Rahul Goyal, Co-Founder, Relatte

Rahul Goyal is the co-founder of Realatte, one of the leading real estate digital marketing companies in India, which has helped more than 100+ top Real Estate brands in India achieve digital expansion goal. Previously, he held a leadership role in the successful start-up Realty Redefined, which is now acquired by Quickr. He was engaged in driving growth and digitization of large integrated brands, leading the company to scale and establish its presence pan India. His relentless passion for offering high-performance marketing solutions to Real Estate brands advanced him to his next venture Realatte, which he co-founded in 2017. With a background in engineering, Rahul has over 10+ years of substantial experience in full-scale Digital Marketing services. He continues to lead and deliver success stories by strategizing, executing and scaling digital campaigns.


In the past, product and service quality was the sole focus to reach out to customers and win over them. However, it is no secret today that offering top-notch customer experience has become mandatory to achieve tremendous business growth. 

Several contributing factors have forever changed the business landscape all across India. The digitally-empowered, tech-savvy and always connected modern consumer is very demanding today which has led to a burgeoning wave of digital transformation. Today, companies cut across verticals, are investing in digital innovations, utilizing effective technologies and deploying digital strategies to boost customer engagement digitally. 

Moreover, the unprecedented pandemic has brought the spotlight on digital marketing platforms. Customer buying behaviour has undergone a sea change, and they now expect a seamless digital-first experience. As for companies, the cutthroat competition and new market realities have accelerated the digital  adoption among different businesses such as the real estate industry to engage customers, and do it better and faster than competitors. 

Business Digital Transformation Trends

Due to the pandemic-induced business disruption, digital transformation is on an upward trajectory in India. By compulsion or motivation, a large number of established organizations and small businesses have adopted strong measures to digitize processes. 

According to a Dell Technologies report 2020, 94.7% of Indian companies have accelerated digital transformation initiatives. As far as the digital marketing field is concerned, digital advertising saw 15.3% growth from 2019 to 2020 as per the digital report released by Dentsu. Also, the market is expected to grow with a CAGR of 11.59% by 2022. 

It reinforces the fact that businesses need to be digital-first today to engage customers and achieve remarkable growth in the near future.

Digital Technology Trends Redefining Customer Engagement

Unsurprisingly, consumers today are digital-first customers. The plethora of technologies available such as smartphones, apps, high-speed internet and automation have drastically changed consumer buying habits. Moreover, the consumer today uses digital channels to find highly informative content and expect memorable and satisfactory customer experience before buying products or availing services. 

This is where businesses need to up their game and offer highly personalized experiences. The whole customer journey needs to be powered by effective use of digital platforms, online marketing strategies and the latest technologies. 

Social Selling

Digital marketing now involves social selling where you get in touch with potential customers first, build a relationship by educating them about your products and services and lead them into the buying decision. Social media platforms are a great way to achieve this objective.

Data-driven Marketing 

To offer a personalized customer experience, brands need to take a data-driven approach to their marketing. It is only possible by investing in highly engaging and customer-focused online activities such as social media campaigns, search engine marketing and email marketing. It will further enable brands to utilize data received from every customer touch point to better understand their preferences and behaviour.

Customer Support 

Digital marketing and technology allow brands to be proactive and boost customer support by engaging regularly through social media platforms, analyzing reviews and feedback and forming online communities. It helps in increasing the loyal customer base as well. 

Latest Technologies

5G Internet

The 5G Internet is going to redefine how people will consume online information. It will enable customers to make instant decisions by browsing or streaming brand, product and service information faster on their mobile devices. Brands would need to offer smartphone-friendly content and new mobile experiences such as High definition videos and 360-degree walk-through to increase engagement.

Virtual Assistance 24X7

AI-enabled chatbots and virtual assistants with intelligence and personality will engage and interact with the potential customers, solving queries in a personalized manner. Brands can use them to add immense value to the whole customer experience and boost engagement.

Real Estate Tech Trends

The real estate industry in India, powered by digital platforms and technologies, is undergoing a major transformation since the pandemic. A large number of real estate developers are now selling properties through online portals. It is high time builders provide a holistic buying experience to their potential customers digitally to satisfy the continuously evolving customer behaviour and expectations. 

Digital platforms 

Social Media channels have opened up brilliant opportunities for brands to boost brand awareness, interact and engage with customers and maximize audience reach. At the same time, customers get the latest information and updates regarding completed, ongoing and upcoming real estate projects. 

A user-friendly and highly informative website can do wonders for brands as well. Customers search for details on the web using mobile devices. Quality images, property listings and complete details on the website can help in generating leads and sales. 

Virtual Tours & Meetings

The ongoing pandemic has pushed the trend for virtual real estate tours. A virtual site visit experience centre is a solution wherein the property seekers can experience the project neighbourhood through virtual reality. It helps customers to experience project location, amenities and other conveniences virtually. Moreover, 360 degrees drone shoots, virtual 3D walk-through are other technology solutions that enhance customer experience. 

Tools like Virtual Sales Present is an online portal that provides complete information to the customer regarding properties. Also, it includes a direct virtual meeting at the developer’s office. Such virtual meetings in the comfort of the home can help in making better and timely real estate decisions.

Advanced Analytics Tools

 Online portal for inventory selection and booking integrated with advanced lead nurturing automation tools and advanced analytics for tracking customer journey can help in boosting engagement and generating quality leads. 

In the digital age, companies more than ever before need to seamlessly combine digital marketing strategies and technology adoption to engage customers digitally. As the future looks all-things digital, it will eventually help businesses to achieve success and growth.

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