Omar Hammoud, President & CEO of APG-Neuros

In 2005, APG-Neuros embarked on a transformative journey with a clear mission — to revolutionize the wastewater treatment sector. Founded by Omar Hammoud, whose 25 years of experience in aerospace laid the foundation for groundbreaking endeavors, the company introduced high-speed and high-efficiency Turbo Blower technology to redefine the norms of the industry.

“The wastewater treatment sector was at a crossroads, and we saw an opportunity to bring cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions into the picture,” reflects Omar Hammoud, President & CEO of APG-Neuros. His vision was not just to create a company but to pioneer a shift in the paradigm of wastewater treatment.

The inaugural Turbo Blower, launched in Quebec, Canada, in 2006, marked the beginning of a trajectory that would reshape wastewater treatment practices. “It wasn’t just about introducing a product; it was about setting a new standard for efficiency and sustainability in our industry,” notes Hammoud. By 2010, APG-Neuros had established a manufacturing facility in Plattsburgh, New York, adhering to the Buy American Act. This strategic move strengthened local presence and set the stage for global impact.

Today, with over 700 operational installations in municipal and industrial sectors, encompassing more than 1700 Turbo Blower units, APG-Neuros stands as a pioneer in wastewater treatment. “Our success is not just measured in numbers; it’s about the positive impact we’re making on the environment and the communities we serve,” Hammoud emphasizes.

As the journey progressed, APG-Neuros embraced a commitment to continuous innovation. The company’s forward-thinking approach was fueled by customer recognition and the need to assist in achieving climate action goals. Inspired by the trust placed in their innovations, APG-Neuros expanded its product offerings. “Our customers drove us to go beyond the expected. They wanted more sustainable solutions, and we were ready to deliver,” says Hammoud.

The incorporation of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence into process optimization not only reduced energy consumption but also ensured operational stability. “We believe in the power of technology to drive positive change. It’s not just about the products; it’s about how we can enhance the entire wastewater treatment process,” Hammoud states.

One standout addition to the product line was the utilization of Biogas, a by-product of the treatment process, as an alternative energy source. “We wanted to go beyond conventional energy sources. Biogas offered a sustainable and innovative solution,” explains Hammoud. APG-Neuros empowered its customers to reach energy neutrality by saving over 80% of their energy consumption. This was achieved through a combination of high-efficiency products, smart process optimization, and the ingenious use of Biogas.

Advancing Technology for Sustainable Solutions

As we explore the features and advantages that distinguish APG-Neuros turbo blowers from traditional alternatives, it becomes evident that the company’s commitment to innovation extends across various facets of its offerings.

From diffusers to blowers ranging from 30HP to 3000HP, APG-Neuros ensures a comprehensive approach to aeration system design and supply. This holistic perspective allows for a seamless integration of components, optimizing the overall efficiency of the wastewater treatment process.

One of APG-Neuros’s key differentiators is its in-house expertise in wastewater treatment (WWT) process simulation. This knowledge enables the company to tailor solutions that are not just effective but also aligned with the unique requirements of different treatment processes.

APG-Neuros is not only skilled in product design but also in mechanical and electrical installation design. The company develops detailed installation layouts, including pipes, valves, and instruments, supported by 3D and airflow simulation models. This meticulous approach ensures a seamless and efficient implementation of their solutions.

In the realm of control and automation, APG-Neuros takes the lead with advanced aeration control modeling and operation driven by Artificial Intelligence. Their commitment to excellence extends to integrating controls with other manufacturers’ products and technologies, providing clients with a versatile and adaptable solution.

The dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in APG-Neuros’s robust customer support and field services. With remote monitoring for rapid response (achieving a response time of less than 30 minutes, 24/7), a team of over 14 service engineers and technicians, and three life cycle regional managers strategically positioned, the company ensures ongoing support throughout the product lifecycle.

Hammoud emphasizes the pivotal role of innovation in the company’s trajectory. “Innovation is the key driver for continued progress,” he asserts. A commitment to efficiency, reliability, and affordability has marked the company’s evolution. This commitment, Hammoud notes, has the power to transform an entire industry, inspiring every member to achieve great accomplishments.

Without innovation, industries risk complacency, and companies may falter under the weight of outdated practices. Under Hammoud’s leadership, APG-Neuros has consistently pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in wastewater treatment technology. The result is not just a suite of products but a catalyst for positive change, offering municipalities substantial cost reductions, energy savings, footprint efficiency, and a myriad of other benefits.

Empowering Efficiency and Flexibility

A cornerstone of APG-Neuros’s approach is the integration of cutting-edge technologies into its products. The company optimizes energy efficiency by incorporating state-of-the-art components, sensors, and control systems while enhancing overall performance. “Innovation is not just about what we add but what we remove. We strip away inefficiencies to create solutions that redefine what’s possible,” shares Omar Hammoud.

Recognizing the uniqueness of each customer’s operational requirements, APG-Neuros offers tailored solutions. “Our clients are partners in progress. We tailor solutions that don’t just meet their needs but anticipate them,” adds Hammoud. Through close collaboration with clients, the company devises energy-efficient systems that align precisely with their goals, fostering a relationship built on understanding and responsiveness.

To initiate the journey towards energy efficiency, APG-Neuros conducts thorough energy audits and operational assessments. By meticulously analyzing existing infrastructure, the company identifies areas for improvement and provides recommendations that enhance energy efficiency and operational flexibility.

