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If change is the only constant, then technology waits for no one. It is in a continuous state of development and upgrades – no wonder it influences all the existing industries. For instance, we saw rapidly accelerating digital transformation when the pandemic disrupted every organisation’s operations. Remote working became the new norm. Zoom, the video conferencing company, added an unprecedented number of free participants in the first half of 2020, making $328 million in revenue during its February–April quarter. Like Zoom, which became a household name practically overnight, many technology companies thrived during the pandemic while the world expected a shrink in economic growth.

In many ways, 2020 was a turning point for mankind and a boon for business leaders who embraced the latest technologies. Experts believe that in the next decade, we will experience more progress than the last 100 years combined as technology reshapes health and material science, energy, transportation, and a broad range of industries and domains. The emergence of technologies like Augmented Reality (AR), which is expected to grow by a CAGR of 100% in the period 2021–2025 to reach a total revenue of USD 20 billion in 2025, is enough to convince any executive that tech is the go-to choice of the future.

Business leaders much keep an eye on the latest upgrades in technology to make their job easier. The phase of immediate crisis management is over. Now, it is time to lay solid foundations for future innovation and growth. Adopting the latest technology is the best solution. In this issue, we have identified ‘10 Must-Watch Tech Companies – 2022’ that are setting new trends and driving transformational changes across all business segments. On the cover, we feature Corent Technology, a global organisation known for automating some of the most complex, time and labour-consuming Cloud migration, modernisation, and management tasks.

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