022. This shows that the trend is growing at a rapid level in terms of adopting newer technologies, especially MSMEs. They are following the change and becoming agile at every operational level while integrating ecosystems for better management. Reaching the right prospect is also a priority for organizations today, and they are considering trending marketing methodologies to sustain a competitive edge. Also, organizations today are not afraid to seek help from experts for resolving their complex issues as a part of their strategy. With collaborative efforts of government and technology getting a trending topic, digital transformation is becoming an integral part of the organization with a goal of ecosystem integration. 

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