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A quote on the internet says, “Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life; it’s about what you inspire others to do.” Driving inspiration from this quote, some people choose a path to success in which they walk towards success while taking others along with them. That is what Mr. Kuldeep Singh, a network marketing entrepreneur, and a business coach, has been doing. A 37-year-old simple man with big dreams, Mr. Kuldeep, comes from Shyampur Jatt (a small village near Hapur), Uttar Pradesh. He always wanted to shift to Delhi and live a different life than his hometown.


Environmental concern is gaining importance among people at a breakneck pace. The negative impacts of the harmful activities done by humans have started manifesting themselves in the worst forms, thus posing a threat to the existence of humankind. 

Businesses nowadays are trying to be as eco-friendly as possible. Entrepreneurs are also looking for ways to conduct their daily activities as environmentally friendly as possible. 

The concept of eco-friendly businesses or green businesses has gained a lot of importance, considering the environmental deterioration that has taken place and is taking place. Green businesses commit to environmental protection and an environmentally sustainable future. 

Here is a list of some environment-friendly business ideas that entrepreneurs are adopting in today’s times.

Energy auditing and green consulting

Under this, the businesses are helped to implement the strategies that can help them reduce their carbon footprint. 

Environmental law

Legal services are provided to protect the environment and take legal actions against those who violate environmental laws. 

Cleaning of air ducts

Dust and dirt can very quickly get accumulated in air ducts, thus hampering the ability of the air conditioning system to work correctly. This ultimately increases energy consumption. The eco-friendly small business nowadays ensures regular cleaning of air ducts to reduce energy consumption.

Eco restaurants

Another idea is to open a restaurant that uses only locally sourced foods, sustainable products and processes.

Organic nutritionist

Organic nutritionists help people understand the importance of an organic diet. They help people eat clean, which is better not only for their health but also for our environment. 

Plant delivery service

This is another excellent eco-friendly idea to promote greenery. The idea is to source and delivers plants to people or businesses that will help clean the air around them.

An advertising agency which specialises in green business

With all the new green businesses and initiatives becoming prevalent, they’re going to require someone who knows how to spread the word among the masses about the excellent work that they are doing. For this, advertising is one of the most helpful ways. You could therefore start a green business advertising agency to promote the excellent work being done by people and create awareness. 

Recycled furniture and home goods

This type of business makes use of recycled materials to build furniture and home goods which people use in their everyday lives. The similar idea is to open an antique shop which is into reselling older furniture or refurbishing it and then reselling it.

Eco-friendly kids toys

It is a fantastic eco-friendly small business idea which has a high chance of getting successful. Not everyone knows, but children’s toys use many unsustainable materials. The eco-friendly toys will give parents an environmentally-conscious option for their kids.

Green remodelling

Green remodelling is a great green business idea for the handy entrepreneur. This idea involves taking a worn down home and making it something new using sustainable materials and updated appliances that reduce carbon footprints.

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