José Manuel Rufino Fernández, CEO & Co-Owner, knowmad mood

knowmad mood is a distinguished digital transformation consultancy firm dedicated to guiding organizations through the intricate landscape of technological evolution. With a blend of talent, technology, and business acumen, knowmad mood strives to empower its clients to navigate the challenges of today’s market with innovation, ultimately delivering tangible value.

Embedded within the core ethos of knowmad mood is the principle of “Growing Together.” “Since our inception, we have remained steadfast in our commitment to fostering mutual growth alongside our clients. This ethos resonates deeply within every member of the knowmad mood family, underscoring our dedication to client success,” shares Suhrit Majumder, Director of International Business and Partnership – Atlassian Line of Business at knowmad mood.

Setting itself apart from the competition, knowmad mood prides itself on its status as a homegrown Spanish technology firm that has eschewed external investment to fuel its growth. As Majumder puts it, “We have achieved remarkable year-on-year growth, maintaining a trajectory of 20-25%. Our decision to go public in December 2022 on the BME Growth Market further solidified our position in the market.”

With a global presence spanning over 2,500 employees and offices across the US, South America, UK & I, and mainland Europe, knowmad mood is poised for expansive growth, both organically and through strategic mergers and acquisitions. Majumder highlights, “This expansion is driven by our commitment to providing clients with comprehensive support and 24/7 coverage worldwide.”

Internally, knowmad mood operates through 23 distinct Technology Communities, centers of excellence. Majumder explains, “These communities encompass a wide spectrum of expertise, ranging from Digital Consulting & UI Development to ALM, Agile, Front end, Mobile, e-commerce, QA & Testing, DevOps, IOT, Cloud, and beyond.” With more than 2,200 consultants specializing in various technology communities, knowmad mood offers clients a comprehensive suite of services, from requirement analysis to complex transformations, consolidations, migrations, system administration, and talent acquisition.

Beyond its expertise in technology communities, knowmad mood extends its proficiency across a diverse spectrum of industries, ranging from retail and telecommunications to pharmaceuticals and travel. Leveraging its understanding of industry-specific challenges and opportunities, knowmad mood tailors its solutions to meet the unique needs of each sector. Whether optimizing operations for a premier department store, revolutionizing processes for a global retail giant, or streamlining project management for a leading telecom company, knowmad mood demonstrates its versatility and effectiveness across a multitude of industries.

At the heart of knowmad mood’s operations lies a clear sense of purpose, encapsulated by its mission, vision, and values. “Our purpose is to use technology and innovation to grow together and build a better, more sustainable world. We aspire to lead the forefront of technology and innovation, setting an example of sustainability for the world, and delivering value to clients while nurturing technological talent with purpose,” explains Majumder.

Miguel Ángel Sacristán Salvador, CSO & Co-Owner, knowmad mood

Penetrating the Market with Strategic Expansion Plans

knowmad mood employs a trifecta of strategic approaches when venturing into new markets. “Our first strategy,” explains Majumder, “is that of following the customer. We prioritize servicing our large global clients, even in regions where we lack a physical presence. This customer-centric approach often leads us to establish our own offices in those locations, ensuring proximity and personalized service.”

Building upon this customer-centric model, knowmad mood’s second strategy revolves around aligning with its technology partners. Majumder elaborates, “We have cultivated strong partnerships with industry giants such as Atlassian, Microsoft, and AWS. By leveraging these alliances, we gain deeper insights into local market demands, enabling us to strategically expand our international footprint.”

Majumder further underscores the significance of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) as a pivotal avenue for growth. “M&A serves as our inorganic pathway to entering new markets,” he notes. “For instance, during the launch of our UK office, we acquired a Scottish-based Atlassian consultancy firm. This strategic acquisition not only facilitated our market entry but also set the stage for future expansions.”

knowmad mood’s relentless pursuit of global expansion underscores its commitment to driving digital transformation on a global scale. “As one of the largest Spanish Digital Transformation Consulting firms,” Majumder emphasizes, “we are steadfast in our mission to extend our expertise and capabilities to a broader audience. Our goal is to serve our current and future clients on a global scale, delivering unparalleled value and innovation.”

At the core of its expansion strategy, knowmad mood emphasizes its network of diverse technology communities. “These communities play a pivotal role in our ability to contribute to the digital transformation landscape,” Majumder affirms. “By fostering continuous upskilling and reinvention, we ensure that we remain at the forefront of technological excellence, empowering our clients with cutting-edge solutions and insights.” Within this ecosystem of partners, knowmad mood collaborates closely with renowned companies such as Atlassian, Microsoft, AWS, Goolge, Red Hat, IBM and several others. These strategic alliances bolster our capabilities, enabling us to offer comprehensive solutions and remain responsive to the evolving needs of our clients. Through a meticulous blend of customer-centricity, strategic partnerships, and targeted M&A initiatives, knowmad mood is poised to continue its trajectory as a trailblazer in the digital transformation arena, transcending boundaries to deliver impactful solutions on a global scale.

