Aditi Jain, Founder & CEO, Call Me Social

Social media entrepreneur, Founder & CEO of Call Me Social a boutique three-sixty digital marketing and PR firm. We help B2C organizations create a strong brand identity and become front runners in their industry. Aditi Jain founded Call Me Social in 2018, after leading business development campaigns for firms and private industries across the country. She founded CMS to elevate the public relations and marketing objectives of clients and provide tangible results. Working with clients in the fashion, health, nutrition, hospitality, beauty, lifestyle and consumer spaces, Call Me Social also pitches and books media coverage on national TV, radio, newspaper, magazine and online. Additional services include media tours, SEO, press releases, crisis communications, event marketing, media training, retail support, offline events.


Instagram is one of the best social media platforms for advertisement. This platform can be used to target and reach your audience, same as to engage with them. People don’t just use Instagram to socialize or have fun anymore, they use it for buying. It can also help you grow your brand awareness and introduce your products without having to pay anything. If you want to reach more people, you can always spend your money on ads which would pay off for sure. Instagram’s latest update Live Rooms allow you to co-host with more than 2 people. This creates more opportunities, a wider reach, more engagement and more recognition for your brand if done right. They have doubled down on the idea to open up more possibilities for questions and answers, tutorials, and interviews.

Instagram Live Rooms bring a fun new dimension to product marketing. Since they’re free to host, the Rooms may be a cost-effective way to market your goods and services. Instagram Live Rooms allow you to monetize your content to generate some income from the platform

Ways to Use Instagram Live Rooms for E-commerce

Live Rooms provide an excellent opportunity to boost engagement, drive sales, and increase your reach on Instagram. It allows you to create separate broadcasting rooms and interact live with your followers. It is the perfect way to show what goes on BTS (behind the scenes) of your brand. Besides, this interaction connects the brand with its followers on a much deeper level creating a solid relationship. You can use Live Rooms in many different ways.

Product or Service Revelation

It allows you to Show your products in action and demonstrate how your target audience can benefit from using them. When you create a new product or service, you can’t be sure whether your customers will like it the way you want them to. For this reason, you can host a product or service revelation in a live room to a few of your followers before going public. This allows you to collect feedback and make necessary adjustments and win points with your customers. How come? By giving them an exclusive sneak peek, you show how much you value their opinion and are willing to go to great lengths to meet their expectations. You can host live tutorials on how to use your products, live stream product launches, and hold live product unboxing with selected customers or influencers.

Influencer Marketing

The latest addition is an immensely suitable platform for influencer marketing. Your brand can use this strategy to its advantage. You could host a Live Room with three of your most active followers or three influencers with a large reach on Instagram. The influencers you choose to invite must have their values aligned with those of your brand.


Another great reason why you should give Live Rooms a try is the ability to host Q&A sessions with your followers. Followers always have questions for their favorite brand makers, especially potential customers unsure whether they should try your products or services. Before scheduling one such session, you should research and make sure you deliver high-quality content and expertise to your followers. Try to establish your brand as the one willing to provide only the best service and user experience to its customers and followers. Additionally, ask them directly to participate and submit questions to have them answered.

Interactive Competitions and Giveaways

Interactive content is one of the social media marketing trends that has taken off over the last couple of years. You can broadcast a live quiz competition or giveaway where 3 of your followers get the chance to win a free product or prize. Hosting fun Q&A sessions, game nights, talk shows or anything that gets everybody’s creative juices flowing can be a fun way to interact with your audience.

Host Live Shopping Events

You can combine Live Rooms with Instagram Shopping to facilitate a seamless online brand and shopping experience. With Instagram’s Live Shopping feature, you can sell your products or services during your live sessions. By simply adding a link that allows viewers to add products directly to their shopping cart. To give it an even more personal touch, you could mention and thank the customer for their purchase in the live session. This adds a sense of appreciation and closeness to the session.

Monetizing Content

Instagram Live Rooms allow brands to monetize their social media content through “badges.” Within seconds, viewers can buy Instagram badges to support your broadcast.

Instagram Live Rooms help you put a fresh spin on social media marketing. With nothing more than a free Instagram account, you can reach followers on a personal level, monetize your content, and build your brand’s presence online.

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