Amol Roy, Founder, Shutter Cast

Amol Roy is the founder of Shutter Cast, a leading digital marketing agency. At the company, he manages the core team, cultivates relationships with clients, generates new business, ideates, and develops crucial technologies. Amol has worked on several start-up ideas since 2014. He has considerable expertise in augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, filming, digital marketing, and video editing. Amol’s familiarity with such a wide range of technologies led him to start a venture where he could capitalise on his talents. Recently, Amol used his talents to create a video production related to travel and technology. It has been viewed nearly a million times on YouTube.


For quite some time now, social media is now at an all-time high. Because of the increased penetration and use of the internet, the pandemic’s spread was hastened even more. Every company, big or small, went digital for survival because it seemed to be the one and only realistic option. Without a doubt, social media has grown in importance over time to be one of the most powerful and critical virtual venues, used not only for connecting but also for digitally promoting a business. Businesses can use these platforms to communicate with a huge number of customers, raise brand awareness, and increase leads and sales.

Let’s look at how successful social media campaigns may help a company to grow two-fold:

Grows customers even with a limited budget

Effective social media strategies are unquestionably one of the most cost-effective ways to sell a brand on the internet. Firms can sell their goods and services more cost-effectively using a variety of tools available on social media platforms. They may get on the path to success by being consistent and posting relevant and relatable content for their audience. This is easily accomplished through the use of SEO, which allows businesses to leverage the most popular keywords to improve their ranks. This also aids in generating traffic to the brands’ social media pages, which leads to customers visiting their websites. As a result, even if their advertising budgets are limited, businesses may develop a strong internet presence.

Allow brands to learn more about their competitors

With practically every other company moving to social media, now is a fantastic time to get to know your competitors better and learn about the techniques they’re doing to attract customers. As a brand, you can examine the information they publish and draw inspiration from it. You may quickly evaluate how to do better than your competitors based on quality research that social media marketing strategies help in conducting.

Creates brand awareness

In order to attract a big number of clients, it’s critical to first build brand awareness, in which potential buyers are well informed of your brand image in the marketplace. This is accomplished by developing creative, engaging, and visually striking content that will catch the attention of every potential client and make them aware of the firm’s presence. Brands may use effective social media marketing to convince their intended audience. Using the right marketing methods, a company’s name will be imprinted on everyone who uses social media networks.


Social media marketing strategies are critical for every brand to survive and prosper in such extraordinary times. If they want to achieve new heights, they must present themselves to a wide number of consumers. Campaigns on social media, which are an important aspect of any digital marketing plan, appear to have a lot of opportunities for generating useful results. As a result, operating a company in this digitally driven era may only be beneficial if brands fully utilize the appropriate tech techniques.

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