Bhupen Dubey, Global CEO of Advanta Seeds

In today’s world, we face many challenges, from the effects of climate change to food insecurity. Farmers worldwide face unprecedented difficulties, such as unpredictable droughts and devastating floods. However, we can’t afford to sit around and do nothing. That’s where Advanta Seeds comes in – it’s a global leader in seed technology that’s ready to take on the challenges of climate change and food insecurity. As an integral part of the UPL Group, Advanta Seeds is committed to providing farmers with innovative tools and technologies to navigate the complexities of modern agriculture.

Bhupen Dubey, Global CEO of Advanta Seeds, says, “At Advanta, we understand the challenges that farmers face, such as the ravages of climate change, scarcity of water, and limited access to technology.” These challenges can lead to soil erosion and hunger, which is why Advanta Seeds is pioneering a new era of sustainability by using cutting-edge seed technologies to cultivate climate-smart crops that boast enhanced nutrition, increased productivity, and optimal resource efficiency. The company’s operations span over 80 countries and include a diverse array of crops, including corn, sorghum, sunflower, canola, rice, and vegetables.

Advanta Seeds has a rich legacy of over six decades in plant genetics and is more than just a seed company. It’s a beacon of hope for farmers worldwide. “Our mission is clear: to equip farmers with the tools, technologies, and knowledge needed to thrive sustainably,” says Bhupen Dubey. Advanta Seeds is committed to environmental stewardship and is spearheading collaborative initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote water conservation across all geographies.

Advanta Seeds is driving positive change at every level, from partnering with industry leaders to support farmers in measuring and mitigating their environmental impact to contributing to government-driven programs like the “Zero Carbon Argentine Program.” The company is leading the charge toward a more sustainable future for agriculture by certifying and minimizing the carbon footprint in seed production and pioneering initiatives like the ‘Carbon Zero’ sorghum seeds.

Continuing the Legacy of Innovation

Advanta Seeds, a member of the UPL Group, has a rich agricultural legacy and is committed to sustainable farming and ecological harmony. For over sixty years, Advanta has been known for its excellence in plant genetics, reflecting the mindset of a farmer. Advanta Seeds is not only focused on sowing seeds, but it is also committed to combating climate change and improving global nutrition. “Our mission is to create seed technologies with sustainable actions that fight climate change, add value to farmer lives, and enhance nutrition for the world,” says Bhupen Dubey.

Advanta’s philosophy is based on OpenAg™, an innovative approach to agricultural innovation that transcends borders and encourages global collaboration. Bhupen Dubey affirms, “We believe in ‘Open Access to Agriculture Network Around the Globe’ without limits and borders. This approach allows us to address the current food industry challenges with an open mind and creative solutions to develop faster and better technologies to keep up with the changing scenarios.”

Advanta’s success is due to its collaborative partnerships with world-renowned research institutions such as the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT), HarvestPlus, and the World Vegetable Center. Through these partnerships, Advanta can tailor agricultural solutions to local environments by leveraging the expertise of leading scientists and agronomists. This ensures that farmers have access to seeds optimized for their specific soil and climatic conditions.

Advanta’s strategically located network of research and development (R&D) and breeding sites enables it to conduct rigorous evaluations of genetic traits across diverse geographies. This meticulous approach ensures the production of high-performing seeds and cultivates resilience in the face of environmental stressors, with traits designed to withstand disease, pests, and adverse weather conditions.

Pioneering the Future

Advanta Seeds is passionate about using innovation to improve agriculture. The company has research and development centers all over the world, and they believe that their work is not just a business imperative, but also a moral obligation. Advanta Seeds has developed many proprietary technologies that have improved a wide range of crops, including high oleic sunflower, sub-tropical and tropical corn, sorghum, and canola. One of their most impressive innovations is igrowth®, which is the world’s first commercial herbicide-tolerant technology for sorghum. This technology empowers growers to produce crops while minimizing environmental impact.

“Many farmers do not have access to quality seeds. It is important to work with channel partners to provide access to quality products to all farmers. By providing access to high-quality seeds, we increase food production and farmers’ prosperity. We are collaborating with many research organizations, NGOs, and food value chain partners to develop new products and provide access to the market for farmers,” shares Bhupen Dubey. Advanta Seeds has gained recognition from the World Benchmarking Alliance in the Access to Seed Index sustainability ranking for its exceptional efforts. The company was named the fifth best in the world in the Access to Seeds Index 2019 for contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals by providing access to quality seeds and enhancing the productivity of smallholder farmers. In the latest Access to Seeds Index 2021, Advanta Seeds was ranked second in South and Southeast Asia and fourth in West Central Africa, Southern and East Africa for their remarkable contributions.

Advanta Seeds is dedicated to addressing pressing challenges such as food and nutrition security and climate change. They invest in climate-smart crops like sorghum and high oleic sunflower and embrace innovative technologies such as precision agriculture, drone technology, artificial intelligence, and data-driven farming to achieve a more sustainable and resilient future. “The key to the future is innovation and the appropriate use of science and technology to meet the growing food demand. The way forward is sustainable and innovative agriculture,” concludes Bhupen Dubey. Advanta Seeds’ commitment to innovation in agriculture has never been stronger. They are ready to lead the charge toward a brighter tomorrow by unlocking the potential of agriculture and making it accessible to all farmers.

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