R S Maan, Managing Director and Global Chief Revenue Officer, Codleo

RS Maan, who is the Managing Director & Global CRO of Codleo, has been introducing the power of CRM-Salesforce to the corporates in India and North-Eastern USA since 2010. Presently, he heads Codleo with his impressive leadership and business skills that drive sales & improve ROI. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Indraprastha University followed by a Business Marketing Diploma from IIM, Calcutta. He is an occasional reader and prefers reading only Khaled Hosseini’s novels. In his free time, he spends his time playing with his dog, Leo. He finds solace in counseling people around him and hence is always on a quest to build communication and connections.


Technology has emerged to be the backbone for all businesses be it start-ups or brands. In the present times, when the competition is huge and the industry has become time-sensitive, bringing about innovations and adoption of advanced technologies has become the need of the hour. These strategies not only help businesses in upscaling their operations and improving their customer service but also give the firms an edge over the other players in the market.

Understanding that good customer service is another key differentiator and plays a major role in earning revenues, businesses are now inclined towards adopting cloud telephony systems in their operations. The solution enables them to manage and maintain their communication with their customers on the cloud. All it needs is a virtual setup and you will be all set to use this technology for your business!

Cloud telephony helping businesses sail through tough times

The pandemic’s occurrence brought about major disruptions in the market at various levels. Every organization, be it an established brand or start-up venture suffered a huge setback. A cloud telephony system with features of IVR, call recording, and integration with CRM along with virtual numbers is exactly what businesses require during the present unstable times to carry on their operations efficiently and communicate with their customers effectively.

Businesses resorting to cloud telephony

Cloud telephony system comes with a plethora of benefits that have prompted businesses to increasingly adopt the technology in their operations. Have a glimpse at some of the major features that are nudging brands to resort to this new-age solution.

Enables centralized working

The global pandemic crisis has led to social distancing and work from home being the new norms of the modern times lifestyle. In the scenarios of remote working, cloud telephony steps in as a blessing in disguise. The sole reason for this is that working in a remote setup, the demand for centralized access to official data has risen significantly.

The cloud telephony systems offer this very feature and help maintain all the relevant data on the cloud. They also enable simultaneous editing and exchange of information that were saved online. All businesses need today is a cloud telephony system, and a strong internet connection, and they will be able to access the data at any time while residing in any geographical location.

Scalable and state-of-the-art solution

To keep up with the industry trends and to maintain the leading stature, organizations need to have state-of-the-art technologies in their operations. Cloud telephony systems maintained by a third-party service provider are well-equipped with new-age tools and technologies, and help you to function effectively without wasting any resources. It is also a scalable solution and its capacity to take the inbound calls can be increased or decreased as per the workload.

Cloud recording

Cloud telephony comes with the feature of call recording. This helps brands not only to improve their working by gathering customer data and analyzing it, but they can also utilize these recordings to train their employees, to improve their customer service & interaction and resolve their queries and concerns instantly and smoothly.

Cost-effective feature

The cloud telephony solution takes complete control over the phone calls thereby mitigating the need of a human operator or assistant. Its cutting-edge setup reduces infrastructural and maintenance costs, and also deals with ongoing troubleshooting issues. It helps save time, money, and efforts and is one of the most cost-effective solutions present in the market. Hence, it is becoming the go-to solution for businesses to enhance their working.

Flexible solution with integration capacities

Cloud telephony system is flexible and agile, and hence is best suited for any kind of business aiming to survive and thrive in the present times in the market.

Another notable feature of this solution is that it can be integrated with CRM systems and be used optimally to serve the customers better. It also helps in simplifying the lead management process and renders a positive impact on the sales & productivity of the team. On the whole, it contributes majorly to the business’ success and is often the invisible hero of organizations.

Choosing the right cloud telephony provider

Adopting this technology in-house can come with additional costs. Hence, businesses usually prefer outsourcing this technology and its management by onboarding a cloud telephony service provider.

However, one should carefully choose the right brand post thorough analysis of the service level agreement of the provider, capacity to handle bulk calls across location, integration capabilities with CRM or project management tools, security, compliance, and encryption policies of data along with brand reputation also keeping into consideration your budget and requirements.

Cloud telephony surpasses all barriers and works with an aim to cater to the customers’ needs and preferences. In present times, businesses are utilizing the potential of cloud telephony to boost their growth & revenue generation, and also to upscale their operations. Taking care of internal interactions and external communications with customers, the relevance of cloud telephony has increased more than ever before and will continue to rise in the coming times as well.


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