Whitney Lawrence, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, SanTan Solar

In 2018, entrepreneurs Bob and Minnie Lawrence, co-founders of an electronic reselling venture, discovered a unique opportunity in solar energy. Armed with a batch of meticulously researched used solar panels, they delved into the market, uncovering a demand for refurbished panels. This realization marked the inception of SanTan Solar, a venture whose name draws inspiration from the rugged beauty of SanTan Mountain, nestled amidst Arizona’s picturesque landscape—a region known for its relentless sun and soaring temperatures.

SanTan Solar swiftly outgrew its initial warehouse, propelled by strategic partnerships and an increasing influx of panels. Responding to the escalating demand, Bob and Minnie Lawrence secured expansive acreage to accommodate the burgeoning operations. By 2020, SanTan Solar had evolved from a team of three to a formidable workforce of 43 and from a single warehouse to a triumvirate.

Whitney Lawrence, SanTan Solar’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, shares, “Our journey commenced with democratizing solar energy accessibility through affordable, used modules. Today, SanTan Solar is dedicated to facilitating a universal transition to solar energy, offering a diverse range of products catering to every budget.” The vision extends beyond commerce; SanTan Solar aspires to contribute to a sustainable world powered by solar energy, simultaneously benefiting the planet and reducing energy costs.

From its modest beginnings, SanTan Solar has diversified its product range, now encompassing new modules, batteries, inverters, racking, wiring, controllers, and comprehensive design plan sets. Whitney emphasizes, “We commenced with used modules and have seamlessly expanded our offerings in tandem with technological advancements.” The company prides itself on providing options and variety, ranging from 100W to 500W+ solar panels, categorized meticulously, reflecting its commitment to adaptability.

Whitney elaborates, “SanTan Solar is your one-stop destination, offering everything from racking and mounting solutions to batteries, inverters, and charge controllers. Our inverters are versatile, catering to off-grid, hybrid, and grid-tie applications. Recently, we’ve introduced solar generators and AC units, further enriching our solar selection.” SanTan Solar’s dedication to customer satisfaction is exemplified through its extensive array of products and flexible options. Central to its offerings are the meticulously curated used modules, delivering no less than 80% of their original output at a fraction of the cost.

Whitney Lawrence underscores, “Our bundling options, available in kit form, provide customers with the opportunity to maximize savings while obtaining a complete solar array solution.” Catering to a spectrum of consumers, SanTan Solar prides itself on its inclusive approach. From budget-conscious consumers seeking lower-end panels and accessories to discerning high-end clients demanding top-tier quality, the company ensures that every customer finds an optimal fit. “We recognize the importance of aligning with our customers’ budgets,” affirms Whitney. “Whether it’s a modest investment or a premium purchase, SanTan Solar guarantees access to solar components tailored to individual needs.”

Acknowledging that embarking on the solar journey constitutes a significant financial commitment, SanTan Solar endeavors to facilitate the process. “We are excited to have a great partnership with Affirm, which allows our customers to finance their solar array,” says Whitney, who is passionate about helping everyone transition to solar energy by providing solar products for any budget. Furthermore, SanTan Solar is actively forging alliances with other financial institutions to extend financing opportunities for larger-scale solar projects, ensuring accessibility and affordability remain at the forefront of its mission.

Inside the Customer-Centric Warehouse

In SanTan Solar’s bustling warehouse, a dedicated team of professionals orchestrates a seamless operation. Divided into specialized departments, they meticulously inspect and test each panel upon arrival, ensuring only the highest quality products reach the market. Led by a commitment to excellence, the warehouse staff swiftly sorts panels, categorizing them based on condition and directing those in need of refurbishment to the skilled hands of the refurbishing team. Panels beyond repair are responsibly recycled, embodying SanTan Solar’s environmental stewardship.

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, including a custom-built solar panel washing machine and state-of-the-art EL (electroluminescence) and flash testers, the team ensures that every panel meets stringent performance standards before being neatly stacked and prepared for dispatch to eager customers.

Beyond efficiency, SanTan Solar prioritizes customer satisfaction, fostering a welcoming environment where every visitor is greeted with warmth and hospitality. From personalized assistance to expert guidance, the sales and technical teams are dedicated to delivering a seamless purchasing experience. “Our goal is to make solar accessible and understandable for everyone,” emphasizes Whitney Lawrence, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Whether customers are seeking guidance on product selection or intricate technical details, our knowledgeable teams are here to assist.”

