Samir Chabukswar, Founder & CEO, YUJ Designs

Samir Chabukswar, Founder & CEO, YUJ Designs. Founded in 2009, It is one of the Leading User Experience Designs companies headquartered in Pune. YUJ Designs is a global UX Design Agency delivering valuable experiences for humans that impact businesses. with over 25 years of industry experience, Mr Chabukswar, has managed multidisciplinary and global UX teams. His project experience spans over 2000+ user experience design and research projects, which includes consulting to many Fortune 100 companies



User experience (UX) is an important success criterion of your platform, be it an application or a website. Users on a daily basis interact with various platforms and hence are familiar with diverse apps and websites. Platform designing is a key differentiator for businesses. UX design carves the path for good and satisfying user experiences. 

This is the reason why staying well-versed with the recent UX trends and implementing the same in your platform becomes crucial for UX designers. Have a glimpse at some of the future UX design trends that are expected to gain prominence-

UX design to move beyond screens 

UX design is expanding its horizons to bridge the designing gap between physical products and digital systems. 

Passé are the days when UX design was just about designing experiences for screens of digital devices. In the present times, voice recognition and assistants are gaining prominence. These will soon become an integral part of our lives. UX design will move away from screens and will adapt to the advanced technology market as well. 

User experience will become highly commoditized in the future. To cope with such changes, the pace of tech adoption in the UX sector will accelerate significantly. Amongst the plethora of new-age technologies, automation tools will gain popularity in the UX design domain. Technology will bring about changes in the way designers will function and will streamline the designing process. It will eventually set the path for new trends that will be worth vouching for. 

Upskilling and reskilling

Ever since the pandemic came into the picture, the hiring market has witnessed various disruptions. The companies have embraced these strategies to retain their employees and become a much more efficient, resilient workforce. The UX industry is no exception.

The UX designers will be keen to gather new skills and develop competencies to cope with the ever-evolving tech-driven market. Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Machine Learning will pick up the pace, the need of the hour would be for designers to understand these technologies and work with cross-functional teams to create high-end tech-enabled experiences.

 Connected experiences

With the digital revolution of the sector, IoT tech has been rapidly advancing, giving more importance to UX design. It will help customize and personalize the remote experiences so that the users feel closer to the products despite being present in the online world. Hence, connected experiences will be the focus of the UX designers in the times ahead. Developing IoT-based UX solutions will require designers to follow an innovative approach. This will be a major trend to look out for!

Integration of tech and UX

UX will be driven by cutting-edge technologies in the times to come. Technological advancements will pave the way for a promising future of connected experiences. 

Integration of tech with UX will enable UX designers to go beyond connecting digital with physical. This implies that designers will be focusing on connecting people with the brand and delivering thoughtful experiences.  

Responsible design to be the new norm

UX designers possess the power to influence the masses and evoke behavioral changes in certain scenarios. Rising concerns about the rapidly deteriorating environment will make ‘Responsible Design’ the norm in the times to come.

UX designers will be seen collaborating with multi-disciplinary professionals including psychologists, sociologists, policymakers, etc. so that they can provide solutions to help society. Via this association, they would aim at helping the community around them live a life of convenience and comfort. 

Summing Up
UX design is both an art and a science. Hence, designers should work with a holistic approach so that the demands of the clients, the requirements of the businesses, as well as the user’s preferences all are taken into consideration.

To achieve this objective, it is imperative for the designers to keep up with the latest trends, be confident enough to experiment with ideas and implement them. These trends will hopefully guide and prepare them for the future.

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