Rayed Merchant, Director Marketing (Global) & Head Brand Procurement, Ikonic Professional

Mr. Merchant has extensive experience in the Beauty & Cosmetics industry & has been heading SSIZ International, a beauty and Grooming Products Manufacturing and Distribution Company based out of Mumbai for almost two decades now. His professional accomplishment is witnessed through the success of its first private label, Ikonic Professional which is an emerging Indian brand in the hairstyling category. He is responsible for bringing in new gen marketing ideas that are pivotal to the group’s future growth. His deep rooted industry knowledge along with his business expertise has enabled Ikonic Professional to penetrate into global terrains and the group’s private brands across markets. Ikonic Professional is the primary choice for prominent as well as upcoming salon chains. Mr Merchant is aggressively driving qualitative growth both the group as well as closely expanding Ikonic Professional. Ikonic Professional is successfully catering to Indian salon needs while maintaining international quality & durability.


Do you cherish and dote over your majestic mop of hair? Are you one of those who pamper your scalp in the most indulgent of ways? Well, if the answer to any of those queries is a resounding yes, then hair styling tools may be your best friend.

Hair styling is not just a practice of grooming hair but an intricate art that needs absolute creativity. If you consider yourself as one of those unique connoisseurs who like to mold manes in the most eclectic of fashionable shapes, here are five tools that can bolster your hair styling routine:

Hair Straightener

Most may be familiar with this legendary machine, but for the few who are unaware, hair straighteners are the best way to smoothen, even and flatten our tresses to give them a suave and svelte look.  While grabbing a good hair straightener, one needs to ensure its heating capacity is at optimal range in order to receive an efficient and quick straightening experience. Another aspect to keep in mind is copper ceramic technology, a must have in any straightener due to its protective properties that prevents undue damage to hair.

Hair Dryer

Dry dry till your hair is freed! Hair Drying is an essential process in hair styling, they enable our hair to stay intact in the desired style. An ultra-portable hair dryer that boasts of a wide variety of temperature and style settings can prove be quite a useful friend for ones who live and love their hair styles.

Hair Curler

Are you ready for a curl-wind adventure? If you are seeking a refreshing change from your quintessential look, curly hair could be a great way to start! Hair curlers can help us get hair akin to a beautiful beach wave in no time. One just needs to make sure that hair curlers they choose come with pertinent safety settings to prevent any adverse reaction. A product with a quick heat feature may be an added advantage too.

Hair Styler

If you are an ever changing soul whose looks keep transcending according to the latest trends, a hair styler is meant to be your forever companion. Multipurpose hair styler are the ideal purchase since they contain a plethora of variable styling options which makes them very convenient to use as per our style requirements.

Hair straightening brush

The latest entrant in this exciting world of hair styling, straightening brushes can untangle, smoothen and straighten our hair all in one go! Hair straightening brushes are truly a boon in today’s times, as long as we select the perfect match according to our hair type. A great amalgamation of a hair brush and hair straightening machine, these devices can solve a barrage of styling troubles under one nifty roof.

A passion to some, a profession to others, hair styling is incomplete without the right kinds of tools, so, grab these devices today to kick start a wholesome hair styling journey.

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