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Amidst the age of perpetual digital evolution and the post-pandemic challenges, Marketers are too caught up in the race with new marketing technologies. In the vicious cycle of getting and delivering work, we are often unable to step back or tap into our business strengths, while optimising them towards a path of growth and success. A lot has changed in marketing trends; so we combed through data and reports to compile a list of 2021 marketing trends to keep an eye on. 


With technology seeping into all aspects of our life through the palm of our hands, the fifth generation of mobile technology, also known as 5G, is perhaps one of the essential technologies in 2020 for a world obsessed with smartphones. This upgrade will usher in a new era of digital communications, with repercussions felt across the board. Simultaneously, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are practical tools. The end-customer has vivid experiences from these technologies, because they connect with them on an emotional and tactile level. Brands are delivering tours and developing interactive 3D models for users by building AR and VR experiences.

Content: Transparency And Sincerity

Refined postings and managed aesthetics may decline as consumers demand greater authenticity from the brands they follow. Consumers desire a behind-the-scenes look at firms and a sense of human connection. 90% of consumers are eager to reward a brand with a purchase if it is legitimate. Design your content to go digital; adapt it to suit the varied platforms available online. The information exchange both locally and globally is happening at a rate which is hard to fathom. In this era, not taking advantage of this window to both learn as well as share knowledge, is almost futile. 

Dynamic Content: Video Marketing 

For the next 5 years, video marketing is unlikely to fall out of favour. This is because it is the most popular method for buyers to learn about new products. This isn’t restricted to YouTube; video marketing can be used in various ways to increase engagement.

User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is frequently in the form of spoken video testimonials. Real or fictitious consumers speak directly to the camera and expand on product benefits or demonstrate how to use the product. This is frequently used in B2C businesses.

Visual Search

When a user uploads a photo to search, visual search makes it easier to get particular results. It elevates the user experience to new heights. Marketers can thus capitalize on the visual search trend to gain an advantage over their competition.

Social Messaging

While certain social media platforms are best for communicating with friends and family, others, like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, are increasingly being used by company owners for networking. Marketers will almost certainly employ these social messaging platforms in the next few years to help them communicate with their target audiences while also networking with other businesses.

Brand Hygiene

Particularly in a post-pandemic world, Online presence is a must. Even brands who had not considered digital presence have now moved to websites, e-commerce and even digital launches and E- fashion shows. With this trend to go digital, Basic digital hygiene is of utmost importance. SEO, Websites, Collaterals, Google Analytics are all tools that one cannot do without. 

In today’s plethora of information overload, finding domain-specific news becomes a challenge. Moreover, in an era, where magazines, e-zines, blogs and newsletters are increasing in numbers by the day, the real challenge is to distinguish between collateral that is primarily market-driven from what is authentic, meaningful and genuinely adds value/ information to the world of mass news. Pick your battles, or rather tools, wisely: Going online has the merits that extend just beyond connecting to large audiences. Picking and investing in the right tools is what makes all the difference. Sometimes an online mailer helps facilitates information flow, knowledge-sharing, brand recall, and promoting visibility whilst establishing the bridge between internal and external communications. In another situation, it could be only Instagram or only LinkedIn that would help in building thought leadership for the brand, and encouraging sales simultaneously. Pick tools that are cost-effective and not resource-intensive. 

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