“Understanding where you are is the first step to getting where you want to be. Our assessments pave the way for transformative change,” opines Hammoud. Empowering customers is at the heart of APG-Neuros’s philosophy. Through comprehensive training programs, clients are equipped with the knowledge required for the optimal use and maintenance of the products. This not only ensures efficient operation but also extends the overall lifespan of the equipment.

The company’s commitment doesn’t conclude with installation. APG-Neuros implements remote monitoring systems for real-time energy consumption tracking and system performance. This data serves as the foundation for informed adjustments and optimizations, ensuring ongoing efficiency throughout the product lifecycle. Conversely, incorporating adaptive control systems in APG-Neuros products enhances operational flexibility. These systems respond dynamically to changing operational conditions, allowing customers to optimize processes based on varying demands and conditions.

“Flexibility is not just a feature; it’s a necessity. Our systems adapt to meet the challenges of a dynamic environment,” says Hammoud. Staying ahead of energy efficiency standards and regulatory requirements, APG-Neuros ensures its products comply with industry guidelines. This proactive approach not only helps customers meet regulatory benchmarks but often exceeds them.

In a bid to further reduce energy consumption in wastewater secondary treatment, APG-Neuros has introduced model predictive control for activated sludge aeration and solid retention time (SRT). Leveraging advanced and cost-effective machine learning (ML) software, the company actively determines dissolved oxygen targets in each aerated zone. This ensures compliance with discharge permit requirements while minimizing air supply from blowers and reducing operator involvement.

“Innovation is not just about the present; it’s about shaping a sustainable future. We’re not just reducing energy; we’re transforming how it’s used,” explains Hammoud. The software also optimizes SRT and sludge quality, effectively increasing plant capacity. Equipped with a single-user interface, the control system harmonizes aeration valves and blowers, minimizing installation costs through its integrated design.

Global Market Presence

Looking at APG-Neuros’s global market presence and manufacturing practices, it’s evident that the company’s success is not confined to a specific region but extends across continents.  APG-Neuros has established a substantial global footprint with over 1700 units installed in North America and Europe and a remarkable 6,000 units worldwide. The company’s primary markets include North America, with a significant presence in the United States, specifically in California and Texas. European markets, including the United Kingdom and the Middle East, have also witnessed notable success. Furthermore, APG-Neuros is actively expanding its presence in South America. The company’s strategy involves further international expansion in Europe and the Middle East with its existing product line and an entry into the Asian market with its new innovative products. Notably, APG-Neuros expresses its adaptability, stating that it can tailor its products to suit any region globally.

“Our success is a testament to the universal need for sustainable wastewater treatment solutions. We are committed to meeting the unique challenges of diverse regions across the globe,” says Omar Hammoud. Maintaining high standards in manufacturing and testing is a cornerstone of APG-Neuros’s operational philosophy. The company operates manufacturing facilities in Quebec, Canada, and Plattsburgh, NY, USA. APG-Neuros products are internationally certified by UL, CSA, and CE, demonstrating compliance with stringent safety, quality, and reliability standards. The company distinguishes itself by meeting UL Certification requirements, which are considered more rigorous than certifications from competitors such as TUV or ETL. Hammoud adds, “Certification is not just a badge; it’s a commitment to delivering products that surpass expectations. Our dedication to quality sets us apart.”

A Vision for Evolution and Sustainability

Looking ahead, APG-Neuros has a groundbreaking project in its final stages of production and testing—the Gas Turbine Turbo Blower. Set to be delivered to its first customers by the end of 2024, this innovative solution promises several advantages over traditional electric blowers. Upcoming installations for the Gas Turbine include locations in Cincinnati, Ohio; Merced, CA; Eastern MWRD, CA; Flint, MI; and Linden, MI.

“The Gas Turbine Turbo Blower represents a leap forward in efficiency, sustainability, and reliability. It’s not just a product; it’s a solution for the future,” shares Hammoud. In the coming years, APG-Neuros aims to solidify its position as a market leader by embracing emerging technologies and enhancing sustainability practices. The company envisions playing a pivotal role in shaping industry trends, contributing to advancements in the sector, and maintaining a customer-centric focus. The commitment to positive impact and enduring success underscores APG-Neuros’s forward-looking approach.

“Innovation is not just about staying ahead; it’s about leading the way. We envision being at the forefront of positive change in the wastewater treatment industry,” pinpoints Hammoud. APG-Neuros is actively contributing to sustainable practices through a multi-faceted approach. The company prioritizes the development and utilization of environmentally friendly technologies in its products and services. This includes incorporating energy-efficient systems, using materials with reduced environmental impact, and adhering to eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

“Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in every aspect of our operations. From product design to manufacturing, we strive to impact the environment positively,” says Hammoud. The commitment to sustainability extends to corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives to minimize the environmental footprint associated with the company’s products.

APG-Neuros is actively engaged in several key efforts, including sustainable sourcing, the development of energy-efficient products, carbon footprint reduction measures, community engagement in environmental projects, comprehensive product lifecycle assessments, compliance with environmental standards, and ongoing employee education and involvement in sustainability initiatives. “Our commitment to the environment goes beyond compliance; it’s a responsibility we embrace. We believe in making a positive impact on the world around us,” concludes Hammoud.

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