Pramod Kathuria, Founder and CEO, Easiloan

Pramod Kathuria is the Founder and CEO of Easiloan, India’s first digital home loan marketplace. A seasoned professional, Pramod is on a quest to bridge the existing gap in the home loan market by building a technology-based customer-centric andinnovative solution. In his current position, Pramod is responsible for charting the company’s business roadmap and overseeing the expansion and fundraising.


In an ever-changing digital environment, industries across the globe are stepping up to innovate and reimagine their consumer experiences, and the home loan industry is no exception. With the emergence of digital lending platforms, the processes that have remained tedious over the years have become more flexible and convenient. Today, one may apply for a home loan with only a few clicks from the comfort of their own home. As per a survey, the global market for digital lending platforms is predicted to increase from USD 5.1 billion in 2018 to USD 12.1 billion in 2023.

Against this backdrop, let’s look at the home loan digitalisation benefits for borrowers.

Saves time by speeding up the loan process

The days when borrowers were required to visit the bank’s branch for every step, from application to disbursement to interest payment and loan termination, are long gone. With the confluence of technology and finance, digital lending platforms are making the lending process quick and convenient. Also, as everything remains online, the application and documentation process becomes hassle-free.

Enables customers with no credit history to get loans conveniently 

In traditional loans, lenders consider the borrower’s credit score before disbursing the loan. Often, applicants with poor credit and low collateral loans are denied loans. However, with the emergence of digital lending processes and the incorporation of alternative credit score information taken into account by Fintech companies, first-time applicants can quickly secure house loans.

Chance to have better privacy and security

When it comes to finances, privacy plays a key role. In the traditional loan process, a person needs to carry the documents whenever they visit a bank. This adds to the risk of a document getting misplaced. This is where the digital home loan is proving to be a game-changer. While applying for a home loan on a digital lending platform, consumers do not have to provide physical copies of their documents, such as bank account statements, address, or ID documents. It’s done through Aadhaar-based e-KYC, which speeds up the verification process while minimising the risk of fraud.

Power remains in the hands of the borrowers

Banks ask borrowers to apply for restructuring in a traditional home loan process, but digital lenders provide financial flexibility to borrowers. With digital home loans, borrowers can easily change payment terms if facing financial turmoil. Borrowers can chat with a representative about the new rates using their loan browser. Unlike the traditional bank’s process, where lenders rule, digital lending puts the borrower in the driver’s seat.

Provide the option to choose from a pool of lenders

Digitisation has made the process of analysing financial institutions for a home loan much smoother. Applicants can use a digital lending platform to compare house loan interest rates charged by various lenders and other terms related to their loans. This enables the borrower to choose the best possible option.


Without question, the digitisation of home loans has made it simple to find loans, select the best option, and apply online. However, with so many financial institutions willing to give immediate digital loans, a customer must be more cautious when selecting a home loan lender.

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