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Dr. Anuj Choudhary founder of Animal Booster Nutrition, Anihac Pharma and Anihac Movies did his schooling from Government Senior Secondary School of Boys, Janakpuri, New Delhi and did his graduation in medical science (Pharmacy) from Aditya Institute. He pursued his graduate degree in B.Sc. (Diet and Nutrition) and Post Graduation in M.Sc. (Diet and Nutrition) and also has a PHD degree in Sports Science. He was always crazy about bodybuilding and has participated and judged many bodybuilding competitions which led to his appointment as a coach of the Indian Body Building Federation (IBBF). He has won the Healthcare Leader Worldwide owning the 5th Rank beating almost more than 50 competitors and recently he got the “Atal Yuva Award 2020” and many more in India and International.

The situation in the world seems a bit upside down and the reason behind this is Coronavirus. Due to this global pandemic of Covid19, our lives in dire straits. It has never been so difficult for any country to fight with anything, but this is deteriorating. It has been four months since we all are dealing with this virus. Taking all the precautions of social distancing by staying at home in lockdown.

Dealing with this Covid19 can be hard and overwhelming, you can also feel stressed and anxious by staying home for months. This whole situation and being locked in homes is frustrating and people are being very slothful. But you can always make things work out better even in the lockdown, this is the best time you can take a break from your rushing lifestyle and focus on self-care. Being at home made us all out of our daily routine, we need to fix our routine even when we are at home. When we follow a daily routine, we feel livelier.

We are now in lockdown and there are chances that it can be extended again for a month or even more than that. This is a daunting being at home for such a long time without any work to do or going outside as we used to. As the COVID-19 has disrupted every human activity, everyone has to adopt the theory of new normal life.

The most essential thing is our health and we need to focus on maintaining it by eating lots of fresh and healthy food. Also, we have to shift on some food items that are even good for our immune system that can build strength.

After focusing on our health, we also need to emphasize on our habits. This is a good time to include something new in our list of learnings. Exploring new things makes us happier and more productive. It can be anything that we want to learn.

Here are some of the 10 things that you can do for taking good care of yourself.

  1. Stay active

We all know that exercising and staying fit is important for both our physical and mental health. You can make this lockdown more worthy by focusing on your fitness by doing the workout. There is a pile of different ways of staying fit, cardio exercising, yoga, and weight training. These are some of the best exercises that you can lose that extra fat. Thanks to YouTube and other fitness apps. There are also other ways of being active in quarantine. There is this idea, do whatever that suits you. Go for a walk on the terrace or do household chores for being active.

  1. Cook healthy dishes

Cooking is the best way you can give yourself a good treat and eating healthy meals can even make you happy. With certain cooking techniques and recipes, you can make healthy yet super tasty dishes for your diet. You can make puddings, homemade healthy pizzas, and oat cookies, banana pancakes and some team healthy smoothies made of fresh fruits.

  1. Spend your time with nature

This situation of the whole pandemic from the last few months is intimidating and it gets worse when you see news of one particular thing that is Covid19. We need to get a break from thinking of Coronavirus and how it is ruined many lives. Being indoors for so long can even make you sick.

Now that the environment is so clean and pollution-free, go out and spend some time in nature. Have your morning tea in your garden or spend your evening time on your terrace. Spending time in nature reduces your stress and also improves your immune system.

  1. Stay connected to your loved ones

When life gives us a harder time than we always need our friends and family around us and this is a panic situation for all, so it would be really good and might be helpful if we keep in touch with our family or friends. People who are not with their family and alone in this lockdown are dealing with this bravely and we should be calm and nice to them. Try to connect through phone calls and video chat. Even social media is the best way to connect with people and share your memories.

  1. Learning new things

Learning a new skill or a hobby can be exciting, but if you have that urge to learn something new and different in this lockdown you are not going to regret this time. There are very good online courses that anyone can opt for. Learning a new language, blog writing course, photography course, art and design course and whatnot. There are many new opportunities that you can explore and learn in this quarantine.

  1. Make a habit of reading

In a recent survey, it has been seen that nearly 31% of people are reading more during the lockdown. At a young age group of (18 -24) almost half (45%) are reading more. If you want to inculcate a habit of reading, you first have to set a time for it. You also have to reduce the time you use electronic gadgets and pick a book or any story that you like, for instance, romantic novels, or mythology books. Having a book partner is also a great way to mark your progress in reading speed. The best time to read it before you go to bed for sleep.

  1. Help in cleaning

This lockdown with family is hectic for your moms! She has to do all the jobs from cleaning the house to cooking meals for the family and she might not ask for help but she would love it if their family members help a little bit. Pick up some jobs that you can do daily like cleaning your room or cleaning utensils. Help in any way is always good.

  1. Turn off the news

This whole Coronavirus thing is making all of us quite stressed out. There is only one thing on the news channel that is Covid19. This made us more negative day by day, so the best is do not watch the news for a while. Instead you can watch a comedy movie or a show to lighten up your mood and divert your mind from the news.

  1. Make time for Zen

Meditation and Yoga are salvage from all the pessimism and anxiety. These times can give you such kind of negativity and meditation is the only way to calm your mind and thoughts that are running in. Take time out of your day just to be with yourself and do meditation at that time. Make sure no one disturbs you when you are sitting in your comfortable position.

  1. Watch a movie

In this quarantine, Netflix and Amazon prime are mostly active applications. You can watch a movie of any genre you like with your family in your living room. There is a great variety of content that is available on Netflix you can pick anything you would like to watch. You can even watch your favourite movies on your friend’s blog with your friends through screen sharing on the zoom app. This can be fun and entertaining for you and others.


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