Recognizing the diverse needs of its clientele, SanTan Solar empowers customers with educational resources, including informative videos and blogs addressing common inquiries. “We aim to demystify the solar journey,” adds Whitney, “empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their energy future, whether they choose to engage with our team directly or explore our comprehensive online resources.”

In the pursuit of excellence, SanTan Solar invests in continuous training for its sales representatives, equipping them with the knowledge and expertise to address a wide range of customer queries. Supported by a dedicated technical team, they stand ready to guide customers through every step of the solar journey, reaffirming SanTan Solar’s commitment to customer empowerment and satisfaction.

Renewable Revival: Empowering Sustainability

SanTan Solar recognizes the apprehension surrounding the purchase of used solar panels. Yet, akin to the enduring value found in pre-owned automobiles, these modules offer significant benefits. Designed to withstand over 30 years of operation and typically backed by manufacturer warranties of similar duration, used panels retain substantial energy-producing capacity despite nominal annual degradation. This makes them an attractive option for individuals seeking cost-effective power solutions without compromising quality.

In response to the rapid pace of technological advancement, SanTan Solar observes a growing trend in repowering projects, where panels are retired after just five years of service to accommodate newer, more efficient models. However, with the potential for decades of productive life remaining, these prematurely retired panels present an opportunity for second-chance sustainability. By repurposing and refurbishing these panels, SanTan Solar not only extends their lifespan but also contributes to mitigating the environmental impact of solar energy production, diverting them from landfills and minimizing waste.

“We are partnered with FabTech Solar Solutions, a company specializing in solar end-of-life solutions. When a panel cannot be refurbished or reused, FabTech will handle the recycling process for us to make sure the panel is destroyed properly and not thrown in a landfill,” shares Whitney. Through partnerships with solar manufacturers, recyclers, utilities, and other stakeholders, the company facilitates the seamless integration of reusable modules into the circular economy, furthering its commitment to sustainable practices within the renewable energy sector.

Driven by a profound sense of purpose, SanTan Solar witnesses firsthand the transformative impact of its products and services on individuals and communities. By offering affordable solar solutions, the company empowers energy-impoverished communities, unlocking access to clean, reliable electricity and catalyzing positive change. “We envision a sustainable world powered by solar energy and everything we do is to help fulfill our vision,” says Whitney. In the past year alone, the company’s efforts have contributed to offsetting a staggering 36,770 metric tons of Carbon Dioxide emissions, equivalent to the environmental benefits of numerous conservation initiatives.

Committed to giving back to society, SanTan Solar actively engages with non-profit organizations and community initiatives through its sister company, EmPower the World. By donating solar panels to schools, charitable organizations, and communities in need, the company demonstrates its unwavering dedication to fostering sustainability and making a positive difference in the world. Recent contributions to Gilbert Fire exemplify SanTan Solar’s commitment to supporting local initiatives and empowering communities through renewable energy solutions.

Illuminating the Future

SanTan Solar’s commitment to empowering customers with knowledge is exemplified through its “Learn” series, a comprehensive educational initiative spanning its website and YouTube channel. Recognizing that knowledge is indeed power, the company endeavors to demystify solar energy, elucidating its significance and impact on both individuals and the environment. “Through these series of short videos, we educate people on the intricacies of solar technology, including installation procedures, wattage options, and the distinctions between off-grid, grid-tie, and hybrid systems,” shares Whitney. In an era marked by a proliferation of solar options, SanTan Solar recognizes the potential for confusion and overwhelm among consumers. By equipping them with the necessary tools and insights, the company aims to empower individuals to make informed decisions about their energy future.

Embracing change as inherent to its DNA, SanTan Solar remains at the forefront of technological innovation, constantly evolving to meet the evolving needs of its clientele. With a keen eye on industry trends and emerging technologies, the company anticipates a future illuminated by solar power, characterized by higher wattage capacities, all-in-one solar kits, and powerful generators.

“We envision a sustainable world powered by solar energy, and our mission is to help everyone transition to solar energy by providing solar products for any budget,” pinpoints Whitney. Every decision and action undertaken by SanTan Solar is aligned with this mission as the company continues to expand its product offerings, ensuring accessibility to sustainable solutions powered by solar energy.

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