Saagar Panchal, Founder & CEO, Hireavilla Hospitality Pvt.

Saagar Panchal began Hireavilla Hospitality Pvt ltd at the young age of 21. He commenced this bootstrap start-up with a group of 4 team members initially and endeavoured to revolutionize the vacation home industry in India, they little by little multiplied the growth of the business and expanded its properties to Lonavala, Karjat, Alibaug, Panchgani, Maharashtra, Goa and later onboarded houses from Bali & Sri Lanka to fulfill the Indian client demands. The increase in business was noticeable so well that before 12 months since its start-up – Hireavilla had 300+ bookings and served up to 2000 customers in the first year itself. Now he is been successfully escalating the business from 10k+ bookings to serving more than 100000+ customers in their portfolio of 150+ properties. At present, there are 20 avid millennial team members in this bootstrap start-up which clearly devises Hireavilla millennial friendly.  

Let us turn our attention to the benefits and advantages of SIP-DECT in customer- services oriented hospitality industry. In order to understand how SIP-DECT is beneficial in the Hospitality Industry, we need to know what is SIP-DECT. DECT is Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications and in layman terms, we can understand it as:

DECT is to landline communication what Wi-Fi is to the Internet.

DECT gadgets have the benefit of utilizing their own range. This implies there is NO COMPETITION for the utilization of valuable wireless transmissions among PCs and Wi-Fi gadgets.  Let us understand this by taking up the example of a Hotel. Now a Hotel has a lot of staff which is moving, just consider it. Visitors and clients interact with a variety of hotel staff, from the receptionist to the concierge service, and to the housekeeper who cleans in their room. How to keep all the staff connected and establish effective communication that empowers them to do their jobs more effectively? This is where the benefits and advantages of DECT technology come into action.

The Freedom of Roaming: The employees using the SIP-DECT keeps them reachable and connected all the time no matter if they are in a hotel or a villa or other hospitality premises including the indoors and outdoors areas As a SIP-DECT user, it facilitates an employee with seamless handover between radio cells to provide a seamless connection. To come up with limitless mobility on the property, SIP-DECT handsets use a unique technology to deliver high definition speech quality in environments where radio signals are typically disrupted, such as shipping/receiving areas or underground parking garages.  This eases the communication effort and one can structure the hospitality with strong pillars.

Another favourable benefit of DECT is that the energy required to work is significantly not as much as Wi-Fi. At the end of the day, it is conceivable that DECT can offer you more talk time! Wi-Fi requires more force as it was not initially evolved or planned in light of handsets.

Simple Handset Sharing: Hospitality workers and employees can log in on any authorized registered DECT handset to access their personal user profile – this aids the communication between shift workers so that the current worker will log off and the next shift worker will sign in and continue the work and this way there is no disrupting communication in delivering the hospitality efficaciously and things can be managed with ease

Sleek Messaging Alerts: The SIP-DECT also has a quick and effective messaging system. Its messaging functionality simplifies and accelerates quick communications that do not necessarily require a phone call. For example, maintenance workers can instantly receive message alerts on their respective handsets indicating new issues for repairs, such as a broken air conditioner, or a message for a Grill set-up by the Gazebo or may include any other problem but that can be resolved instantaneously on receiving the message. This is much better than using a mobile phone as there no limit to your talk time and basically it is very cost-effective in the hospitality industry

Crafted For the Rough and Tough Day: You don’t need to delve in your pocket and fumble with the phone to finish a task as these DECT gadgets come with headphone jack and Bluetooth compatibility that gives the user handsfree experience, allowing front desk staff to check with housekeeping or with the concierge services if a visitor’s room is ready while entering their check-in details, for instance. DECT devices are capable of withstanding rough handling and offer scratch-resistant displays hence it is a great opportunity for Millennials to try their hands on these gadgets

Employee Security: In the times of emergency alarm systems can be implied in case of fire or any other mishap. The DECT device users will not only receive the instant notification of the catastrophe but also the exact location of the event and can help you coordinate evacuation and avoid more casualties to happen. Users can initiate an alarm using the emergency call button. And man-down, escape, and no-movement alarms can be automatically set off from the handset

To conclude it in general, the benefits of having SIP-DECT technology in hospitality can establish perfect communication within the employees and the workers and effectively connect hotel staff with:

  • IP-DECT or SIP-based IP-DECT for on-site wireless voice
  • WLAN for on-site wireless voice and data
  • Fixed Mobile Convergence for the integration of remote and mobile devices
  • Mobility Access and Mobile Client solutions Wi-Fi internet access
  • Unified Messaging


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