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The investment industry has not worked well in terms of gaining the public’s interest. The industry has not leveraged technology to even the playing field between the rich and the middle class. Most often, investors are misguided by the sales agents into buying products that are not good for them. The users on the other hand, due to lack of proper financial education materials and sources, do not educate themselves on the financial products that they are planning to buy/invest.

This is where Cube Wealth steps in. Cube Wealth is a simple wealth creation service that is aimed at busy professionals who do not have the time or skills to invest by themselves. Cube guides investors on the right path and provides the best possible market options for them to park their hard-earned money. Usually, a new investor must wade through a lot of financial jargon and complicated documentation to start investing. On top of that new investors are often forced to pick their own mutual funds based on hearsay or unreliable advice. Cube Wealth offers a simple app with a beautiful UI. This makes it easy for even a complete novice to start investing in a few clicks. Cube takes the onus of choosing from over 17000 mutual funds away from the user. In a few taps, Cube’s recommendation-engine suggests the best investment options for a user based on their risk appetite, time frame and budget.

Satyen Kothari, Founder, Cube Wealth

COVID-19 & the lockdown that followed have made a solid case for digital payments and transactions. The old wealth management world required physically meeting advisors or setting up calls for even the smallest of things from opening an account to getting top quality advice. Cube Wealth allows users to view and access their portfolio, upcoming payments etc. easily. In addition, the Cube Wealth app offers in-app chat so users can ask questions on the fly. Today thanks to Cube users can invest in international mutual funds, alternative assets, US Equities & more without leaving the comfort of home.

Cube Wealth gets its name from 2 facts – that there are many dimensions when it comes to investing and many aspects, just like the many faces of a Cube and the value of Cube in mathematics, where cube means raise to 3, a very powerful compounding function. With Cube’s Perfect Portfolio, amazing assets, and personalized service from Wealth Coaches, an investor has a shot at compounding their money to great wealth.

Cube offers education, investment options, access to great advisors who were only available to the ultra-rich in the past, and personalized service. Cube’s Investment options go well beyond mutual funds. They include equity advisory, Indian & international mutual funds, lending money to merchants, digital gold, US equities, and P2P. Moreover, all stock and mutual fund options have great advisors from the real world associated with them. These advisors have track records of over 10 years and have beaten the market by wide margins in their careers. Cube also offers financial analysis, mutual fund & stock portfolio analysis along with specialized Wealth Coaches who help users build a Perfect Portfolio.

Cube is aimed at the busy professional. Someone who is intelligent. Earns well. And is responsible enough to care for their future and for a better future for their families. It is NOT meant for those who prefer to research investing on their own and go over graphs, data, and ratios of various assets every day. Our expert partner advisors do this every day for our users, and frankly, are a lot better than the average individual user at doing this. As is proven by their long track record of success.

Cube Wealth believes that education is step 1 in the journey to great wealth. Since only an investor that understands the core concepts of investing can be disciplined enough to achieve great wealth. The Cube Wealth Blog covers a host of popular investment-related topics. “We’ve also recently launched the Cube Wealth Forum where people can post investment-related questions and get answers from financial experts & Wealth Coaches. Another way Cube Wealth is driving financial literacy is through The Cube Wealth Show on YouTube – where all popular investment-related topics are turned into concise short videos. Inside the app itself, we have guides such as Perfect Portfolio that users can review to understand how to invest. Our Quick SIPs for MF gently teaches users of risk and reward even in mutual funds. And we just conducted a 2-day wealth webinar with 4 expert speakers in TED-style for our users,” says Satyen Kothari, Founder, Cube Wealth.

Cube Wealth Team

Cube’s senior team has over 100 years of cumulative experience across the world in the areas of technology, product, UI, sales, marketing, finance. For instance, Satyen, the founder, has started 4 prior ventures including Citrus Pay. He has the experience to handle billions of dollars of customer transactions.

Some of Cube Wealth’s esteemed clients include founders & senior professionals from organizations like Deloitte, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, Uber, EY, Cars24 and Nestle

“Following through our mission, we have helped all our clients build a Perfect Portfolio with quality assets. As a result, even in the Feb/March market drop of -28% for the Nifty, many of our client portfolios were in the positive! Cube is a product and tech-led company. We like to build, and we take our user’s money seriously. So, we build responsibly. We keep polishing our services so that our clients can improve their understanding of their investment risk profile. We build smart solutions that can guide users towards lifestyle mapped investing,” adds Satyen.

Cube Wealth is on its unwavering mission to offer proper guidance to the millions of hard-working, honest, busy, middle-class Indians that deserve to grow incredibly wealthy in the next 20 years.

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