Hamlet Tunyan, CEO and Founder, RECOM TECHNOLOGIES

Solar energy is becoming increasingly popular as the world looks for sustainable and renewable sources of power. At the forefront of this shift is RECOM TECHNOLOGIES, which specialises in manufacturing solar modules, a crucial component of solar energy systems. With its innovative technologies and commitment to environmental sustainability, RECOM has established itself as a leader in the industry. “Sixteen years ago, upon establishing RECOM, the energy cost was relatively low, and the global efforts to combat climate change were not in full force. However, the idea of using the sun’s energy to enable households, businesses, enterprises, communities, and entire countries to achieve energy independence was a concept that deeply resonated with me. This notion continues to serve as a powerful source of inspiration and motivation, fueling my ongoing commitment to advancing this vision through my work,” says Hamlet Tunyan, CEO and Founder of RECOM TECHNOLOGIES.

The solar industry faces a primary technological challenge: to continuously improve and enhance the efficiency of solar cells and modules. Remarkably, the industry has experienced tremendous success in this regard. Mr. Tunyan opines, “Merely two decades ago, module efficiency sat at a mere 3%. Today, that figure has skyrocketed to over 23,6%, with the potential for continued growth. Over the past twenty years, we have witnessed significant advancements in solar cell technology, progressing from simple thin film technology to PERC, Heterojunction (HJT), and TOP-Con.” Since its inception in 2007, RECOM has experienced growth in its workforce and operational scope. The company strongly emphasises doing things right, with a dedicated commitment to providing high-quality products and services that satisfy the needs and preferences of its customers.

RECOM aims to offer the best possible value for money and consistently delivers exceptional customer service. In its pursuit of achieving a balance between superior quality and fair pricing, the company remains steadfast in upholding the highest standards of integrity in all its business decisions and actions. “Internally, we take pride in being an ethnically diverse, gender-equal organisation that operates as a single, accountable, and respectful team. Externally, we are guided by principles of respect for human rights, labour laws, fair competition, and environmental considerations in our outsourcing, procurement, and end-user decisions,” pinpoints Mr. Tunyan.

Making a Difference

RECOM’s initial focus was on manufacturing solar modules in Asia and distributing them worldwide. In 2015, the company expanded its operations by acquiring a cell manufacturing facility in Padua, Italy, followed by a module manufacturing factory in Lannion, France, in 2017, which was previously owned by German Bosch. This strategic move, combined with RECOM’s continued Asian production, has increased its total annual production capacity to over 2.1 GW. “Our products have been sold in more than 100 countries, resulting in sales of over 3GW,” states Mr. Tunyan.

RECOM is now one of Europe’s largest solar module manufacturers and the only one to be ranked as a Bloomberg Tier 1 company. “Our commitment to excellence has been recognised by the EUPD research institute, which awarded us the TOP PV Brand distinction in France, the USA, MENA, Vietnam, Hungary and Greece. We also produce inverters and batteries and have recently expanded our product portfolio by adding EV chargers to our assortment,” shares Mr. Tunyan. RECOM’s products have helped develop a renewable energy ecosystem, promoting the use of sustainable energy sources in place of fossil fuels.

RECOM is not only a solar module manufacturer but also an independent power producer (IPP) that develops solar projects. “Our experienced project development team offers comprehensive solutions that cover the entire project cycle, from conception to securing power purchase agreements (PPA), financing, and asset management,” explains Mr. Tunyan. Over the past decade, RECOM has developed, supplied modules, and constructed many solar projects globally. The company currently owns and operates solar projects in the United States and Europe, and it has several new projects in the works, including a 1.1GW project in Greece. “Our objective is to develop 20GW of solar projects worldwide within the next five years,” adds Mr. Tunyan.

The Standout Features

RECOM’s dual expertise in manufacturing and project development, along with its Bloomberg Tier 1 bankability distinction, gives the company a distinct advantage in the global renewable market, making it well-positioned to secure funding and attract individual and institutional investors. RECOM’s longevity and success result from its agility, adaptability, and ability to innovate. The company remains committed to providing high-quality services and products to its customers while remaining attentive and responsive to the general public’s social, economic, and environmental needs.

In addition to their manufacturing facility in France and local R&D team, RECOM invests in and collaborates with leading global research institutions and manufacturers to stay at the forefront of technological advances in solar module manufacturing. “Our primary R&D partner is the French institute CEA/INES. We are always ahead of the curve, and we bring to consumers the latest in technology,” shares Mr. Tunyan. RECOM prides itself on bringing the latest technology to consumers and offers six unique technologies, including the Panther series with half-cut cell technology, the Jaguar Tri-Cut, the Puma Shingled technology, the Lion series heterojunction, the Lynx series with N-Type Top-Con. Soon, RECOM will launch the sixth series Black Tiger with N-Type cell technology in conjunction with a rear connection method known as BackContact. RECOM’s philosophy is simple: if the technology exists, it’s available at RECOM.

Achieving Greater Heights

“Solar power plays a crucial role in transitioning to renewable energy sources. Europe’s commitment to phasing out coal and now gas is accelerating the deployment of renewables and driving the clean energy transition forward,” opines Mr. Tunyan. RECOM is also taking steps to strengthen its manufacturing capabilities. The company is in the process of completing its second technology upgrade at its Lannion facility in France. It has plans to establish a 1GW cells and module manufacturing facility in the US. Additionally, RECOM is looking to expand further in Europe with another facility.

Mr. Tunyan shares, “The demand for solar energy is high and is expected to continue growing as governments around the world work towards meeting their carbon-cutting goals. As a result, the solar energy market represents a significant opportunity for growth.” Despite the challenging pandemic period, RECOM has performed exceptionally well over the past years and has achieved its highest turnover demonstrating continuous growth.

A Leader with a Vision

Mr. Tunyan possesses diverse experiences, having been born in one location, grown up in another, and spent his adult life in a third. This unique background has given him a broad perspective on life and fostered a sense of self-reliance. After completing his university education, Mr. Tunyan has demonstrated a strong inclination towards individual entrepreneurship, particularly in emerging and promising fields where he believes he can have a meaningful impact. “I believe I recharge myself as a leader! This process enables me to have the energy to work and remain focused. I see the power of renewable sources and find responsible solutions for RECOM,” states Mr. Tunyan.

It is important to create a culture of collaboration and appreciation within the workplace, according to Mr. Tunyan. Under his leadership, RECOM aims to nurture business strategies that encourage collaboration and ensure everyone’s opinion is solicited and listened to. In addition, RECOM strives to create a healthy workplace and provides employees with learning and development opportunities to support their professional growth. The company also ensures that employees are appropriately compensated, which is essential in maintaining a positive working environment.

Talking about leadership, Mr. Tunyan says, “In leadership, effective communication is crucial. Leaders must deliver clear and concise messages while actively listening to others. Building strong relationships with team members, stakeholders, and customers is also crucial. Leaders should invest time and effort into nurturing these relationships and always approach them with respect and empathy.”

Mr. Tunyan understands the importance of adaptability and flexibility for leaders in today’s rapidly changing business landscape. He advises leaders to embrace continuous learning, encourage team members to do the same, be open to change, and be willing to pivot when necessary. Mr. Tunyan also emphasises the importance of setting high standards, taking on new challenges, and evaluating risks and benefits before making decisions. “Leaders should also promote innovation to gain a competitive advantage. Additionally, they must prioritise ethics, honesty, transparency, and integrity in their actions and communication with stakeholders and team members. This will foster trust and respect from those around them,” concludes Mr. Tunyan.

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