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Podcasts are a popular source of news, entertainment, and culture, as well as cutting-edge journalism and storytelling. They’re also useful in the classroom. Students can get on-the-go insight into current events or intriguing stories by listening to podcasts, which can complement and extend classroom learning. Making podcasts may help students organise and communicate, as well as gain recording, editing, and publishing skills. This list includes several fantastic podcasts that will demonstrate students what’s possible, as well as recording, editing, and sharing tools to help them create their own episodes. Here are top 5 podcasts apps for android users:


Khabri is India’s fastest growing vernacular audio platform targeted at the next billion internet users. Knowledge through spoken word has been the driving force for socio- economic growth for human society for ages. We, at Khabri, are committed to delivering that in the simplest format. By converting non learning time into learning time via audio, we are fundamentally looking at upgrading the very operating system of the masses. Right from its inception, Khabri has been backed by the likes of YCombinator, GSF accelerator and many marquee entrepreneurs turned investors. Listeners can discover and consume enriching audio courses aimed at helping them prepare for government job exams. Khabri also offers creators an opportunity to create content and get discovered. Given the ease of content creation in audio, khabri is a big hit amongst audiences from tier II & III cities of India. Khabri offers an exclusive array of creators who range from popular YouTubers to eminent educators. The app is free of cost and offers users the option to download the content and consume it offline, as well. Recently, during the pandemic, Khabri witnessed an unprecedented growth of 6x and 4x in terms of users & creators respectively.


Spotify is a Swedish audio streaming and media services provider founded on 23 April 2006 by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon. It is the world’s largest music streaming service provider, with over 365 million monthly active users, including 165 million paying subscribers, as of June 2021. Spotify is listed (through a Luxembourg City-domiciled holding company, Spotify Technology S.A.) on the New York Stock Exchange in the form of American depositary receipts.

Spotify offers digital copyright restricted recorded music and podcasts, including more than 70 million songs, from record labels and media companies. As a freemium service, basic features are free with advertisements and limited control, while additional features, such as offline listening and commercial-free listening, are offered via paid subscriptions. Users can search for music based on artist, album, or genre, and can create, edit, and share playlists.


Google is doing to their podcast selection what they did to their messaging selection. There are currently three different platforms for podcasts from Google. The first is Google Podcasts. It’s a fairly standard podcast app with playback speed controls and the ability to skip silence segments. Google Play Music is Google’s current music streaming service and it also has podcast support. Finally, a lot of people upload daily or weekly shows, podcasts, and similar material to YouTube. Google Podcasts is the simplest option and it’s free so it’s the one we recommend first. It had a rough start, but it works much better now.


Pocket Casts used to be one of the easiest recommendations on any app list we have here at Android Authority. It’s still an outstanding podcast player, but it’s not quite the easy recommendation it used to be. The app has an excellent UI, good discoverability features, some power user features, and even some customization features like themes. This was a premium app back in its day. However, it went the subscription route a little while back so it’s difficult to recommend to your average podcast listener since podcasts are generally free to listen to and this developer charges monthly. It’s a great deal if you live and breathe podcasts, but those who only listen to the occasional podcast would be better served with something that doesn’t cost money every month.


The majority of the apps on this list are podcast apps, which allow you to download or stream your favourite shows. We thought we’d offer at least one app that can assist you in making them. Anchor is a podcast hosting platform that allows you to host an unlimited number of podcasts. The programme allows you to record audio, upload it to multiple platforms such as iTunes and Google Podcasts, and import audio from other devices. It’s a clever notion with a business strategy that encourages you to succeed so that you and Anchor can both profit. However, the software and hosting are both free, and this isn’t an advertisement, so give it a shot if you want to start your own podcast.

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