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Sleepyhead, one of India’s leading D2C home décor brands, celebrates Valentine’s Day with a quirky take on Love & Comfort. The campaign “ No Love Language Like Comfort” showcases couples playfully conversing without words through the Love Language of Comfort as they cosy up on Sleepyhead mattresses, sofas, recliners and other comfort products.  Hugging the pillow to signal your partner for a hug, playing footsie in bed as a risky first move, faking being scared for cuddle time in a comforter are some of the Comfort Love moments featured in the campaign.

Speaking of the campaign Mathew Joseph, CEO & Co-Founder of Sleepyhead, said “ At Sleepyhead we are all about helping our customer  Unbox Their Comfort Zone. Our products are thoughtfully designed to make home life comfortable, fun and fabulous. The campaign further bolsters our commitment to our customers who are largely Millennials and Gen Z,  to provide comfortable spaces to live it up, be playful and share special moments of love”  said 

“No Love Langauge Like Comfort campaign is an ode to modern young love where comfort level and chemistry go hand in hand. We have told this story in a playful, quirk way with instances in love our customers will relate to. In true GenZ and Millennial style the story is brought alive using digital elements like emojis, hashtags, meme elements and more” said Arha Padman.

This Valentine’s day, Sleepyhead is here to cancel conventional dates. Stay in your comfort zone and spend a great Valentine’s day eating, reading, binging watching or just simply being cuddling and being yourself  Sleepyhead’s comfortable mattresses, sofas, sofa beds and recliners, as there is ‘No Love Language Like Comfort’.

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