Sunil Sharma, CEO, EasyShiksha

Sunil is a Chief Executive Officer of EasyShiksha, the budding ed-tech platform of the country. The deep understanding and profound technical and determining qualities of the founder involving picking up the phone to closing a deal, or building up everything from scratch has made EasyShiksha what it is currently. The funnel digital acquisition, to build amazing products down the line as per the needs of society and the difficult times have given huge power of emergence to the online education portal, in every regard.


Students in the present day face a dilemma in getting proper education from universities and colleges due to budget, course shortages, distance and so on. These factors cause them to find alternatives.

In the current scenario, online education is the most popular alternative for students. They are shifting towards getting education online, it is considered as effective as face to face education. At present many companies or universities are also creating and providing opportunities for distance learning. They are creating their different online platforms where many specific programs are available.

Courses and programs that are available online are various in number. Today not only students are seeking the programs but online courses has also targeted people from working professions, Housewives, stay at home parents, those without Daily access to transportation and because of the current situation everything has digitalised. Hence, online learning has completely transformed traditional education and offline learning. It is quite impactful giving access to larger groups of people. Let us see a brief description of what online courses/classes are.

The online course is a series of lessons available on the web/ Internet, it is conducted completely online. It does not require any physical meet, interaction takes place via video chats, email, chat rooms, and thread discussions. Students get access to lectures, class notes, instructions, and exams on the Internet. However, in the web of courses available on the digital platform, people fell into a dilemma as to which course they should choose, what they need, which is better for them.

Further discussion will be about how to choose and decide which course you should choose.

The very first thing one should do is to decide your criteria. Ask yourself where you are lacking, what skill you need, what will assist you in your job progression or what will be a good alternative for your career. Before surfing the Internet make sure you know what you are searching online. Do spend time researching the latest online courses shortlist your choice that preferably matches your criteria as much as possible. Look into their methods of instruction, they are teaching methods. There are courses that deliver recorded sessions. Platforms that provide an interactive learning experience and relevant content are more effective.

So, choose where you can interact with faculty and thoroughly read the description of the course given on the website for a better understanding of what you are paying for. Check affiliation and their credibility. Getting certificates of courses affiliated with reputed national and international institutes/universities will positively impact your career, so be wise while choosing the course.

Check the duration, flexibility of time and suitable amount. Every course has duration and fee given on their page. Do some calculations on how much time and cost you will be spending on the course. Be regular and committed to the classes to enhance experience and understanding. Do check the qualification of faculties and reviews of students. Checking reviews and exploring how much experience the faculty have will give you a better understanding of the course and you will be more sure about whether to take it or not. Don’t settle for less because it’s an online course. Look into how the course is designed. Few online courses lack multimedia elements, or not provide proper study materials. You should check whether they are providing proper materials and exam ideas. Interaction, exams, innovative notes will engage and interest you. It will encourage you to study.

An online course has a positive impact on people’s lives. It’s a good opportunity to learn instead of wasting time at home. Learning has no age limit, go for it. Always keep these points in mind while choosing online courses and get the best out of them to enhance your skill and personality.

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