Rahul Gandhi, Co-Founder, Option Designs

Rahul Gandhi, the Co-Founder of Option Designs – a purpose driven agency, comes with 15+ years of experience, giving him a deep understanding of the industry. Being overwhelmed with the zeal to serve the clients, Mr. Gandhi unleashes his true potential as a great relationship builder where his clients are placed at topmost rung of the aspirational ladder. Owing to his perseverance and determination, Mr. Rahul has very meticulously worked for top notch brands like Haldiram, Amway, Barista, Bodycare, JBL, Coolwinks, etc. It is his passion that motivated him to always deliver quality by breaking the shackles of treating client just as an entity and actually understanding their purpose that he single headedly managed more than 100 brands.


As the world rides on the favorable wave of meme marketing, brands have become perceptive enough to take leverage of the ongoing trend. Where memes emerged as a means of circulating trending topics and staying connected throughout the globe with the help of humorous content like image, video, text, stickers, emojis, GIFs etc., brands being agile enough to perceive the underlying potential of it, soon devised and dived into a new genre of social media marketing, spearheading the fashion of meme marketing.

Considering that every day millennials invest more than 200 minutes online, there lies a fair chance with the brands to enjoy the liberty of targeting wide range of audience and drawing a line of engagement which is personal to them. With Indian market accounting for 34.33% youth, leading the highest number of younger population in the world, the country serves as a promising market for exercising intensive brand visibility via the meme marketing tool.
The Indian terrain offering diverse culture in perfect confluence with the highly rich heritage; being open to the rising pop culture, renders just the right mix for meme marketing to explore a wide gamut of content.
Hence, in addition to the conventional advantages of meme marketing, the brands targeting the country also enjoy the additional benefit of large population. As this emerging form of marketing has the ability to reach out to large consumer base, the brands can devise a planned engagement strategy to give a personalized touch to maintain the connection with the audience.

As the statistics suggest, by employing meme marketing, businesses experience 60 percent organic engagement where the reach to the audience has multiplied 10 folds as compared to the conventional marketing strategy. Therefore, by deploying the trending marketing style, brands can strengthen the consumer engagement that is quite helpful in acquiring new consumer base but at the same time creates a loyal community of customers.

This immensely changed the marketing landscape that reduced the unwanted pressure on the brands. It proved to be economical both in terms of money as well as the labor that was invested into devising the overall strategy. All the factors cumulatively helped businesses get extensive exposure, likewise, opening doors for enhanced brand awareness.
However, being mesmerized by the lucrative benefits of the viral form of marketing, the businesses must not be blinded to overlook the crucial intricacies which remain uncompromised. Considering that memes ride and enjoy the tide of the viral wave, there is high probability that the consumers are perennially flooded with the same meme again and again.
Likewise, with other brands also being a part of the race, the memes lose the tag of exclusivity attached to them. To break free from the monotony, the brands must invoke their creative muse to give the unique twist to the already existing memes, making it stand apart from the crowd.

Not compromising on the subtlety of the humor, a personalized touch elevates the quality of the meme. The content must be strategically devised donning the ability to trigger and amplify the human emotions. Likewise, by offering relatable content the brands increase the possibility of establishing a viable bond with the audience. This plays an instrumental role in converting the consumers into loyal customers, sharing the same set of sentiments with the brand.
Hence, for the effective reception of meme marketing, it is essential that brands understand the target audience. Deciphering their behavior not just helps brands to stay updated with the continually changing market trends but also gives an insight into their aspirations, requirements and demands.

By knowing the audience, brands can deliver the right ingredient to suit their cultural significance, ultimately promising the success of this form of moment marketing stint. An intensive research must be carried out to recognize the identifiable traits of the meme, be it in the form of quality, pattern or structure.

Playing at the moment, striking at the right time is the key to successful meme marketing. Here, research comes to the rescue in timing the circulation of the meme.
Additionally, the brands must not get too much carried away with the wave of meme; rather they must be conscious and sensitive enough to not be promotional and offer content that aligns with the sentiments of the audience. They must have the clarity that the marketing tool is not for selling but for creating awareness about the brand.

Hence, having a panoramic view of the situation is essential to understand the minuscule intricacies of the marketing. Always looking at the promising side of meme marketing can be delusional for the company. Businesses must thoroughly take into account the various forms of loopholes the marketing style offers. This will help in making a well-planned, wise meme marketing strategy that will guaranteedly reap the fruits of the efforts.

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