Rajat Goel, Joint Managing Director, MRG World

Co-founder and Joint managing director of MRG World, Rajat is a resolute and staunch team leader. He is a young entrepreneur with a decade of experience in diverse business ventures in the education sector, agro sector and in commodities. He grasped earlier on that ‘Innovation is the key to growth in this world’ and inspired him to enter into the real estate market.

To begin with, if you plan to take real estate sector as a career choice, young graduates must understand that it provides opportunities which are exciting, demanding and monetarily rewarding. Contrary to the popular perception, the profiles available are more than just being a real estate agent or broker. In fact, the options increase for individuals who are willing to take on challenging situations and establish a foundation for a dynamic career. Perseverance takes you miles and it holds true for the job opportunities offered in realty.

A realty consultant/associate is one of the few popular job profiles known to most of us, being a developer also adds to the list of conventional options. For a young professional entering this sector, it should be made clearer that real estate has so much more to do than just buying and selling of residential and commercial units. Some of these options are- 

Real Estate Investor: It is one such lesser-known occupation in the Indian realty sector. An investor’s job is to buy and modernize a property either for selling or earning from rental yields. There are two ways to be a realty investor- active and passive. An active investor can be a classic house flipper who buys and sells valuable assets like real estate quickly to generate a profit. While the passive one can be the one with limited funds, looking to earn some profit via investment in a crowdfunded real estate project. This especially works well for commercial properties.

Property Manager: The role of a property manager is to look after the nitty-gritty involved behind listing the property for rentals; advertising and filling vacancies for it as and when the inmates vacate it. The role of a property manager also remains to keep up the property in terms of amenities and outlook within a budget, for achieving the best price in terms of rentals and resale. In-depth knowledge of laws behind renting, leasing, taxes is a must-have. Some reputed realty groups also outsource seasoned property managers for their exemplary projects as per the size and requirements of it.

Leasing Consultants: The responsibility of leasing consultants includes presenting residential property of all sorts like condominiums, villas, apartments to potential end-users in a planned manner. They also sort out dealings between the present landlord and their prospective tenants. Another responsibility is to facilitate the sale of unoccupied properties via its strong network of buyers and investors. 

Commercial Leasing Manager: The role of a commercial leasing manager is generally assigned to the office spaces and stores. His expertise is needed majorly on the financial and budgeting areas, which are likely to affect the property needs. Commercial leasing manager must be updated with the changing industry trends, market prices and innovations being introduced in prominent commercial hubs. 

Corporate Communication Professionals: Real estate firms propel on trust and credibility amongst buyers and investors. To ensure a strong market positioning, seasoned communication professionals are working to alleviate its stature by presenting the projects USPs, developer’s legacy and educational background in the respective field, important milestones achieved by the group etc. They also take care of advertising and promotion to the right audience, as it has a huge impact on sales. The two- way communication monitored by them also opens the channel of feedback and provides developers insights on the changing preferences and lifestyle trends prevalent amongst homebuyers. Good media relations and thorough knowledge of industry happenings are two of the most important qualities in a real estate corporate communication professional.  

The Indian real estate sector is so much more than just building homes and selling them. The perspective of end-users and investors in terms of a dream home has changed drastically over the years. It is only set to evolve further with pandemic becoming the new normal. Automation in home building, selling, designing and promoting is all set to become the new norm for the real estate sector. 

The job opportunities available, therefore, in this particular field will be for multi-taskers who are well-versed with the mandatory aspects of legal work, licensing, taxes and at the same time can get creative in making the property-related work comprehensive and hassle-free for associated stakeholders. 


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