Hamza Chhatrisa, COO & Co-Founder, DAB of India

Hamza Chhatrisa is an industrious alumnus of Rizvi Institute of Management Studies & Research, an esteemed institution in the Mumbai University circles. He graduated with a Master’s degree in Management Studies and soon curated a unique, impressive mix of industry experience in digital marketing. Before he co-founded DAB of India, which was relatively earlier in his life than most bootstrapped entrepreneurs, he had already tasted incredible success as a digital marketing expert. He has worked with brands like Lodha Group, Rustomjee Life Spaces, Dosti Realty, VIBGYOR Group of Schools and many more. A part of his role at DAB of India involves nurturing cross-functional teams and creating a thoroughly inspired community that delivers enhanced results, a mark that differentiates the work rolled out by his team at DAB. Hamza’s life is an interesting mix of his Bombaiya roots cultured into Pune’s growth dynamic.


As the world emerges from COVID-19, people in all levels of business realize that the old ways of attracting customers and closing deals don’t work anymore. The Internet has introduced an additional dimension in the way people make choices. To develop a need to extend the “4Ps” of marketing to 7, to include people, process, and physical evidence. It would be best to say that in order to thrive and survive in the present business landscape, one requires a good grasp of digital marketing principles and practices. There is a realization amongst Companies & Brands that an enormous chunk of their marketing budgets needs to be channelized towards creating effective digital marketing plans and strategies which shall bring them more customers and revenue.

The ever-evolving digital marketing field demands innovative ideas and solutions to promote products and services online. However, it doesn’t take an army of creative people and resources to run a successful digital marketing campaign, one only requires a clear understanding of the key elements of running a successful digital marketing campaign. Below mentioned are the key points to consider while strategizing or planning for a digital marketing campaign.

Defining Goals

The main goal of any business in today’s era is to boost their sales and revenue. But it’s very important to know the right methods to achieve your destination faster. One must categorically decide if their digital marketing campaign should be planned to get more leads, to promote a new or existing product/service or to increase the overall brand presence in the existing or new market. These are all just different paths that will lead to the same result, so one must first choose which is the most appropriate for them. 

Identifying Buyer Personas

If one has a clear understanding of the persona of the target audience it’s much easier to develop content that speaks to the ideal buyer and meets his requirements   Buyer personas refine your digital marketing efforts. They help the marketing team allocate resources, attract leads, and understand what drives people to make purchases. This step will give you a clear understanding of the buyer’s needs which in turn shall help you curate content and come up with topics which shall be more relatable to the customer.

Web Design

All your digital marketing efforts require a strong website to back it up. Your website is a powerful element of your marketing strategy and should form the backbone of all your online and offline marketing. Having a responsive website and an online presence is non-negotiable.

On an average, a user would expect a load time of three seconds after which he will leave the site. Users expect your website to have an easy navigation, filled with relevant and engaging content and ensure a smooth experience from the very first click, so in short you must be familiar with the principles of good website design to get the digital campaign right. 


After having put a lot of effort into developing a website, it’s imperative that it gets discovered by the target audience when they put in a search query. This activity in order to be done requires the website to be SEO full proof. SEO is the process of improving the search ability of the website on Google using various on page, off page and technical SEO ways.

There are many ways like quality content, improving user experience, link building to rank the website in potential keywords so that it has a higher chance of ranking on SERP results. SEO gives your website the best chance of being discovered by the right audience. 

Content Marketing

Content marketing is all about storytelling. Our attention will always go to those who tell great stories. Also, in today’s digitized environment, consumers are well informed and have many resources to quench answers for their questions and doubts. 

The audience is always looking for high-quality content and that’s exactly what one should provide with their digital marketing campaign. Customers don’t appreciate brands that’s only focused on selling. They highly appreciate brands that educate them about the product more rather than hard selling. Thereby, the only way to nurture the brand customer relationship is to present them with opportunities to understand better about the product using informative content, compelling topics that make them feel connected. 

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a space where you can delight your customers with unexpectedly exceptional customer service, better product / service knowledge. Digital marketing campaigns, when planned, keeping the social space in mind boost brand awareness, add credibility and thought leadership to the entire campaign.

Every Industry has an advantage over a certain social media platform which should be capitalized to its maximum potential in order to reach a good audience strength. For FMCG, F&B, Fashion Instagram as a platform would work wonders but that same wouldn’t be true for B2B, Manufacturing brands, for them LinkedIn would be a much apt platform to capitalize on. 

Email Marketing

Sending email to your target audience is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic, engagement and conversion. It’s a brilliant method to keep in touch with your audience and let them know what you’re up to, making it one of the key elements of a successful marketing campaign.

However, keep in mind that timing and frequency are one of the most crucial factors. Sending a few random emails every now and then is not a productive method and it won’t get you the results you’re expecting. Make a smart content and trigger-based email plan to make sure your email marketing efforts get you the most advantage in running a successful digital marketing campaign. 

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay per click marketing presents a significant opportunity for digital marketers to grow their traffic and conversion metrics. It helps you gain the much-needed exposure and get seen by the right audience. The great advantage of PPC advertising is that you can target audiences of a particular demographic, location, behavior based on their purchase / media consumption habits. What’s even better is you only pay when someone clicks on the ad, making it the most lucrative element of a successful digital marketing campaign.

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