Suhrit Majumder, Director of International Business and Partnership – Atlassian Line of Business at knowmad mood

Empowering Clients with Versatile Solutions

knowmad mood offers a diverse array of services to cater to the unique needs of its clients. “We provide comprehensive solutions to our clients,” Majumder asserts. “Whether they require skilled consultants for short-term projects or long-term engagements, squads tailored to achieve specific goals over extended periods, or assistance with fixed projects such as migrations and consolidations, knowmad mood is equipped to deliver.” Managed Services are also a key offering, wherein knowmad mood assumes responsibility for managing and administering entire services within its clients’ organizations, both internally and externally.

Furthermore, knowmad mood extends its expertise across various business lines and industries. Delivering specialized solutions that span from application lifecycle management to governance, addressing areas such as DevOps implementation, knowledge management, change management, SLA management, and governance, alongside a wide array of other technical and technological competencies. The execution of these services is orchestrated seamlessly by four expert teams within knowmad mood:

  1. Customer Relationship Team: This team serves as the initial point of contact, diligently interpreting client challenges and devising preemptive solutions. Majumder emphasizes, “Our customer relationship professionals go beyond introductory meetings, engaging in continuous research and development to anticipate client needs and streamline the pre-sales process.”
  2. Pre-sales Team: Once the client’s vision is clarified, the pre-sales team springs into action. Majumder explains, “knowmad mood boasts a global, specialized force for each business line, crafting comprehensive proposals tailored to meet the precise technical requirements of our clients.”
  3. Project Management Office (PMO) or Bid Team: With a meticulous focus on compliance and feasibility, the PMO or bid team ensures the proposed solutions are not only innovative but also sustainable and compliant. Majumder underscores the importance of their analysis, stating, “This team plays a critical role in confirming the viability and integrity of our proposed solutions.”
  4. Delivery Team: Finally, the delivery team brings the client’s vision to life, exemplifying knowmad mood’s commitment to agility. Majumder elaborates, “Operating within an iterative framework, our delivery team grants clients the flexibility to submit tickets, suggest changes, and make requests directly within the actively managed project management system.”

Through this holistic approach, knowmad mood empowers its clients to navigate complex challenges with confidence, leveraging innovative solutions and agile methodologies to drive business success.

Eduardo Llado, Commerical Director – US, knowmad mood

Navigating Digital Transformation

Organizations often face a dual challenge when embarking on their digital transformation journey “Firstly,” explains Majumder, “organizations require a starting point to initiate their digital transformation journey, a point that can vary significantly from one organization to another. Secondly, they need internal champions who can not only oversee individual projects but also navigate the entire transformation journey.”

Majumder emphasizes the importance of having a guiding architect to ensure a smooth transition, stating, “In large enterprise organizations, it’s easy to lose sight of the main goal amidst the day-to-day projects. In such instances, clients rely on us to serve as the architect responsible for guiding them through this journey.”

One notable collaboration exemplifying knowmad mood’s expertise is with one of Spain’s premier department stores. Majumder recounts, “We engineered a refined testing and QA process that significantly reduced the time required to execute an extensive suite of over 100,000 test cases monthly.”

Similarly, knowmad mood partnered with one of the world’s largest retail brands to revolutionize their operations. “By automating repetitive tasks and workflows,” Majumder states, “we dramatically reduced manual labor for routine incident responses, optimizing their operational efficiency.”

Additionally, knowmad mood has been instrumental in collaborating with a squad within one of the UK’s largest telecom companies. Majumder explains, “We aided in streamlining the management of their project management tools, developing out-of-the-box solutions and scripted applications to facilitate their internal tool consolidation process.”

These examples underscore knowmad mood’s profound expertise and proficiency across a global suite of over 110 software vendors. “This level of specialization and integration,” Majumder notes, “is essential in today’s saturated IT landscape. For organizations seeking to optimize their technology usage, knowmad mood stands as a strategic ally, offering the guidance and technological acumen necessary to thrive in the digital era.”

Fostering Innovation

knowmad mood’s mission extends beyond mere solution delivery, emphasizing the cultivation of enduring partnerships that adapt and thrive within the dynamic IT landscape. Majumder highlights the company’s focus on leveraging AI and machine learning technologies to drive efficiency and automation across various industries. “Our industry-specific projects,” Majumder notes, “have yielded significant advancements in sectors such as Travel, Pharmaceutical, Telecoms, and more.”

Aligning closely with its clients’ evolving needs, knowmad mood remains at the forefront of technological innovation. Majumder emphasizes, “We evolve hand in hand with our clients, talents, and progress, enriching our clients’ businesses within a collaborative ecosystem fueled by our technological expertise.”

Central to knowmad mood’s success is its commitment to nurturing talent and fostering collaboration. Majumder affirms, “We believe in the power of our talents to drive impactful change in society and shape the future of technology. Our collaborative approach ensures that our clients’ projects are not just solutions but transformative endeavors.”

Furthermore, knowmad mood forges alliances with premier providers and strategic partners, meticulously selected to ensure optimal service delivery, partnering with leading industry experts and highly coveted collaborators. “We work closely with our partners,” Majumder explains, “to showcase their talents and capabilities, while also pushing the boundaries of their tools to cater to evolving requirements.” knowmad mood’s collaborative ethos, coupled with its relentless pursuit of innovation, cements its position as a trusted ally in navigating the complexities of the digital landscape, driving meaningful change, and propelling businesses toward success.

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