Michael Seidl, CEO of au2mator

Automation has become the cornerstone of efficiency and productivity in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape. Meet Michael Seidl, the visionary CEO of au2mator, a game-changing platform that simplifies and elevates automation in the Microsoft ecosystem. His journey into automation began over 12 years ago, and today, he has dedicated his career to helping organizations achieve more with less effort.

Seidl discovered the vast potential of automation through his experience working with Microsoft clients. It became apparent that optimizing processes and eliminating repetitive tasks was crucial in unlocking this potential. “I always worked with customers, striving to be worth their investment,” Seidl shares. “Automation was the key to achieving this, and I decided to dive deeper into this field.”

Seidl’s journey took a pivotal turn when he realized that there was something missing in the world of automation – a user-friendly frontend to trigger automated workflows. This realization led to the inception of the au2mator Self-Service Portal, initially designed as a frontend for System Center Orchestrator. “We wanted to empower organizations to delegate automation tasks to others and relieve their IT departments,” says Seidl. “But the market lacked a solution, so we decided to create our own.”

As the IT landscape evolved, so did au2mator. Over the years, Seidl and his team expanded the platform’s capabilities to support not just System Center Orchestrator but also PowerShell and Azure Automation. The beauty of au2mator lies in its versatility – customers can now choose their preferred automation engine while benefiting from a unified Self-Service Portal.

With the au2mator Self-Service Portal, customers can seamlessly connect to their chosen automation engine. There’s no need for complex onboarding or adjustments. Seidl emphasizes, “We’ve ensured that our platform provides a standard connection to the customer’s existing environment, making automation adoption effortless.”

What sets au2mator apart is not just the technology but also the expertise it offers. Seidl and his team are ready to go the extra mile by helping customers define their processes and implement automation effectively. “We understand that automation is not just about the tools; it’s about optimizing processes,” Seidl explains. “Our consultants work closely with clients to ensure they get the most out of au2mator.”

Pioneering Automation for IT Efficiency and Productivity

In IT automation, the impact of au2mator is felt far and wide. Its ability to streamline daily and recurring tasks has been nothing short of transformational for IT departments, allowing them to focus on strategic growth and evolution.

One of the most common and crucial processes automated by au2mator is the complete User Lifecycle Management. In many organizations, IT departments are often informed last when a new employee joins the company. However, IT plays a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless onboarding of new team members. Seidl explains, “Automated User On/Off-Boarding and Change Management is the cornerstone of our automation efforts. It’s both basic and challenging, but it can potentially revolutionize IT work.”

With au2mator, this process becomes a well-oiled machine. It ensures that new employees have all the necessary access and resources from day one, without IT staff having to scramble to make it happen. Furthermore, by automating these tasks, IT can delegate them to the HR department, where they belong. This shift not only enhances efficiency but also aligns responsibilities accurately.

Seidl emphasizes, “Our team comprises experts who have worked in IT Process Automation across various domains and companies. This diversity of experience propels au2mator’s growth and allows us to cater to the unique needs of our customers.” Au2mator empowers IT departments to streamline an array of tasks, ranging from User On/Off-Boarding to smaller, routine activities like managing permissions or assigning licenses. This automation not only enhances the quality and security of IT processes but also significantly reduces the workload on IT staff.

“With au2mator, users have access to a Self-Service Portal, which means they can address their needs directly and receive immediate responses,” says Seidl. This improves the IT department’s relationship with users and eliminates the need for users to write tickets and wait for days for assistance. Moreover, the au2mator leaves no room for ambiguity. Every action taken through the platform is meticulously documented, always making it audit-ready. This ensures compliance and peace of mind for IT departments, especially in the face of regulatory requirements.

Core Values and Guiding Principles

At the heart of au2mator’s success story lies a set of core values and guiding principles that drive the company forward. Led by Seidl, the au2mator team operates not as external consultants but as trusted partners, delivering managed services for automation with an unwavering commitment to quality and expertise. “When it comes to our consulting, we act like a partner, not just an external consultant,” Seidl emphasizes. The team integrates seamlessly with the organizations they serve, working as if they were part of the company itself. This approach fosters a sense of trust and collaboration that goes beyond contractual obligations.

In fact, au2mator is not just about delivering solutions; it’s about building strong and enduring relationships with its customers. “We aim to satisfy our customers not just through the quality of our work but by the expertise we bring to the table every day,” says Seidl. The focus is on creating value for customers that becomes evident week after week, cultivating relationships that transcend the terms of a contract.

au2mator’s mission aligns seamlessly with the broader trends and needs of the IT industry. While automation is often touted as a trend, Seidl sees it as a key component of success in the future. “We believe that automation is not just a trend; it’s a fundamental requirement for future success,” he asserts. au2mator’s Self-Service Portal is tailor-made for the evolving IT landscape, whether it’s OnPrem, Hybrid, or Cloud-only environments. It’s designed to address the challenges many organizations face as they navigate the complexities of modern infrastructure. Furthermore, au2mator’s support for standard Microsoft Automation Engines puts the company on track with AI, a transformative technology becoming increasingly essential in IT operations.

Charting a Future of Customer-Centric Innovation

Since its inception in 2015, au2mator has achieved remarkable milestones. In 2019, the company celebrated a significant achievement – having customers on every continent around the globe. This milestone marked a meaningful step for the small but visionary company. “Providing a software product in a sector that customers know has potential but often postpone due to a lack of immediate need is our forte,” Seidl reflects. The journey from idea to global recognition underscores au2mator’s commitment to making a lasting impact on the world of automation.

As au2mator continues to make waves in the world of automation under the leadership of Seidl, the future holds exciting promises of growth, innovation, and a firm commitment to its customers. What lies ahead is a journey driven by the evolving needs of their valued partners – the customers. “Our success has been built on the relationships we share with our customers. We listen to their needs and evolve with them,” Seidl explains. While growth is on the horizon, the commitment to this customer-centric approach remains unshaken.

At au2mator, the customer is not just a buzzword; it’s a guiding principle. Seidl affirms, “Customers give us their trust and resources, and we deeply respect and appreciate that. In return, they receive nothing less than our best.” The team at au2mator is constantly dedicated to raising the bar to provide customers with an ever-improving experience.

Looking ahead, au2mator is poised to innovate further, driven by the genuine needs of its customers. While the commitment to the customer remains persistent, the company also seeks to leverage its growth to meet those needs better. “Our future involves growing with our customers and providing precisely what they require, not what we think they need,” Seidl notes. In IT automation, au2mator is not just a solution provider; it’s a trusted partner guided by values and committed to a future where efficiency and innovation go hand in hand.

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