Jennifer Flynn, Founder and President, The Balance Maven®

Jennifer Flynn is the Founder and President of The Balance Maven®, a business and lifestyle company that offers intuitive and strategic guidance to spiritually aligned, service-based business owners. Her company serves those who have woken up to their soul’s ambition and seek to expand a business that stokes their passion and operates as a vehicle for the impact they want to create and a life they love to live.

Jennifer’s journey began with being her own leader, as she realized that you have to know and lead yourself before you can lead others. Her career started in consulting as a coach under another leader’s umbrella, which solidified for her the difference she wanted to make and who she wanted to make it for. “I am deeply passionate about entrepreneurship. I believe that a business can be a vehicle for an individual to answer their soul’s calling and create a life they love living,” shares Jennifer.

Finding the Balance

Jennifer initially struggled with the concept of niching down while pursuing her coaching certification. However, she realized that her own struggles with balance in her personal and professional life were a leading edge for her coaching. After asking the universe for input, the name “The Balance Maven®” came to her, and it felt like the essence of the work she would do.

The company has evolved to focus on finding balance in various areas of life, including business, personal life, masculine and feminine energy, spirituality and more. The journey has not always been easy, but it has cultivated a deep faith and trust in herself. Overall, Jennifer strives to help her clients find balance in their own soulful essence and create a vehicle by which they can make it real and feel fully and unapologetically expressed.

Jennifer soaked up all she could from those she was blessed to work with and set out on her own to have the ultimate freedom in creativity, collaboration, and income by allowing her passions and soul’s calling to lead the way. She listened deeply, got clear, and acted even through fear. Over the last decade, she is always in the process of pivoting toward her greatest calling.

“Several years ago, I rebranded my business to really showcase my particular talents and skills and what aspects my clients had come to love most. It allowed the most authentic version of myself to come forth regarding my intuitive gifts,” says Jennifer. As the Founder and President of The Balance Maven®, Jennifer is committed to providing her clients with the guidance and support they need to achieve success in their personal and professional lives while staying true to their spiritual alignment. Her work is a testament to her commitment to helping others live their best lives while making a positive impact on the world.

Helping Entrepreneurs to Find the Purpose

Jennifer’s work is all about helping entrepreneurs achieve personal and professional fulfillment. Her goal is to help them ‘have their cake and eat it too’, by living a life both IN purpose and ON purpose. “I help entrepreneurs tap into their unique soul’s ambition and purpose and build a business that is a vehicle for their unique expression. It allows the entrepreneur to be fully evoked and alive while also manifesting a business that aligns with their values and mission,” explains Jennifer.

Jennifer understands that building a successful business is not only about making money or achieving status but about creating a life of purpose and fulfillment. By focusing on the individual’s unique gifts and passions, Jennifer helps her clients create a business that is truly aligned with their divine purpose. She provides them with the guidance and support they need to navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship while staying true to their spiritual alignment.

To determine the coaching needs of clients, Jennifer hosts a complimentary call to connect and understand their needs. Her signature program includes a private intensive session where she outlines the path for their business, followed by a 12-month experience that provides a blend of 1:1 support, educational retreats, and group mastermind.

Today, The Balance Maven® offers a range of programs and experiences such as Alchemy of Soul™, Alchemy of Sales™, and Find Your Fulcrum™, which help clients find their vision, create a heart-centered sales process, and live in purpose on purpose while aligning their business with their unique calling. The company aims to stand out from the crowd by providing bespoke programming that caters to each client’s unique needs and focus on both personal and professional fulfillment.

At The Balance Maven®, all clients sign a participation agreement to maintain the community’s integrity and confidentiality. Alongside a strong support system within the community, Jennifer provides a judgment-free safe space for clients to develop and listen for their own internal wisdom and help them create a container for their greatest impact and ensure that they stay aligned with their passions and interests. This ensures that as business owners they feel fully empowered. She explains, “I meet all of my clients where they are and create strategies that reflect what resonates with their natural gifts, talents, and working style and ensure that we never use a cookie-cutter approach or try to force them into boxes based on ‘shoulds’ or what the outside world may dictate as ‘best business practices’. We find what works for each individual and their unique needs and goals so that they always feel like they are being pulled forward by inspired action versus feeling like they are pushing a boulder up a hill.”

The Balance Maven® has shown consistent growth over the years, with new members who are the right fit for the community joining year-round. “As the owner of the company, I prioritize providing high-touch service to our clients and keeping our numbers intimate to ensure that everyone feels seen, heard, and supported. I am highly selective about the clients we work with to maintain a safe and sacred space for our community of like-minded and advancing thought-leading peers, to ensure success of not only the individuals but the tribe as a whole” shares Jennifer.

However, as a coach, much like those she serves, Jennifer is not a stranger to the various challenges, including balancing her commitment to her clients and family with her aspirations for her own company’s growth. One of the main challenges she is always highly aware of and committed to is staying true to her values while also meeting the diverse needs of her clients. To overcome these challenges, Jennifer focuses on continuous self-reflection, growth, and mentorship.

Redefining the Future

Jennifer believes that there is significant power in feminine energy, and she acknowledges the risk of falling victim to gender competition. She encourages individuals to embrace their most authentic selves, turn down the volume of the outside world and to listen for the small but powerful voice of their inner wisdom, trusting that they will be guided to the right path. “We all need to remember, it’s not those who are qualified who get called, but those who are called who become qualified. Every day and in every way, we are being invited to that qualification process. Opportunities arise when we tune in to that inner voice and follow through by following the breadcrumbs, even if it means taking risks or doing it scared. We also need both masculine and feminine energy in a dynamic state of partnership. The world needs all of our unique talent and abilities. It needs our balance,” pinpoints Jennifer.

Currently, Jennifer offers a range of online programming and events to serve her clients. In the future, she plans to expand with more live/virtual and in-person events and programming that will help entrepreneurs navigate the challenges and stages of building a soul and passion-led business while staying aligned with their soul’s ambition. “The programs will focus not only on practical strategies but also on the inner dialogue and experience necessary for building a business that reflects the entrepreneur’s most authentic self,” shares Jennifer.

Jennifer aims to help her clients build a business that is in harmony with their innermost values and passions. Her commitment to helping entrepreneurs achieve personal and professional fulfillment is truly inspiring. Through her work with The Balance Maven®, she is making a positive impact on the world by empowering others to live their best lives and make a difference in their communities.

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