Amit Jain, Director, Mahagun Group

A young and steadfast entrepreneur, Amit is a qualified engineer holding a bachelor’s degree in engineering from RKNEC, Nagpur. In his capacity as the director of the group, he is responsible for defining long-term goals and objectives of the organization along with monitoring and control of essential parameters to ensure the achievement of anticipated objectives. An exceptional team-leader with excellent communicative skills, consultative approach and problem-solving capabilities, Amit has been the prime mover of Mahagun Group, which has been breaking new grounds with its achievements year after year.

The real estate sector is undergoing a reset mode with the inclusion of advancing technology trends. This process was long due to make the sector more flexible and enhanced in terms of business development, collaboration, sales, revenue model, and mapping the buyer’s interest in a targeted manner. However, the circumstances in the past few months made the adoption of such integrations in the real estate sector compelling for developers.

Technologies like AI, Machine Learning Algorithms, Automating Home Valuation, and IoT in the pre-COVID times were not that prevalent real estate. The shift towards these technologies during these few months has been dynamic. As it is said, ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’. These upgrades have proven to be extremely useful to the developers, realty advisories, and consultants, in times when market sentiment was grim and an omnichannel approach was being practised by every industry. The need of the hour was to stand out and have an immersive impact on the buyer’s mind.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is bringing about the transformation by combining the values of experiential marketing and customization to establish a personal connection with the homebuyers. CRM and marketplace data put together is helping consultants and developers forecast the future value of property in consideration to the variables that affect it and market condition. Detailed questions from genuine buyers are being addressed and answered in real-time.

Algorithms and Image Recognition in Renovation

Renovating the property and reselling for better returns is also one of the growing trends in the property market. Technologies to make the execution of this process seamless are introduced; Machine Learning Algorithms and automating home valuation is throwing light on the pattern customers look for property online. Image-recognition technique is being used by reputed developers to find out pixel patterns in a picture – this is aiding them in collecting the most minor details such as quality and finish of countertops used. ML algorithms are also providing homeowners with a platform to examine key features in other homes put up for sale. Such focussed attention to detail is helping them decide the best price bracket for their homes.  

Computer Vision Technology & Drones

This tech integration is helping the developers and property consultants save a lot of time when it comes to portraying their properties in the best possible manner on a virtual platform. It is useful in listing images as per the user experience and preference, rank property platforms in an orderly manner to achieve better results.

Drones are proving to be the perfect addition in the real estate segment, as confinement in homes has become an essential lifestyle norm but the inquisitiveness to examine every corner of the home and neighbourhood remains. Residential homes, apartments, commercial properties, resorts, and vacant plots are being presented via drone view to customers during a virtual tour. 360-degree view of the property is providing additional assurance to end-users and investors about their high-end purchase decision.

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