Dhanlaxmi Bhoir, Assistant to GM and PR- Corporate Communications, TCL India

Dhanlaxmi has had a long and distinguished career touching many different aspects of human resources, sales, Marketing, service, PR, logistics handling and more for a prolonged period of 6 and half years. Even in this short span of her career, she has many remarkable achievements under her name. After dedicating 3 years to the service industry, she then decided to make a move into the public relations sector, and from then there has been no looking back. She has been serving the PR community for 3 years, her support is meaningful for the leaders, and the organization as well, is currently associated with TCL, a global leader of consumer electronics, as an Assistant to GM and PR- Corporate Communications.


In the last several years, the public relations sector has changed dramatically. With the growth of social media and the requirement for businesses to have a strong online presence, public relations has become a much more digitally driven sector.

Clearly, a lot has changed in the field of public relations during the last several years. As organisations focus more on making customers feel at ease with the new normal, public relations is assisting them in growing not only by providing them with many possibilities to innovate, but also by strengthening their connections with customers by connecting themselves with innovation.

To remain at the vanguard of public relations, you must make an effort to stay current on what is happening. Indeed, it is equally crucial to identify developing trends that will expand in size. In this approach, you can keep your competitive edge in an ever-changing environment. Let’s have a look at the latest and emerging trends in the PR sector that might arise in 2022.

Inception of Digital PR

Without a question, the technological era has altered media networking in new ways. To acquire traction, brands are using new promotional techniques, with a particular emphasis on the digital domain. A well-thought-out Digital PR strategy will aid in the development of a brand’s identity through exposure and interaction.

Return of Print Media

The newspaper industry may have been steadily declining in recent years, owing mostly to the Covid era. However, it is clear that print media is regaining its grandeur. Print demand is also 30% greater this year than it was in 2020, according to media buyers. According to analysts, the non-metro tier II and tier III areas have been a big boost to the print growth narrative, which is also a new favourite for advertisers. To summarise, print media has always shown to be important in communications. Despite the COVID-19 storm, the print sector managed to remain a solid pillar and a reputable source of information for its consumers and advertisers. It is critical to note that regional magazines are getting the greatest traction in the print media.

Short-form content

Short-form material will become the dominating type of content on the internet in the next years. Every year, the amount of time individuals spend on the internet grows. People will have more time on the internet in 2022, but they will have less patience for long-form information. This is due to a decrease in their attention span.

Personal branding

Brand management is becoming a public relations technique. The idea is to position oneself as an authority in your sector, which will lead to additional cooperation chances with other organisations and clients. Personal branding was formerly used to develop a “personal brand,” but it is now used to advertise the firm and its products. This is accomplished through providing compelling online material and graphics, such as videos and social media postings, that represent the firm.

Virtual events

The virtual events market size is rapidly growing across the globe. The organisers will continue to create virtual events since they are cost-effective and provide worldwide access to material without requiring travel. Virtual or online events will undoubtedly continue to grow even in 2022.

Influencer marketing playing an important role

Influencers play an important role in increasing brand exposure and ensuring that the product reaches the proper target group. Influencers are now seen as the new generation of thought-leaders and industry experts who have a big impact on the reputation of a company.

Influencers’ online campaigns and communications have a greater likelihood of success since they help spread the word about a brand’s website, products, and services to their followers. Influencer marketing is expected to peak in FY2022 and continue to have a significant influence in the years ahead. Another critical factor that might determine success or failure is targeting the proper influencers.

The year 2022 will be one of transformation.  As time goes on, the public relations business will play a critical role in cultivating a network of brand champions. PR firms must be adaptable enough to redefine themselves with services tailored to the challenges of the modern generation.

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